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Ghaus Mohammed's Tomb


What :

Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb enshrines one of the Mughal Empire’s most influential teachers.

An erudite 16th century Sufi Muslim, Ghaus Mohammed was a tutor for Mughal Emperor Humayun, and the famous composer Tansen.

Ghaus Mohammed’s mausoleum is a stunning example of Mughal architecture with hexagonal pillars and stone-carved lattice screens. The structure is set in a splendid Mughal garden with well-manicured lawns. The composer Tansen is buried in a similar tomb in the same compound, which hosts the annual Tansen Samaroh music festival.

When :

The tomb’s gardens are splendid during the rainy season starting in July and running through August. The best weather in the region falls between October and March. Between May and June the region experiences its highest temperatures.

Each year between November and December, the tomb complex hosts a four day music festival, Tansen Samaroh, celebrating the impact of Tansen’s music on Indian culture.

Where :

Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb is centrally located in Gwalior city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The tomb compound can easily be reached by private vehicle while sightseeing in Gwalior on one of our luxury tours of India.

Who :

Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb is a stunning work of Mughal architecture that we consider a “must-see” for guests exploring Gwalior’s historic monuments and unique culture with us.

Appropriate Attire :

While visiting Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb it’s best to cover shoulders, arms, and knees as a sign of respect.

Guest Reviews :

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  Cynthia and AJ Carter
March 2014
Arpita, this is to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to India which was due in a large part to your company and wonderful staff that showed us your country. I truly appreciated your flexibility in accommodating us with our last minute changes. We were very impressed with the way you and your company kept in touch with us from our first inquiry until our last day in India. All I can say is it was a job well done, Thank You!!! We will gladly recommend your company to our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL
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March 2014
It was a dream come true! I really enjoyed the tour, the people I met, the incredible things I saw and the wonderful well mannered and caring people from India. I have traveled extensively, I consider myself a real gobble trotter, I have participated in a lot of tour company groups but nothing like Easy Tours of India!
I arrived sick, really sick, the medications I brought with me didn't work, I called two doctors at two different hotels, they sure made the difference! They changed my antibiotics, gave me 5 more medications including an anti-allergic one and made me feel better enough, that with some effort on my part, I was able to enjoy and finish the tour.
Ali our guide was sure a gentleman... WOW! he has so much patience he could be a teacher! the gentleman driver was so pleasant and caring, especially when he noticed I was feeling so bad.
I am already planning to go back to visit South India and this time I do not plan to be sick at all.
I love India!
Specially the hotel in MUMBAI, they were the best, they took care of me really well, gave me an upgrade of a beautiful room, let me check out at 8pm and gave me free internet access. They were so and so sweet caring and nice I felt my heart broken when I said goodbye...
Chandni always called concerned about my health, thanks CHANDNI!
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