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Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb

The tomb of a 16th century sufi, Ghaus Muhammad, lures tourists with its exceptional beauty. An Afghan prince turned sufi, it was Gaous Mohammed who helped Babur to win the Gwalior fort. It is amazing to see that the tomb of a sufi becomes a famous pilgrimage center of both Muslims and Hindus. The mausoleum of Ghaus Mohammad exhibits typical Mughal architecture, its hexagonal pillars and pierced-stone screens are simply marvelous.

The earliest freedom fighters, Tatya Tope and the indomitable Rani of Jhansi, are commemorated in memorials in Gwalior. There are cenotaphs at major public crossings, and memorials to Scindia kings and queens. Throughout the city, there are these reminders of a proud past, of the great men and women of Gwalior who have their place in the nation's roll of honor.




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