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Confirmation Of Availability Package (C.O.A.P.)

A link to this package (a page hosted on our website) is e-mailed to you shortly after you decide to visit India as our guests. For people booking over the phone and not wanting to use the web, expedited mail or fax processing is used to send the C.O.A.P., instead of e-mail processing. There is a small handling fee for mailed copies.

Reservations are not confirmed until your initial deposit or payment is processed, and we have received the completed C.O.A.P. (whether fax, mail, or e-mail based). The Confirmation of Availability Package includes the following four items:

(1). A itinerary of your visit with us, with a unique Guest Identification, that you can refer to in all further communication.

(2). Terms & Conditions that you are required to review and accept, including our policies relating to payments, cancellations, and refunds.

(3). A Cancellation Form that you can use to inform us, in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your visit.

(4). A link to our secure payment processing pages. Once you've reviewed all the contents of the above, and agreed to the relevant sections; you will be directed to our secure payment processing center to pay the balance due at that time.



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