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Delhi to restore British Era Town Hall as new tourist attraction

Posted on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 11:52 by easytours

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has launched an ambitious plan to convert the city’s British-era Town Hall into a world class tourist attraction. The 150 year old building is located in the old city of Delhi near the iconic Chandni Chowk within the walled complex close to the Red Fort.

Under the plan, the Town Hall will have a host of facilities including a museum, a food court, souvenir shops, a library as well as an open air theatre to host performances. Furthermore the NDMC has an ambitious plan to turn the 16 acre area of the Town Hall into a hot-bed of activity with a complete calendar of events.

The project has a tag line “To Live the History”. Briefing the press about this exciting new project Mayank Sharma, North Delhi Municipal Corporation's Additional Commissioner and Chairman of the project, explained that the entire project has been envisioned as an opportunity for Delhi families to connect with the history and culture of the city.

Planned as part of the events at the Town Hall are a series of traditional sporting competitions such as “Kancha” and “Gilli Danda”. Also planned are a series of regular lectures and workshops on subjects such as history, culture, museology, sculpture, poetry and art.

To support Delhi’s traditional and contemporary artisan community, a regular series of Bazaars highlighting traditional art forms, handicrafts as well as works of new artists will be regularly organized at the venue.

To interest visiting children, there will be a regular sound and light show depicting the development of Delhi through the ages along with a series of activity rooms with interactive exhibits. The NDMC is also in talks with other museums around the country to have traveling roadshows of their finest exhibits at the Town Hall museum that will be part of the new complex.

The project has received enthusiastic support from the Tourism Ministry of India as well as the citizenry of Delhi at large. A sum of INR 500 Million has been earmarked to help turn the ambitious project into reality.

The NDMC is confident that with the support of the public and the government, the Town Hall project will become yet another reason for both domestic and foreign tourists to visit the national capital.

As Mr. Sharma explained "There isn't any place in the city where people can have wholesome entertainment. We have started this project catering to people's needs and provide them a space that is international by all standards," he said, adding that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation is not replicating any international model for the project rather building its own project model while using the very best of international practices.