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If the quote says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

  Ms Suzanne Olbricht / Mr. Michael Harrist / Ms. Anushka Peres / Ms. Ariel Harrist.
Dec 08 – Jan 09.

We've been back more than a month and I have meant to write you a follow-up letter. Our trip was very well organized and for the most part exactly what we expected.  I have recommended Easy Tours to several people since returning.

Our favorite guide was in Varanasi.  He is very very good. Our favorite driver was who picked us up in Agra and stayed with us through Jaipur. He made us feel safe and allowed us to be curious instead of on guard. His vehicle was exceptionally well appointed and clean. We are very glad we spent extra time in Ranthambore. The agent there took exceptional care of us

My kids loved the facilitator from the Delhi office and his smiles. They were hoping he would meet the plane from Jaipur and were happy to see him.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Don Carpenter.
Dec 08 – Jan 09.
We arrived back in the US today, but I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in India.  It exceeded our expectations.  The accommodations were very comfortable and all the personnel were very attentive. The guides were excellent and we learned much more than we could have unattended. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Vern Lewis.
Dec 08 – Jan 09.

We were on the 10-day tour from Delhi on Dec 25th, and enjoyed it very much.  We particularly want to comment on our tour director. He was extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to the needs of the group of ten tourists.  Good sense of humor, just a real fine gentleman. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL.

  Ms. Alice Isaacson.
Dec 08.
We returned this past weekend from our trip to India and Nepal and wanted to give you a brief observation of our experience. We were extremely and pleasantly surprised by the people in your organization who met us every place, drove us each time and provided guide service to us in each location. Although we had a few complications due only to weather, we felt we were treated very well by everyone involved in making our experience one we will never forget. It was especially wonderful to have each of the guides take special effort with our 14 year old grandson. This was certainly a trip of a lifetime for us and we thank each and every one for their responses to our questions and prompt reply when called upon. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Sharon Kutok.
Nov – Dec 08.

Our trip to India surpassed our expectations in every way. We especially were impressed with our drivers and guides. In particular our guide for seven days on the Path of Buddha. He was personable, professional and informative. Furthermore, he demonstrated strong customer service skills for one so young. When we had one unfortunate situation at one of our hotels, he handled the situation immediately and to our satisfaction. Basically, the Delhi office took care of the situation and we were put into another hotel. Surely, having offices in India are of the most importance! Overall, our hotel accommodations were excellent and beyond our expectations. The service at each location was superb. It was a pleasure to have someone meet us and transport us to our hotels and back to the airport. It made thing so much easier. We ate at your recommended restaurants and Byron truly enjoyed the fine cuisine! We have many happy memories and a beautiful video from our trip. Thank you for planning such a perfect trip, it was so precisely planned and coordinated. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Joan Rosenbaum.
Nov 08.
We had a wonderful trip to India.   Easy Tours made it “easy” for us. Everyone contact person was prompt and friendly and was concerned that we had a pleasant experience. Your organization was top notch. The accommodations were excellent and we could not have asked for more. We are happy to recommend Easy Tours to our friends. Our guide was excellent! He was so full of information and his explanations were so easy to understand. He seemed to know everything! Every one of us felt that he made our trip outstanding. He is a wonderful teacher and guide. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL.

  Mr. Garry Kimball.
Nov 08.

My family and I just returned from a wonderful tour of India and would like to express our thanks. The trip was very well planned and coordinated. Our guide was truly a gift from heaven and you have every reason to be proud of his service. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms Meera Hameed.
Oct – Nov 08.
“I am writing this to thank you for the wonderful trip we had In October. Easy tours took care of us extremely well. My friends (Drs. Aisner and Benevenia) enjoyed it very much.” REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Sarah Porterfield.
Oct – Nov 08.

I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to take your 21-day "First Visit" tour from October 23rd to November 12th of this year and am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the high quality of your tour. In particular, I would like to point out:

The well designed itinerary. The tour included a variety of experiences including exquisite architecture, nature and wildlife, visits to private homes in Jaipur and Cochin, rides in rickshaws, on elephants and camels and a dreamy houseboat trip in Kerala, beautiful and fascinating craft demonstrations and shopping opportunities. The Kathakali dance demonstration and pre-performance make-up session were amazing!  Pacing during the trip was thoughtfully arranged so that I always felt agreeably occupied, but never too tired to enjoy the wonderful experiences on offer. 

