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We use the term Tours for want of a better word. We provide immersive luxury experiences tailored around your preferences, including our unparalleled selection of Small Group Tours.

By taking some time on this website a discerning explorer will be exposed to an incomparable wealth of information, selection and functionality. Alternatively, you could also call us, or click here, for our most popular India tours.

Being the best means that we don’t just offer monuments, hotels, guides and transportation, we provide an unmatched level of expertise and service. Interested in India’s best regional (or international) cuisine restaurants? Passionate about great golf courses, the finest spas, unique local experiences? Our guests can get expert recommendations and instant reservations.

Easy Tours of India is the premier boutique agency for luxury tours in India for many reasons, one of them being that we are the only US based Agency with ten Operations offices in India – most don’t even have one!

Why are Tour Operator offices in India important? Because our expertise and local presence empowers us to offer the finest services at all three levels of Luxury Tours that we offer. Any Agency can book a room or give you a guide or chauffeur. No other agency will provide you with the passion and care that our guides, chauffeurs and facilitators can and will – compare our verifiable guest reviews with anyone.

Faces at Pushkar Camel Fair

Who is the best Tour Operator in India? The best tour can only come from an agency that starts with the premise that your time and your money are both very precious & neither should be wasted. We are the only agency who designs every itinerary while placing a premium on you getting the most for your time.

What is the best tour of India? Easy Tours has always known that lifelong memories are made when you are touched by another being. Our guides and chauffeurs will make sure that your days are filled with such moments.

We feel that India has more such experiences than the next five nations on our planet, combined. Whether it be when you gaze closely into the eyes of a wise elephant, explore incomparable millennia old cities such as Varanasi or UNESCO Sites such as Hampi, Ajanta, Ellora, and Khajuraho, or take your guide’s recommendation and play in a game of football (soccer for some) or cricket or kabadi, with kids in a small village that you just happened to be passing through during your India Tour.

Monuments and Experiences also have the ability to touch most explorers – for example, any visitor (with even a trace of romance in their soul) will experience their heart skip a beat when they get their first real look at the Taj Mahal.

A tour of India will be a good experience for you as long as you don’t travel with agencies that sell based only on cheap pricing. The nature of the country and its people ensures that, even with organizations that don’t focus on providing excellence at every level, and are thus, usually priced lower than Easy Tours.

Will any experience be close to what we provide? NO. That could happen if any other India Tour Operator was motivated by what we are,. But they are not. If we cannot provide you with the best experience possible, we don’t want to facilitate a luxury tour for you. No other agency has this philosophy.

We design our itineraries to give you the most for your time, not just your money. As an example, we keep you away from distasteful experiences that are a part of most train and some road travel. Our India Specialists, Facilitators, Chauffeurs, Guides and Accompanying Tour Directors are passionate about India and will share their passion with you. We are committed to making sure that your luxury tour of India exceeds your expectations – we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and you will constantly notice that while you explore India with us.

The experts in our Guest Relations & Operations Department’s work together to give you amazing service from the day you first reserve, or request information, all the way until you return home from your luxury India tour.

2014 - Puri Ratha Yatra

Our Small Group Tours of India are exquisitely planned & facilitated and are all inclusive. Our Independent India tours are facilitated for independent travelers and give you complete flexibility in orchestrating your travels in India.

An incredible level of service begins when you first contact your US based India Specialist. Read some of our Verifiable Guest Reviews and compare them to ANY Tour Company servicing any part of the world. While our guests are effusive about their praise for India and the hotels we use, what they rave about the most is our people. Our staff in the US and India is unmatched, as the pages and pages of praise for our guides, chauffeurs, local staff, and US based India Specialists will illustrate. No other agency comes close.

Our website is an example of our commitment to being the very best at what we do. Please take the time to click through to one of the tour pages so that you can experience the amazing interface and incredible depth of information – this website is revolutionary in its simplicity and functionality.

The vast majority of US based Tour Operators do not have even one office in India - they are middlemen selling the whole world and marking up the price they receive from an India based company. They all have huge sales offices in the US. Most of the itineraries they advertise have errors in their descriptions and their itineraries show that they have very little knowledge of travel in India.

We have 10 well staffed offices in India and we don’t have to add additional mark-ups. Our large staff of dedicated professionals in India personally facilitates our guests' vacations and luxury tours of India.

The Specialists in our US Sales & Design Office only cater to travel in South Asia and are True Experts. Each one of them spends significant time experiencing tours of India every year - they use the same lodging, flights, vehicles and roads that our guests do - they visit the same attractions.


