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Anantnag District is in southern sector of Jehlum Valley. It is because of its rejuvenating climate, the inspiring majesty, its lofty mountains, the melodious flow of sweet waters of its springs and sreams, fertile soil, fragrant flowers and delicious fruits that the district has come to be synonymous with greatness.

The Anantnag district is not only the rice bowl of the Valley, it is equally rich in landscape. The nature has been generous in gifting the district with places of unparallel beauty. The district can rightly boast of possessing the largest number of health resorts in the whole State. Of them particular mention may be made of Verinag, Kokernag, Achabal, Daksum and world famous health resort of Pahalgam. Before the advent of militancy in the state, during the summer months these places used to be filled to the brim by tourists coming from all parts of the country and a large number of foreign tourists also used to visit these places. Now the Government is pursuing hard through sustained efforts in putting the tourist industry back on the rails and efforts are on for face-lifting the physical appearance of these places. The damaged tourist infrastructure like Huts, Dak Bungalows and Rest Houses are being re-constructed and it is hoped that the past glory of the places of tourist interest get restored and tourist industry will again flourish in the district.



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