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Festivals in India

Highest Recommended Festivals (Besides ETI standard tour availability) Name of Festival/Fair Festival Day/Dates Place
    2014 2015  
1 Nehru Trophy Boat Race 9 Aug 8 Aug Backwaters, Kerala
2 Bikaner Camel Festival 15-16 Jan 4 - 5 Jan Bikaner, Rajasthan
3 Chennai Dance & Music Festival 1st Jan to 7th Jan 2014 15th Dec 2014 to 15th Jan 2015 Chennai, Tamil Nadu
4 Desert Festival 12-14 Feb 1 - 3 Feb Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
5 Elephant Festival 16 March 5 March Jaipur, Rajasthan
6 Float Festival 15 Jan 15 Jan Madurai, Tamil Nadu
7 Khajuraho Dance Festival 1-7 Feb 20 - 26 Feb Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
8 Nagaur Cattle Fair 6-9 Feb 26 - 29 Jan Nagaur, Rajasthan
9 Rathyatra – Puri 29 June 18 July Puri, Orissa
10 Thrissur Pooram 9 May 28 April Trichur, Kerala
11 Teej Festival 30-31 Jul 17 Aug Jaipur, Rajasthan
12 Taj Mahotsava 18-27 Feb 18-27 Feb Agra, Uttar Pradesh
13 Holi Festival 17 March 6 March North India

There are countless fairs, celebrations and festivals in India each year and travelers planning a trip to India often have a difficult time deciding which festivals in India they should experience. All the major festivals of India are spectacular in their own right, but some are better to include on your tour of India.

Easy Tours of India has selected the best fairs, celebrations and festivals in India for travelers. These are the highest recommended festivals of India for tourists based not just on popularity but also on the cultural experience provided, timing, accessibility, safety, cost and other factors.

Festivals in India are known for their fascinating colors, pageantry, and ancient rituals. Visiting one of the many festivals of India adds to your vacation in India. Easy Tours of India allows you to experience your choice of the culturally rich festivals of India by adding an extension to a tour itinerary or by scheduling your tour of India around a festival date and location.