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Luxury Travel in India made EASY

Easy Tours of India is a family owned boutique agency and the highest rated provider of luxury travel and tours in India. We are both the Tour Operator and the DMC (Destination Management Company). We have a US based staff of India Specialists to assist our guests here and we have 10 well staffed offices in India’s major tourism destinations.

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Most Tour Operators are middlemen with a large sales department. This sales department sells packages to destinations they know little about. They then hand over the client to local DMCs to facilitate the tour and, in most cases, the DMC hands over the client to multiple small operators that specialize in one given location or area. In India almost all of these DMCs cater to clients of all levels – from budget to luxury.

Easy Tours is a true boutique operator. We provide our guests with outstanding customer service along with unmatched levels of local expertise and luxury. Because we are not a middleman, we also offer great values. We are proud to be the single 'India Only Specialist' that is an ASTA TOP supplier; the same is true for our being a Covered Supplier with Access America.

All our US based India Specialists spend part of the year touring India and experiencing the same journeys and facilities that they design for our guests. Our guests are encouraged to take advantage of this expertise and most of them spend a lot of time communicating with our India Specialists so as to create an experience that fits their preferences. Our average guest talks with their India Specialist sixteen times on the phone before departing for India. The average exchange of e-mails is over twenty two.

Our staff in India (including the chauffeurs, tour directors, guides and the local agents that we work with) are constantly evaluated and trained so as to meet our stringent requirements for travel facilitation and guest satisfaction.

We reward our staff with above average wages and a culture of recognition and bonuses. This results in almost no turnover and gives Easy Tours the ability to hire and retain the very best.

Easy Tours of India plans and coordinates travel so that our guests get the most out of their exploration of India. We start with the premise that our guests’ time and money are both very valuable and neither should be wasted.

The Mission Statement of the company is “To Provide Unsurpassed Service & Value to Luxury Travelers visiting India”. Our goal at inception was to become the leading US based boutique operator for luxury travel and tours in India and we are proud to say that we have achieved what we set out to do.

Easy Tours of India - History

Easy Tours of India Inc. was founded by Sunil Trehan, a US based businessman of Indian origin. Sunil had a passion for travel and a passion for the amazing experiences that India had to offer. He had travelled extensively in India, the United States and much of the rest of the world and had experienced the finest service and luxury at all these destinations.

In the late 90’s, Sunil was invited to join a few of his friends on a luxury group tour of North India. This tour was operated by one of the world’s premier tour operators. Having planned many journeys through India for himself and his family, Sunil was surprised by the amount of time that was wasted while traveling on Coaches during the tour, as well as some of the trip routing and excursion planning that the tour entailed. He designed a 6 day extension to South India for himself and his fellow travelers and they followed the group tour with the South India extension.

Every single traveler that accompanied Sunil raved about the South India tour and how much superior it was to the “Luxury Group Tour”. After returning from India, Sunil decided to research what other tour companies were offering in their tours of India. To his surprise he discovered that they were all doing pretty much the same thing that he and his friends had just experienced, albeit at a lower level of luxury in most cases.

To Sunil, the most striking thing was the incredible wastage of time. These itineraries were developed in the 1970’s & 80’s, well before the Indian civil aviation industry’s surge in growth. The performance and skills of the Tour Directors and Guides were similarly unchanged – they wearily recited the same old tired monologues as they guided tourists through the attractions. No major tour operator even offered an itinerary that included the major attractions of both North and South India.

Sunil sensed a great opportunity in the inadequacy’s of the status-quo. He decided to start a venture that would allow him to work with two of his biggest passions - travel and India. He gradually divested himself of his existing responsibilities and spent seven months developing a business model and our first set of tour itineraries.

Sunil then traveled to India and spent six months hiring key personnel and training them in a new way to do business. He recruited junior to mid-level managers from the best DMCs in India as his Department Leaders. He traveled extensively with these Department Leaders and together they mapped out how operations would work at each destination. They recruited and trained our initial set of tour directors, guides and chauffeurs. We are proud to say that almost all these key people are still with us.

Easy Tours of India was incorporated in California and our first offices were leased in El Cerrito. Sunil recruited two key marketing people for the US office. For the first couple of years Easy Tours concentrated on selling our services to travel agencies in the United States. Although some tours were sold, Sunil was severely disappointed by how the most successful agents did not want to deviate from using the same old operators that they used forever. This prompted Sunil to launch on the web and to market directly to travelers.

