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Pushkar Camel Fair 2013

Posted on Sat, 07/27/2013 - 13:16 by easytours

The small town of Pushkar in Rajasthan is a two and a half hour drive (130 km) from the state capital Jaipur. Pushkar is the venue for the world renowned Pushkar Camel Fair and the town is located on the banks of an eponymous holy lake.

Pushkar Festival Tours
Pushkar Camel Festival - A unique window into the Rajasthani cultural landscape

The actual dates of the Pushkar Camel Festival vary every year as the dates coincide with the lunar calendar and the festival always ends on the night of a full moon. This year the festival dates are scheduled to be in the beginning of November.

As the time of the festival approaches, the sleepy little town comes alive as elaborate preparations begin for the Pushkar Fair. These activities result in the many unique events, spectacles and sights that one can experience during the fair. These include a number of ethnic cultural events such as colorful and vibrant Rajasthani dance performances as well as traditional sporting events to coincide with the fair. During the fair villagers bring over 100,000 heads of cattle (about half of which are camels) to trade and sell.

Apart from its commercial aspects, the festivities are also buoyed by a plethora of activities such as horse shows, camel races, camel and cow beauty contests, acrobatics, camel safaris and much much more.

The Pushkar Fair is organized and celebrated at the venue of Pushkar and its precincts to commemorate the site’s sanctity and fabulous spiritual riches. Apart from being a city of 400 temples, Pushkar prides itself on being the site of the only Brahma temple dedicated solely to the worship of the Hindu God of Creation.

Local Rajasthani legend has it that when time began, Lord Brahma (the creator of the universe) dropped a Lotus (Pushkara) on this spot. From the Lotus sprang the lake that gave life to the town of Pushkar. There are over fifty ghats around the lake, built by various Rajput rulers over the centuries. Hindu pilgrims visit the many temples located in Pushkar all year round making it one of Rajasthan’s most spiritually enriching sites.

The Pushkar Fair is considered to be one of the most unique fairs in the world. The fair attracts the interests of visitors from all across India as well as from around the world. People coming to Pushkar get a great insight into the religious beliefs, cultural mores and lifestyles of traditional Rajasthan which has remained unchanged for millennia.

As global interest in the Pushkar Camel Fair has increased incrementally over the years, Easy Tours of India has gone through great lengths to ensure that our guests get to see the very best of the Pushkar Camel Festival in comfort, convenience and luxury.

Easy Tours of India secures the best air conditioned luxury tents and cottages at Pushkar’s premier year around resort, The Pushkar Bagh, and these are made available to our guests along with guided tours and various activities.