We start with the premise that your time and your money are both very precious & neither should be wasted. The experts in our Guest Relations & Operations Departments work together to give you amazing service from the day you first reserve or request information, all the way until you return home from your luxury tour of India.

We then add World Class Service.
From the moment that you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator or Tour Director, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. While you tour India with us, your biggest decisions are what places and experiences you'd like to spend your time exploring, and what cuisine you will want to savor on your next meal. Because of our unmatched local expertise, you get to see all that India has to offer without having to think about logistics.

We have built the Best Relationships. We are preferred partners of the finest hoteliers in the world - The Oberoi Group (including the Trident Hotels) and the Taj Group (including the Vivanta and Gateway Hotels) both enjoy reputations that are the envy of every other hotelier on this planet - they both have received more Top 20 accolades (from western experts such as Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast) than any other hotel Group on earth. Our commitment to almost exclusively using one of Asia's finest airlines (Jet Airways) pays off by making domestic travel in India a joy for our guests.

We offer the most diverse selection of lodging and services. You can choose from the finest luxury hotels to exquisite boutique hotels, from Grand Heritage Palaces to smaller heritage establishments. India's finest staff of expert Tour Directors & Guides will show you the best vantage point for the unusual photograph you seek, or the special restaurant that most tourists never hear about. A wide selection of immaculate late model vehicles is available to suit any preference for your tour of India.

Quality & exclusivity are standard equipment.
Our Small Group India Tours have a maximum of 12 members; our average group size is 8. Both Small Group & Independent travelers can choose from 3 different levels of travel, ranging from fairly luxurious to almost decadent.

Guests interested in India vacations or theme based holidays in India can ask us to arrange just lodging and transportation, and then select from a menu of sightseeing and other options if they so desire.

We offer unique and imaginative itineraries. Unlike other tour operators who offer luxury India tours with the same old tired themes and canned presentations, we offer unique and fresh perspectives that are designed with today's luxury traveler in mind. Read the brochures and /or websites of a few other tour companies. Observe how their Luxury India Tours all feel and sound the same. Then read a description of one or two of our tours in India.

Even if the other Tour Operator's India agent suggests a change, these organizations have distinct command chains and a large sales staff without much knowledge and thus they don't have the ability to be flexible so they can improve. An example of this is that most of the largest Tour companies in the US are currently showing luxury tour itineraries that include flights that were cancelled over two years ago. Instead of an hour long flight, their clients get a 9 hour drive and lose a complete day of experiencing India, but are only told this when they arrive in India.

How we value your time - One of the biggest differences between Easy Tours of India and almost all other India tour & travel agencies is that our recommended tours of India are based on you flying between most of your destinations in India, or driving where that is the least time consuming mode of travel. We do include a little train travel in some itineraries and can customize an independent traveler’s desire for more.

Experience more of the incredible culture of India, and less of India's limitations - India offers the richest & most colorful culture on this planet and its people are among the most gracious in the world. However, this ancient civilization also has a lot of facets that can be hard on an unprepared visitor - especially in terms of optimum utilization of your time, and the lack of proper sanitation / hygiene. Time is not usually valued highly in India and most companies (including western tour operators that are middlemen depending on Indian agents) design travel itineraries where you waste a significant portion of your time in uninspiring and inefficient travel, often because this allows the agent to offer a lower price. Train travel is a great example of this as most rail travel in India offers incredibly insanitary conditions, often leading to illness and interrupted itineraries. If you follow our recommendations on travel, you end up avoiding wasted time and poor levels of sanitation that are an integral part of almost all train journeys and some road travel. This enables you to spend more time experiencing, exploring and relaxing at your destinations. Click here to learn more.

We save you money. Luxury tours of India cost less with us. Compare us to the other reputable companies that offer luxury travel in India. No one offers the value we provide on our India tours & vacations packages - if you find a less expensive tour of India, there will be many good reasons why it's cheaper.

You are the boss! You determine the priorities. It's your time - you decide what to do. Most activities during our luxury India Tours are elective, and you can even opt out of most excursions when you are on a small group tour of India.

We know the hotels & the hoteliers. Our US and India based staff stays in all of the hotels we use personally on an ongoing basis so we can keep our evaluations current. We also have over 2500 North American guests (2013) stay in these hotels every year and use their feedback to make changes. There is a severe shortage of good hotels in India during the peak tourism season and availability can be slim. We have the relationships to secure the better rooms when others can't, thereby making your luxury tour of India a better experience.

