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Jaipur positioning itself as a center of Culinary Tourism

Posted on Thu, 12/12/2013 - 11:15 by easytours
Rajasthan state constantly sees a steady stream of visitors coming in to marvel at the various attractions of the state. International tourism industry experts claim that the success of Rajasthani tourism has been primarily because the state government and tourism board has been hard at work to constantly improve the tourism offerings in the state.

Tourism in Jaipur – continuing the march of tradition and excellence

While Rajasthan attracts tourists primarily due to its rich heritage, glorious monuments as well as great events, the tourism board is now working assiduously to put the state capital Jaipur as one of the major centers of Culinary Tourism in India.

As part of this initiative, the tourism board is organizing culinary tours by established experts mostly at their residences to give visitors an authentic feel for the Indian culinary experience. Indian cuisine is catching on in many parts of the world and is gaining popularity to the richness of its taste, the variety of its options as well as its many medicinal and health benefits.

Officials at the Rajasthan Tourism Board claim that culinary tourism was always popular in the state with many visitors taking culinary lessons impromptu at local residences of friends and acquaintances. The idea now is to bring these tours into the mainstream and associate them with experts to give visitors to the state a real value proposition.

The Rajasthan Tourism Board also hopes that the increase in culinary tourism in the state will have significant spin-off benefits for other industries as well including makers of traditional cooking utensils, food ingredients and condiments as well as the general hotel and hospitality industries.

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