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What :

Coimbatore has served as a trading hub between Eastern and Western cultures for centuries. Large numbers of Roman coins and artifacts found in the region tie the area to one of Western civilization's oldest empires.

Today, Coimbatore remains an important economic center specializing in a multitude of business and labor exports, but it is the temperate climate, dense forests, plentiful wetlands, and natural beauty of its mountain ranges to the West and North of the city that draw people on luxury tours in India.

Visitors can gain easy access the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park during their India tours, and see the diverse wildlife and indigenous peoples that still reside there.

Often referred to as the “Manchester of South India,” Coimbatore is an epicenter of clothing and jewelry trade for India.

When :

The thickly forested mountains near the city help regulate the high temperatures of the area with consistent breezes. Rain falls the most in June and July, which generally means easier bookings and fewer crowds during those months.

The elevation and the cool winds form the mountains leaves Coimbatore cooler than average for most of the year, which means it’s a solid choice for a stop on India tours at any time.

Where :

Nestled in the Western Ghats mountain range, Coimbatore straddles the Noyyal River basin that feeds the many wetlands of the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

The Coimbatore International Airport lies about 10 miles from the city, and services domestic flights from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, and international flights from Singapore and elsewhere.

Serviced by six major roads, Coimbatore is easily navigated by chartered vehicle service.

Who :

Coimbatore is generally used as a crossing point on India tours, but it has plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts. The region is home to hundreds of species of animals including wild elephants and Nilgiri Tahr living on the plains and in the ecologically diverse forests.

The city is also home to an estimated 40,000 goldsmiths, and is renowned for its diamond jewelry.

Motor sports are also thriving in the city. Races are regularly held in a variety of categories, and Coimbatore has a Formula 3 circuit track.

The diversity of things to do and see means India luxury tours have many options for every visitor to enjoy.

Attire :

More cosmopolitan than many cities in South India, western style clothing is generally acceptable for most places, but travelers should always dress appropriately - clothes covering shoulders, arms, and legs - when planning to visit any of the city’s many temples and other religious structures.

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Guest Reviews about Coimbatore city :

  Hugh and Nancy Menke
March 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of India, primarily because our Tour Director was always so vigilant and kind. He tried his best to make us happy and comfortable, sometimes, under challenging conditions, e.g. crowded Varanasi and long van rides. He even rescued a carry-on bag that we left in the overhead compartment of the plane. For me (Nancy) being in Varanasi with his explanation of what we were seeing was the real highlight of my trip. India is a fascinating country. I would like to come again.
I know it sounds silly but I wish you could change the name of your tour company--it implies less than it really is. Our group came up with the name, "The Real India", which I think would capture the attention of especially, the American tourist. Bottom line, I thought the trip might be more stressful because I am older and not accustomed to too much change but it was an "easy" tour in that regard. Nevertheless, the name does not nearly tell the magnitude of the experience and how very special India is. The hotels were excellent. The rooms, service and food were all great. The pace of the tour was not too fast. We wish we had included Udaipur. We may be different from others, but we would have appreciated a quick stop along the road on occasion to hear our Tour Director explain about the crops and farms that we were driving by. Our Tour Director is an exceptional young man.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS


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