No one offers the vehicle choices & expert staff that we do. Most Luxury Tour companies only offer the vehicles we offer at our First Class Level. Our India Tours include two levels of automobiles above that, starting with a Japanese SUV and moving up to larger vehicles of Japanese and European origin.

We are local specialists & not wholesalers - We have offices in all the major tourism destinations of India, as well as two in the United States. We offer the very best luxury tours of India & South Asia, and invite you to combine many of the nations in the region into one tour of Asia.

We do not cancel our Small Group Tours. Guaranteed! Every month we are approached by people that have just been informed by their Tour Company that their India tour was cancelled. Almost all agencies do this if they are unable to sell a sufficient number of rooms on any particular India Luxury Tours' departure dates. We will operate a group tour of India if we only have one guest show up - guaranteed!

We specialize in all aspects of travel and tours in India, including luxury India tours on trains like the "Palace On Wheels" & the "Deccan Odyssey". We do believe that these trains have limited advantages (& luxury, despite their names) and some disadvantages. To repeat what thousands of our previous guests will be happy to tell you - the very best way to tour India is by letting us assist you with your plans.

We respond quicker than anyone else! When you send us an inquiry. When you have questions or concerns. When you have special needs arise while you are on a tour of India. When you sent in your inquiry, or a follow up question, which tour agency responded faster than the others? Are you OK with waiting a few days every time you have a question or a concern?

E-mails get to India pretty much instantaneously and calling there is pretty much the same as calling locally. If you are on an India Tour and have an emergency, would you like to count on the agency that takes two or three days to get back to you?

Easy Tours of India is a socially active enterprise.
We support a few carefully chosen (local and international) charitable organizations. We are conscious of the fragility of our environment, and aggressively pursue policies of conservation and preservation throughout our operations.

Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we treat you like royalty by making sure all your needs are taken care off while you are on one of our Luxury India Tours. You have the option to take any of our India tour itineraries by yourself, starting on any date you choose, and you can build your own India Tour.

There's no rushing from one tourist attraction to another. The discriminating traveler has a vast array of choices. Select & combine India luxury tours ranging from wildlife tours, to horseback rides in the fabled desert of Rajasthan, to a cruise on the incredible backwaters of Kerala.

We offer luxury tours to India & South Asia only. A lot of companies offer India luxury tours along with tours to every other country on this planet, then leave you at the mercy of local travel agents at each location. Unlike them, our India tours include personalized service because we have large operations offices in the main tourism destinations of India.

You're not risking your money. Unlike India tour agencies based in India, your payments and deposits are protected, and are refundable as per the terms you agree upon at the time you decide to tour India with us.

You're treated like royalty. Let us know the level of attention you require from our support staff, then sit back and experience a Luxury India Tour that includes amazing service and facilities. We let you enjoy the experiences you're seeking as you tour India, while being pampered with comforts that you'd only expect at the world’s best resorts.

Our attention to detail will surprise you. We're committed to your complete satisfaction while you tour India with us. You have access to our management throughout your India Tour; if anything dissatisfies you, we'll correct it.

You get more for your money. All our Luxury India tours are excellent valuesOpulent Level tours of India exceed the best our competition has to offer. They are exquisitely planned and offer the ultimate in service, lodging and dining. They include an individual visit facilitator for each room (or family) reservation.

Be pampered in Palaces & Boutique Hotels. We invite comparison on any grounds, and the hotels we use are an example of that. You'll stay at the best hotels in the world on our luxury tours of India, and we invite you to compare them to what our competition has to offer in their India Tours. Our guides and other staff are also the best that you can find, and they are trained to satisfy the most demanding guests. When it comes to luxury travel and India Luxury Tours, no other agency has the talent that our staff has.



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Easy Tours of India Reviews

4.8 out of 5 based on 418 ratings. 9 Guest reviews.

Penny Schiller and William Simpson
February 2014

My wife and I just completed the 13 day tour of north India of February 13 to February 25. I am contacting your to tell you what an outstanding tour ETI provided.  It exceeded all of our possible expectations.  Every need was met, and many unexpected services were provided.  Nothing came close to going wrong.  Our guide was Abid Ali, and he was outstanding.  You have a winner in him. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Barbara and Robert Stepleman
Feb - Mar 2012.

