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‘Dildaar Dilli’ to be the capital’s tourism tagline

Posted on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 14:29 by easytours

Starting April 2013, the national capital of India has a new tourism tagline - Dildaar Dilli (Magnanimous Delhi).

Dildaar Dilli – Highlighting India’s capital to the world!

The new tagline came about as a result of a competition that was held to give Delhi a new tagline to promote tourism. Over 12,000 entries were received in the competition and the winner was selected by a high level committee appointed jointly by the Delhi Government as well as Delhi Tourism. The announcement of the new tagline was made by Ms. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister (CM) of Delhi at a ceremony organized recently to mark the occasion.

Being the seat of Government for many centuries, Delhi has seen India transcend through many different eras, from the Mughal and the British to being the heart of the world’s largest democracy.

Dikshit said the city, loved by many since ages, had always accepted everyone as its own and that is Delhi’s signature quality. Speaking at the occasion, the CM said, “Delhi accepts everyone into its fold, every new arrival is family. This is the city’s greatness and its biggest identity”. The committee to finalize the tagline went through the thousands of entries for months to select the winner. Other names up for consideration in the finalist list were ‘Dilkash’ (Endearing), ‘Dilwaali’ (Heartwarming), ‘Damdaar’ (Powerful) and ‘Shandaar’ (Glorious) Dilli.

“We chose ‘Dildaar Dilli’ as our new identity though we liked others too but ‘Dildaar’ was a common element among most entries. I think the competition has shown the intense love that people have for the city of Delhi and with the coining of this phrase, these feelings have now been translated into words” CM Dikshit elucidated.

The winner of the competition was Delhi resident, Mr. Amit Anand, who walked away with INR 50,000 as the first prize. Other consolation prizes were also handed over to participants who were selected as the finalists in the competition.

The idea behind having a tagline is to promote Delhi as a tourism-friendly destination and as a gateway to India. It is part of an aggressive marketing plan to promote city in major global tourism markets. The tagline aims to sum up the essence of Delhi as well as its history, culture, modernity and diversity.

With the launch of the new tagline, Delhi has joined the ranks of other states that have their own tourism promotional tag-lines.

These include: Kerala (God’s own Country), Goa (Go Goa), Punjab (India Begins Here), Meghalaya (Halfway to Heaven), Odisha (The Soul of India), Karnataka (One State Many Worlds), Gujarat (Vibrant Gujarat), Himachal Pradesh (Unforgettable Himachal), Chhatishgarh (Full of Surprises), Rajasthan (Incredible State of India), Uttar Pradesh (Amazing Heritage, Grand Experience) and Madhya Pradesh (The Heart of Incredible India).