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Bharatpur Palace

Within Lohagarh Fort is a complex of three palaces: Khas Mahal, Kamra Palace and Raja Badan Singh’s Palace, built by successive generationgs of Bharatpur’s rulers-and set around a small, but elegant, old Mughal garden. Khas Mahal houses the royal apartments, which reflect the simple lifestyle of the Jat rulers. Its chambers are small, with ornate pierced stone windows and patterned marble tiled floors. In the corners are octagonal chambers with domed ceilings and delicately painted walls. On the lower floor is an interesting hammam, or sunken bath house. Raja Badan Singh’s Palace, adjacent to Khas Mahal, has an imposing sandstone durbar hall, with finely carved walls, pillars and archways, and a beautiful alcove set into the far wall, from where the Raja himself would hold court. Today this palace houses part of Bharatpur’s Archeological Museum, with Kamra Palace next door housing the other half. The museum has some carvings dating back to the second century and terracotta toys from the first century, excavated at the village of Noh, just a few miles east of the fort. Pieces of note include the 7th-century image of Shiva and Pavarti, the 11th-century image of the Jain saint, Parshvanatha, and the 10th-century Ganesha. However, the prized piece is the unique 2nd-century red sandstone shivalinga (the phallic emblem of Shiva).


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