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Grand Prize: Bronze Indian Dhokra Art

Dhokra Art is created by using the Lost Wax Process (Cire Perdue). This elaborate and lengthy process of creating sculptures in metal dates back over 5000 years to the Indus Valley Civilization.

Art Specifications
Retail Value: $2,510.00
Kind of Work: Lost Wax Bronze Sculpture
Size*: 33” Tall
Weight*: 70.00 lb
Place of Origin: Kondagaon Baster, India
Artist: Dr. Jaidev Baghel






Runner-up Prizes: Hand Carved Elephant & Lion Fight

These wooden carving depicts a struggle between an elephant and fierce lions. The despair of the elephant and the aggression of the lions are so palpable.

Art Specifications
Retail Value: $670.00
Kind of Work: Wood Carving
Color: Brown, Natural
Size*: 18”
Weight*: 20.00 lb
Creation Days: 15 - 20 days
Place of Origin: Kilimanoor, India
Artist: Ashokan Nair






Pick the Winner Contest

Grand Prize: Makrana Marble Vase

This classic Makarna Marble vase is embossed with opulent gold leaf, rich traditional Indian motif inlaid with dazzling zirconium.

Art Specifications
Retail Value: $1,780.00
Kind of Work: Hand Made
Size*: 27”
Weight*: 29.00 lb
Place of Origin: India
Artist: Ustad Wahabudin






* All dimensions and weight are approximate, Easy Tours is not liable for any errors in these numbers.