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Guidelines & Terms of Use

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If you would like to leave a review of you last trip with Easy Tours please Contact Us or visit Trip Advisor.

Please choose the most appropriate category for your post before posting.

eVillage is intended for travelers who wish to meet, greet and help each other before, during and after their travels only. Do not use the eVillage to discuss politics, start a social movement, or advertise a business. Advertising and solicitation are strictly prohibited.

The following forum rules will ensure a friendly and safe exchange of travel ideas, opinions and information. If you see a rule violation, please bring it to the attention of a Moderator.

  1. Postings must be family-friendly - Do not use objectionable language and images, we will remove messages that contain misspellings of curse words intended to circumvent our content filters.
  2. eVillage forums are for travel-related discussions and are not chat rooms - Please keep the destination forums as relevant as possible. Non-relevant and off topic messages or threads are subject to closure or removal.
  3. Be respectful of others - Flaming, trolling or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated.
  4. All of the following topics will be removed or closed:
    • Complaints about decisions made by eVillage's editors and moderators.
    • Searches for employment or offers of employment as well as  people searches or genealogical research.
    • Calls for boycott of any destination, social commentary, political debates, and religious discussions that have no direct relevance to travel.
    • Personal ads and questions or advice on finding dates or sexual partners.
    • Spam - multiple messages containing identical or nearly identical text, unsolicited commercial messages or self promotion. We will remove all copies.
    • Listings that include real estate purchases, apartment rentals or any other solicitations.
    • Messages containing copyright protected material or unauthorized, personal information about other forum users and/or Easy Tours staff.
  5. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated, this includes:
    • Argumentative exchanges or sarcastic comments.
    • Messages that target any member(s) with insults or personal comments.
    • Threats or challenges to another members.
  6. Do not post allegations of fraud regarding a specific person, property or service. Contact Easy Tours directly to provide feedback on a specific person, property or service.
  7. Self-promotion, advertisements, solicitation and SPAM are strictly prohibited.
  8. No misrepresentation or false claims.
  9. No HTML or JavaScript allowed in posts.
  10. You must be at least 13 years old to post.
  11. Post carefully and respectfully. Easy Tours reserves the right to remove any post for any reason.