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What to Pack for India

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You can dress as you do at home while exploring most attractions in the big cities and while you are at your hotels. However, when visiting religious monuments (even in the big cities), both ladies and men are required to keep their legs and shoulders covered, and shorts or mid length skirts are completely unacceptable. In smaller towns and rural areas, women may want to wear a shawl or scarf that covers their upper torso. For men, short-sleeved shirts are more respectful than wearing t-shirts. Formal clothing is not required at dinner at even the most opulent hotels in India. Natural fabrics are highly recommended and it is a good idea to dress in layers in winter due to the temperature variances between the morning and afternoon.

Shoes and Socks

Please bring a sturdy and comfortable pair of walking shoes, sneakers or sandals. A couple of thick pairs of socks are highly recommended as there are a lot of monuments that require you to take your shoes off before entering. The typical surface at such locations is stone, which can get unbearably hot during the summer months.  

Medicine and Medical Care

A high level of medical care is available everywhere in India, except for rural areas and very small towns. Almost all the Hotel’s that Easy Tours’ uses in these cities have experienced doctors on call that will pay a visit to your room for a very nominal charge. Although medicines with similar active ingredients to what are found overseas are available in pharmacies in India’s larger cities, you should bring an adequate supply of whatever medicines you usually need. Please note that the civil aviation authority in India has strict rules for liquids and medical paraphernalia for carryon bags and it is your responsibility to conform to these regulations.

Personal Care Items

High quality shampoo and conditioner are provided by all Hotels used by Easy Tours, and most of them also provide additional items such as moisturizers and hair dryers, while toothbrushes and paste, razors etc. are provided upon request.

Other Useful Items

Anti-bacterial hand wipes are useful for some situations. We recommend that you take a small quantity of your favorite mosquito repellent. If you wish to use any electronic devices from other nations, you will need an adaptor plug that also modulates voltage (if required), which almost all hotels provide upon request, if it is not already placed in your room. These adaptors work well for almost all regular chargers such as phones, cameras, and laptops, but they are not designed to work with heavy duty items such as game consoles. The adaptors do develop problems after some use so you are encouraged to have the Hotel replace them if they do not function well. Easy Tours’ staff will be happy to assist you in purchasing your own adaptor, if required. For those with a need to charge multiple electronic items, we recommend that you pack a power strip that can be plugged into the adaptor, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The check in baggage limit is 20 kilos (44 lbs) per bag (2 bags permitted per person) for domestic flights. Anything above those will incur a penalty from the airline. If the weight is a factor for you, please ask us to let you know what restrictions will apply to your flights.

Travel documents and more
Upon your arrival in India (if you are already in India when we start our services, then this will happen when we first meet you), you will receive all your domestic travel and hotel documents. There is a welcome package that includes copies of your itinerary, this General Travel Guide, and your Contact List, among other things. The Contact List and General Travel Guide will also have been e-mailed to you well before your arrival in India.