The website was a resounding success from its launch. Sales soared and by 2005 we were sending almost a thousand guests to India every year. In 2006 the business relocated to our current offices in Austin, Texas. In 2010 we facilitated luxury travel for over 2000 North American guests. 2011 will exceed that number by a wide margin. About 22% of our business is now through travel agent bookings, while about one-third is repeat guests and referrals.

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then we really have reason to be proud. Over the last six years we have seen all the major tour operators change their itineraries to imitate ours. They now use more flights and offer itineraries that include North & South India. There are companies in India that constantly plagiarize from us – their websites are fairly impressive if you don’t use ours as a comparison because most of their text and tour itineraries have been copied directly from our website! But we have always stayed one step ahead in our offerings and ten steps ahead in our service levels. As a small family owned business that is driven by the dynamic vision of our founder, we are constantly improving ourselves and adjusting our itineraries to take advantage of the improvements in India’s infrastructure.

We now have a staff of about 40 employees in India, not including the Tour Directors, Local Guides & Chauffeurs. We have an eleven person IT Division in a separate facility in New Delhi and they work under the close supervision of our founder. As the web is our marketplace we have always been on the cutting edge as far as technology related to luxury travel is concerned. This website is revolutionary in design and functionality and is the first ever to incorporate a perfect synergy between the front and back end of Tour Operations, enabling us to become more efficient in our operations and further enhance the experience we offer our guests.

Boutique Lodging & Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels in India offer luxuries and service second to none. There are more Hotels in India rated among the top 20 in the world (by any luxury publication) then all of North America combined. Easy Tours Hotel primary partners in India are the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts Group & the Taj Hotels, Palaces & Resorts Group. Our local insight and contacts enable us to secure the best accommodations for your stay in India. Our long term relationships with South Asia’s premier hoteliers has resulted in our enjoying excellent contracted rates and preferred availability.

India has many spectacular Palaces and Forts that have been converted to luxury hotels, with furnishings and services that were once the trappings of royalty. These are almost all operated by the Taj Group. The Oberoi Group operates a few exquisite establishments in India’s premier destinations such as the four ‘Vilas’ Hotels. These are the sort of establishments that Easy Tours specializes in.

Guest Services & Safety Practices:

Our staff is trained and equipped to help resolve most problems quickly. Easy Tours Staff, Chauffeurs & Guides have access to the best available resources, and can locate & supply almost anything a visitor might need. Physicians are usually available around the clock at most of the cities in our itineraries. Basic medical care can be arranged at all our destinations. Bottled drinking water is provided throughout our tours.

Insurance/Liability Coverage

1: Errors & Omissions Policy – $1,000,000 Per Occurrence (AIG)
2: General Liability Policy - $1,000,000 Per Occurrence / Aggregate (Farmers)

How do we make travel in India EASY?

No hidden costs - our prices and inclusions are clearly listed to make it EASY to budget.
Your travel planning is EASY because no one knows luxury travel in India like we do.
No unnecessary hassles - we reduce logistic issues to EASY choices.
All this makes it EASY for you to experience India the way you want to.
Amazing level of personalized service - EASILY the best India has to offer.

All our itineraries include:

World Class Service: From the moment you are greeted by an 'Easy Tours' Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. Your biggest decisions are what cuisine you will want to try that evening, and what sights or events you'd like to spend your time exploring.

Exclusivity: Custom tour guests are never part of a group - whether it is for travel or sightseeing.

A few other things that make us unique among our competition:

We value your time One of the biggest differences between us and all other tour agencies serving India is that our tours are based on you flying between almost all of your destinations in India. This lets you avoid significant discomfort and aggravation and enables you to spend more time exploring and relaxing at your destinations. Click here to learn more.

We save you money. Luxury costs less with us. Compare us to the other companies that offer services close to ours. We charge less than our competition. No one offers the vehicle choices & expert staff that we do. We are local specialists & not wholesalers - We have offices all over India and two of them in the United States. We only send people to India (and the smaller nations bordering India).

We do not cancel our group tours. Every month we get requests from people that have just been informed by their Tour Company (including industry behemoths like Tauck Tours) that their tour was cancelled. All these agencies do this if they do not sell a sufficient number of rooms on a departure date. We will run a group if we only have one guest show up - guaranteed!

