Photo Gallery

Golden Jubilee Museum

Ganga Mahal, the imposing halls of Junagarh Fort added by Maharaja Ganga Singh, now houses the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum. It contains a fine collection of antique Rajput weaponry, jade handle daggers, camel hide dhals (shields) and inlaid handguns and camel guns. Photographs and items of personal use by Maharaja Ganga Singh are also on view. The museum has one of the finest collections of early terracotta art in the country. These belong to the early Gupta period and were discovered in 1017. The Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum has a fine collection of superb lacquered works, a craft special to Bikaner entirely done by the artisans on wood, metal, glass, stone, leather and ostrich egg shells. A teak wood table and a wooden casket, a model of the Gajner Palace, a typical Ikka (horse drawn cart) and miniature chariots are also on view in the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum.


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