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Rajasthan to promote tourism around its salt lake Sambhar

Posted on Fri, 05/17/2013 - 10:32 by easytours

As part of a new initiative to attract more tourists to India’s largest state, the Rajasthan state government is planning to develop a number of sites and new tourist attractions. This includes the famous Sambhar Lake in the southern part of the state.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the Great Indian Travel Bazaar (GITB), the flagship travel industry exposition being organized here jointly by the Ministry of Tourism, Department of Tourism (Rajasthan) and Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava, Rajasthan Principal Secretary (Tourism) said, “The Sambhar Lake is the largest inland salt lake in the country. The state government is taking steps to restore basic tourist infrastructure to promote it as a unique destination”.

Mr. Srivastava said that in the short run the state government would focus on the restoration of British-era infrastructure including heritage buildings, the Salt Museum, Circuit House and rail tracks. Over the course of the next few years, other public sector corporations such as Hindustan Salts and India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) will create further tourism infrastructure opportunities and ensure their promotion to key tourist audience segments.

He emphasized that the state government is also mulling over the creation of new tourist circuits such as Jaipur-Sambhar-Ajmer that would increase the flow of tourists to the state as well as to its mega hubs such as Jaipur.

Addressing the press corps at the GITB, Ms. Bina Kak, Rajasthan Tourism Minister, highlighted the other areas for expansion in tourism that are being considered by the government. She explained, “We have plans to change the face of tourism in Rajasthan which is known primarily as a cultural destination. This would be done by developing other tourist attractions such as adventure, ecological, archaeological, sports, rural and tribal tours in the state. The State Government is working on ways to promote and implement these new segments in the state’s tourism sector”.