Now that we have time to catch up, I want to thank you and Easy Tours of India for an unforgettable trip.  We could not have asked for a better tour company.  You exceeded our expectations. We certainly feel that we got what we paid for and more.  The tour guides were wonderful as were the drivers.  In every city we were greeted by a representative from that city to make sure everything was as we expected.  Guest Relations calls were an added bonus. Thanks again. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Clarissa Myers
November 2013

Thank you for trying very hard to help us even though I know my companion travels and possibly me were difficult to deal with.


Review rating: (4/5)

Review submitted: .
Mr. Adam Benjamin Hirsch / Ms. Dana Ashley Pomerantz Hirsch.
Jun 10

I'm writing on behalf of myself and my wife who recently took a personalized trip with Easy Tours of India. I would just like to give a few comments about how amazing the trip was. From the moment we landed in Delhi until the moment we left, we felt like we were VIP guests that were taken care of in every way possible. All of the activities were a lot of fun, and every tour guide we had knew so much about India and gave us a different perspective that we felt that we came away with a much greater understanding of the country than we originally had.
I also want to point out one tour guide that really stood out, our Agra guide. From the minute we met him we hit it off with him and his warm personality. He immediately became our personal photographer and posed us in all different places around the Taj Mahal, the Black Taj, and the other sites in Agra. We were able to get so many great photos of myself and my wife thanks to him. As he gave us the tour, he would give us a little time to sit and think about all of the information he was providing, and was always quick to answer questions.He knew the answer for every single question we could throw at him, and never made us feel stupid for asking anything. His personality was also greatBy the end of our two days in Agra, we had become close friends. He also told us so much about Indian culture and Muslim culture that we were curious about. He made sure that Agra was the highlight of our time in India. While the city of Agra and the sights of the Taj Mahal were beautiful, he made Agra so amazing for us. As we recommend Easy Tours to every single person we know of that would like to go to India, we will also recommend him for anyone's stay in Agra. He is a great asset to have with Easy Tours, and you are very lucky to have him.
Again, the trip was unbelievable, and Easy Tours really was everything we had hoped it would be. Thank you so much for everything, and we will happily recommend Easy Tours to anyone we know of who would like to travel India with a great tour company. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Mr. Joseph Countryman
Jan 09.

I had a fantastic trip in January 2009. My drivers and guides were the very best. Humble, knowledgeable and above all concerned that I have the best trip of my life! I never dreamt that a one person tour group would get such outstanding service. They told me I was the Maharaja and they meant it. I am not used to be treated like royalty but after two weeks I started to get used to it!!
Your staff was just outstanding. Meeting me and assuring everything is perfect. I felt like part of the India family and I will never forget your competence, your attention to detail and your kindness. I am telling everyone that will listen that Easy Tours of India is the BEST tour company in the world and a GREAT BARGAIN. Please feel free to publish this and list me as someone to contact.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Robin and Clifford Topol
April 2014

We are back and recovered from jet lag and finally able to reflect on what was a truly great trip and wonderful experience. The trip was well thought out and provided multiple highlights.  Arpita did a great job and called several times to check our progress. Raju, our driver from Delhi thru Jaipur, is a warm and good person. The hotels were exceptional and the service was at a very high level. Thank you for letting the hotels know that it was Robin’s birthday.  It made the trip very special for her.   Thank you again and please make sure that all involved, in making our trip a success, understand that we are thankful and will be referring Easy Tours to our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Cynthia and David Smith
April 2014

Excellent rating for Tour Design, Guides, Hotels, Ground Transportation, Transfers.
Our guides and drivers were wonderful. The tour, as planned was about the ultimate for the time we had in India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Julie Boyd, Claire Finnk, Celeste Averill, Jeffery Averill, Jr.
February 2014

Easy Tours did a wonderful job. The whole time we kept saying to each other, "Easy Tours is so great." Everything went like clockwork . Everyone bent over backwards to give us the best service . The guides were highly intelligent, knowledgeable and patient. I felt safe at all times, except on our drive to Delhi. Theresa worked hard to arrange getting us to an orphanage we needed to visit near Trichy, as well as adding in experiences that might interest us. We would especially like to commend our first driver, Logan. His level of caring really added to our trip experience.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .
Ron Ehle and Paul Wathern
February 2014

Excellent rating for Tour Design, Guides, Hotels, Ground Transportation, Transfers.
I have nothing but praise for the whole team that is "Easy tours of India"! Best tour company experience I've ever had! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.


Review rating: (5/5)

Review submitted: .



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