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Visas on Arrival to be offered to U.S. Citizens

Posted on Thu, 10/16/2014 - 15:39 by easytours

During a recent trip to New York City Narendra Modi, India’s recently elected president, announced that the Indian government would be extending visa on arrival services to U.S. citizens as early as the first of next year.

Modi made the announcement during a speech delivered in front of a crowd of thousands at Madison Square Garden during his first trip to the U.S. as the President of India.

Modi’s government is hoping that an easier visa process will lead to more international tourism traffic in locations like Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi.

The current government is predicting the new, easier visa process to lead to a boost in inbound tourism to the Indian subcontinent. To accommodate the predicated increase in travelers, new facilities are being planned and current facilities will be upgraded to handle the potentially increased workload.

It’s likely that visa on arrival services will be similarly extended to other countries including the United Kingdom and Canada, but full details regarding the roll out of the new program have yet to be made available.

Kaziranga National Park

Posted on Wed, 10/15/2014 - 18:35 by easytours

Kaziranga is a truly magical place that is teeming with wildlife. It also has the distinction of being the sole domain of the Asiatic One-horned rhino. Bordered by the Karbi Anglong hills to the south, and the mighty Brahmaputra River to the north, Kaziranga is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s location and geography are conducive to fog, which only adds to the park’s mystique.

It is a very small park at only 25 miles long and 8 miles wide, but it has an incredible amount of animals living in its borders. Its terrain is mostly flat with both densely wooded areas and open areas. Water is plentiful in Kaziranga.

Bandipur National Park

Posted on Wed, 10/15/2014 - 18:19 by easytours

Bandipur National Park is one of India's best known protected areas and is an important Project Tiger reserve. It is located in the Chamarajanagar district of southern Karnataka in South India, Bandipur National Park and is yet another wildlife sanctuary that provides the perfect ambience for a holiday close to nature. With the best that nature has to offer the Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary is a wonderful location worth visiting.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Posted on Wed, 10/15/2014 - 18:04 by easytours

At ¼ the size of the monstrous Kanha, Bandhavgarh’s claim to fame is having the largest density of tigers in India. Its beautiful physical characteristics also make it one of the most popular parks in India. The terrain is comprised of forested hills with a large dominant mesa in the center of the park. Bandhavgarh is blessed with over twenty streams flowing through the park, which empty into the Son River, a major tributary of the Ganga. The Indian bison and the porcupine are among the many other species in the park. Elephant back safaris and jeep safaris are the preferred methods for exploring this beautiful spot on Earth.


Taj Mahal may expand moonlight viewings

Posted on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 12:44 by easytours

Travelers looking to catch a moonlight glimpse of Agra’s most famed attraction, the Taj Mahal, may soon find it to be a much easier endeavor.

Delhi Tours Rashtrapati Bhavan
Travelers in Agra may soon have more opportunities to see the Taj Mahal at night under the moon.

Catching the Taj Mahal in the light of the moon has been a much vaunted itinerary item for decades, but a lack of facilities has severely limited the Agra Tourism Department’s ability to hold nighttime viewings of the ancient Mughal monument. That could all quickly change if the city’s talks with the Archeological Survey of India, the federal body in charge of many of India’s treasured historic places, go according to plan.

Mehtab Bagh, a Mughal garden from the 17th century, faces the Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River. While current night viewings of the Taj Mahal are limited to four or five days a month at the front gates of the monument, the ASI and city of Agra hope to create new facilities at Mehtab Bagh to accommodate 500 people nearly every night of the year.

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