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Pratham USA receives Times of India Social Impact Award

Posted on Tue, 03/12/2013 - 14:32 by easytours

Using philanthropy to positively impact the children of India was cited as the reason Pratham USA is this year’s winner of the Times of India Social Impact Award in the International Contribution to India category.

Pratham USA was represented at the ceremony by President, Dr. Atul Varadhachary. A former student, Mahima Maluja, who attended a Pratham pre-school in New Delhi presented the International Contribution to India Award to Varadhachary. The star-studded ceremony attended by the President of India, as well as many other prominent leaders within the Indian community and the Indian Diaspora, was held at the Ashok Convention Hall in New Delhi.

With 14 volunteer-run chapters across the United States, Pratham USA raises more than $10 million annually. More than 90 percent of the money raised by Pratham USA goes directly to Pratham and its partner organizations in India.

This award not only recognizes the efforts of Pratham USA, but most importantly, it recognizes the continued generosity of its donors, both large and small. Every Pratham USA donor believes education provides the foundation for individuals to raise themselves socially and economically. Everyone at Easy Tours understands they have succeeded because of education and this is why we actively support this organization to support the children of India on their path to success. We offer guided visits to Pratham facilities on nearly every tour package we offer.

The International Contribution to India Award is given to an organization based outside of India making significant contributions to address key challenges within India. Social issues of concern include poverty, access to quality education, poor healthcare, social inequity and limited employment opportunities among others.

In presenting the award, by the unanimous decision of its jury, the organizers recognize Pratham USA for the seminal role it has played in supporting the activities of Pratham in India.

“Pratham USA should serve as a model for many communities in the U.S. as they support global social and economic transformations,” said Dr. Molly Easo Smith, Executive Director of Pratham USA. “The Indian American community understands the concept of organized and impact-focused philanthropy as a basis for significant social change globally.”

This is the first time Pratham USA has been recognized by a national organization in India for its fundraising efforts within the United States.