We respond quicker than anyone else! When you send us an inquiry, or when you have questions or concerns. When you have special needs arise while in India. When you sent in your initial inquiry, or a follow up question, which tour agency responded faster than the others? In an emergency, would you like to count on the agency that takes two or three days to get back to you, or us?

Easy Tours Of India is a socially active enterprise. We support a few carefully chosen (local and international) charitable organizations. We are conscious of the fragility of our environment, and aggressively pursue policies of conservation and preservation throughout our operations.

You determine the priorities. You are the boss! It's your vacation - you decide what to do. We use the word 'Tour' for want of a better term - we let you determine the level of service and attention you want during your time with us.

Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we treat you like royalty by making sure all your needs are taken care off. You have the option to take any tour by yourself, starting on any date you choose, or build your own visit.

There's no rushing thru one tourist attraction after another. The discriminating traveler has a vast array of choices. Select & combine visits ranging from wildlife adventures to meditating in ancient ashrams.

We offer visits to India only. We don't sell tours to the whole world, and leave you at the mercy of local travel agents at each location. Although we use the help of other agencies in some cities to enable us to provide you with the highest quality of service and the best possible value, we carefully monitor their efficiency and our guests always have the ability to talk directly with their visit facilitator to make any complaints and ask for appropriate changes.

You're not risking your money. Unlike tour and travel agencies operating from India, your payments and deposits are protected, and are refundable as per the terms you agree upon at the time you decide to visit India with us. We’re the only India Only Specialists that are listed as a “Covered Supplier” by the world’s largest travel insurer (Access America).

You're treated like royalty. Let us know the level of attention you require from our support staff, then sit back and experience service and facilities fit for royalty. We let you enjoy the experiences you're seeking, while being pampered with comforts that you'd only expect at the worlds best resorts.

Our attention to detail will surprise you. We're committed to your complete satisfaction. You have access to our management all thru your visit; if anything dissatisfies you, we'll do everything we can to correct it.

Travel in small groups We don't herd you like cattle from one destination to the next. Our groups are usually made up of 6 to 8 people, with the maximum being 12. Each group gets a visit facilitator (besides the guides, chauffeurs, and other support staff that will be available to you) whose sole purpose is to make sure you get to coordinate your own day to day itineraries, and that you're very comfortable while indulging in your chosen activities.

You get more for your money. All our tours are excellent values. Opulent Level exceed the best our competition has to offer. Our Opulent Level are exquisitely planned and offer the ultimate in service, lodging and dining. They include an individual visit facilitator for each room (or family) reservation.

Stay in Palaces & Five Star deluxe Hotels. We invite comparison on any grounds, and the hotels we use are an example of that. You'll stay at the best hotels India has to offer, and we invite you to compare them to what our competition has to offer. Our guides and other staff are the best that you can find, and they are trained to satisfy the most demanding guests.

Unique and imaginative itineraries. Unlike other tour operators who offer the same old tired Indian theme tours and canned presentations. Read the brochures and/or websites of a few other tour companies. See how "Golden Triangle", "Forts & Palaces" and similar clichéd itineraries are used by every one of them.

We know the things that will probably make you uncomfortable, and we don't expose you to them unless you ask us too; and if you do ask, we let you determine the extent of your exposure.

Here are some verifiable comparisons between us & our competitors:

1). WITH US: You deal directly with our large staff in India & our United States based Specialists.
1). WITH THEM: You deal with middlemen selling you tours to India, where they have never been.

2). WITH US: You get great values on luxury travel in India & tours of India.
2). WITH THEM: Either low prices on low-end travel in India, or uninspired luxury tours of India

3). WITH US: You spend a fraction of your time traveling - your time is very valuable to us.
3). WITH THEM: You spend about half your waking hours in India traveling - they lowball people on how long the trains & buses take & also forget to mention the sanitation & hygiene issues.

4). WITH US: You have access to an agency that has more knowledge about travel in India then the top 10 bestselling guidebooks put together. We specialize in India & don't wholesale the world.
4). WITH THEM: You have limited access to an agency that pretends to be experts. They sell the world & specialize in commissions.

The volume of information on this website may be overwhelming to people without a good working knowledge of India. If you feel that there are too many options, we recommend that you consider the "First Visit Collection" or call us for advice and to help you with your travel plans.

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