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Posted on Mon, 09/16/2013 - 11:54 by easytours

Rajput culture considers pink to be the color of hospitality; hence the pink walls of the Old City in Jaipur. Constructed in the early 18th century, Rajasthan's capital has broad and open streets and is very well laid out. Maharaja Jai Singh II, after whom it is named, was a great astronomer who also had Jaipur's Jantar Mantar designed and constructed. The king and his architect built Jaipur using ancient Hindu principles of civic planning and design, and created a city full of magical color and beauty.

A visit to Jaipur should be a must for every visitor to India; the multi hued garments and jewelry of the locals, the profusion of camels in everyday traffic, and the play of the sun's rays on the brightly colored walls of the inner city all combine to create an atmosphere unique to this city. Magnificent palaces, the seven city gates, forts, and other monuments sit unchanged amidst the bustle of a busy metropolis. Just outside Jaipur, the Royal Cenotaphs provide for an interesting visit.

Astonishing in it's simple ingenuity, the Jantar Mantar (Jaipur Observatory-built 1728) is a must see for anyone with an interest in astronomy. Maharaja Jai Singh was a great conqueror and an equally adept astronomer. The observatory he had designed and built is a marvel that, even today, intrigues and fascinates visitors to Jaipur.

Choose to stay in one of the luxurious palace hotels. Opulent Level guests usually stay at the Oberoi Raj Vilas or the Taj Rambagh Palace. Feast on sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine. Jaipur is a treasure trove of handicrafts and apparel. Your 'visit facilitator' can arrange visits to the best sources. An elephant back ride to the hilltop fort is included in each visit.

Jaipur is very easily accessible from most major cities in India, and is part of all of the Rajasthan & Golden Triangle Tours.


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