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Andhra Pradesh

India’s eighth largest state geographically, Andhra Pradesh is a thrilling locale filled with natural splendors, ancient monuments, and thriving cities.

The state capital, Hyderabad, is nicknamed “The City of Pearls,” and dates back to the late 16th century. The center of town is marked by the stunning Charminar monument, a gateway building with four arches, towers, and a mosque on the second floor. Built in 1591 to commemorate the founding of the city, the Charminar quickly became one of India’s most iconic buildings. The area around the towering structure is the bustling heart of a modern city where thriving open-air markets offer every imaginable good. The local cuisine, named Telugu after the region’s original inhabitants, is known for its tangy blend of hot and spicy tastes.

More than 600 miles of coastline and numerous mountain ranges hide a plethora of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim historical sites. The Buddhist and Hindu temples see thousands of pilgrims visiting every year in the search for religious enlightenment.

The state’s varying topography shelters diverse populations of animals and plants. Wildlife sanctuaries like the Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve are wonderful places to spot incredibly rare and endangered species like the Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, and Mugger Crocodile in their natural settings.

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