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Ayurveda Tours - Opulent Level

Once these were only the privilege of royalty, but now a select few can avail of the ultimate luxury treatments that:

1) make you younger in mind and body.
2) get rid of stress.
3) rejuvenate and purify yourself.
4) reduce weight in a healthy manner.

Ayurvedic therapy and treatment is a science most people outside of South Asia are just beginning to become aware off. In India (and the surrounding areas) Ayurvedic medicines have been treating ailments, and curing diseases, for thousands of years.

This school of medicine, using only herbal and other natural resources, frequently achieves successful results in cases that have baffled practitioners of modern medicine. 

Western marketers of similar products and services usually lack the experience and knowledge that centuries of practice (and the resulting evolution) have given to India's Ayurvedic Treatment and/or Educational Centers.

Even in India, not every practitioner can offer you the benefits you'll get from a perfect synergy of the right (fresh and pure) content and environment; as well as the accompanying therapeutic procedures and dietary requirements.

Easy Tours Of India has an established relationship with some of the most highly regarded Ashrams and practitioners in India , and we have chosen the best two out of them to offer to our guests.

Details and prices of the Opulent Level (Kalari Kovilakom) are given on this page. Please click here for details on the Deluxe Level (Sahyadri Ashram).

Palace philosophy:

Kalari Kovilakom, the palace of the ancient Vengunad Kingdom in Kerala, offers Ayurveda in its most authentic and substantive form as the rulers of Vengunad would have had it. Without wine, meat and shoes.

Adhering to the strict tenets of Ayurveda as an universal healing art rather than a medical system, the treatment offered here is a combination of the physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in our approach to health that is relevant to the modern world as it was to the ancient world. Nothing has been re-invented, nothing diluted.

The Ayurveda treatments are complimented and supported by yoga and meditation practices.

Ayurveda works from outside in.
Yoga works from inside out.
Both in harmony works towards the wholeness

While living in the comforts of the "The Palace", you will have a glimpse of an experience of the lifestyle that was advocated in the ancient Indian Traditions. This lifestyle helps you to balance your energies, to balance the outer material world and the inner spiritual self.


Visits include all prescribed Ayurvedic medication and treatments, consultations with the resident Vaidyan (Ayurvedic physician) as well as Yoga & Meditation instruction, all meals, lifestyle teachings, printed materials, future access to free advice and discounted medicines, oils, and creams, and a lot more.

Round trip USA - India coach airfare on the better international airlines can currently be arranged starting from about $800.00 plus taxes. Combine your tours for even better values. Open year around.

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