The high quality of guides and drivers. I especially remember our guide in the Golden Triangle, who responded to all our requests and made sure we were always comfortable and well taken care of; his was the most challenging guide job, spanning several days in different locations with different modes of transport. What is more, he demonstrated an unmatched quality of perspective on matters of Indian history, culture and religion that contributed greatly to my understanding and enjoyment of this trip. Guide in Mumbai was another star, gracious and accommodating, knowledgeable, competent and kind to me and the elderly woman with me. Guide in Cochin was a marvelous teacher as well as guide. Not only did he provide wonderful information and insights, but he also gave me quizzes to make sure I would remember, thank you! The drivers were uniformly excellent, in a role essential to the successful completion of the itinerary and, needless to say, to the relaxation of the passengers.

The support Easy Tours provided at the airports, especially upon first arrival in Delhi and for the first in-country flights. Easy Tours staff managed my bags, kept me calm and cheerful and got me onto the plane in good time, every time.

Easy Tours’s policy of honoring its commitments. No other tour operator I know of would have continued a trip with only one or two people signed up.  In addition, my hotel in Delhi was upgraded at no charge to me at the start of the trip. This has been the trip of a lifetime for me, and Easy Tours was central to its success. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL.

  Ms. Seena Aisner.
Oct – Nov 08.
I just wanted to let you know that our trip to India was marvelous. It was more amazing that I could ever imagine. The guides were great and the services were wonderful. You guys did a great job. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Robert Brim.
Oct 08.

I just wanted to let someone know that I had a great time on the tour you arranged for me. Our guide was fantastic. I enjoyed our talks and his knowledge of the history and even current situation was terrific. I will recommend your company to anyone that wants to see India and I will definitely return. Thanks again for a great trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL.

  Mr. Thomas Ryan.
Oct 08.
I wanted to follow up with you regarding our trip and our experience with Easy Tours. I want to compliment everyone we came in contact with. Everyone in your organization was very professional and very prompt. They showed great concern for us and all the details of our trip. Ger and I were very impressed and have recommended your company to friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Jim Shirley.
Oct 08.

I wanted to let you know my wife and I were very pleased with our tour arrangements, thank you for all your help. Everyone assigned were very helpful and knowledgeable! We enjoyed our trip! REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Robert Berg.
Oct 08.
My spouse and I are truly grateful to you and your colleagues for arranging a splendid trip. It would take a long time to list all that was right with the trip, but surely the careful itinerary, an excellent guide for most of the trip, and great care to our well being and to having fun all counted highly with us. So a big Congratulations and an even bigger Sincere Thank You. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL.

  Mr. Peter Swain.
Sep – Oct 08.

I'm writing to let you know how very pleased my family and I were with all aspects of the tour you arranged for us to Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, and Jaipur.

First, the East Tours representatives who met us in each of the locations were helpful, cordial, and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Everything was extremely well organized and the arrangements ran like clockwork. I should mention that, in Jaipur, it was our wedding anniversary and, during the evening presented us with flowers and a cake. It was a most thoughtful gesture and we were very touched.

The guides employed by Easy Tours were all extremely knowledgeable and personable. They really looked after us well and it was clear that they enjoyed what they were doing and were able to convey the enthusiasm they had for the topics they were relating. Last, but by no means least, the drivers were outstanding. Always cheerful and on time, they did an excellent job of navigating from place to easy task on some of the roads.

In short, our visit to India was an extremely enjoyable and memorable one thanks, in no small measure, to the employees of Easy Tours of India. From start to finish, we were delighted with the level of service and attention. Needless to say, we are recommending Easy Tours to our friends and will certainly travel with you again if, as we hope, we return to India in the future. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Lynn McGregor.
Sep – Oct 08.
I am now back in Toronto after a wonderful and fascinating visit to India. All you staff were most accommodating throughout the tour, and my husband and I were treated very well by everyone. Thanks to all for a most memorable experience. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. Sigmund Bloom.
Jun – Jul 08.

My wife and I are having the trip of a lifetime, due in no small part to your hard work. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our guides, hotels, itineraries, and drivers. We have also greatly enjoyed your company and hospitality. We can not imagine any other way to see India! REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Leah Rudolph.
May 08.
We had an excellent time during our stay in India, thanks to your drivers and tour guides. Everyone was very kind and accommodating each step of the way. Each was a perfect gentleman and made us feel very comfortable. They gave us many hints/tips and good advice.

Our Driver became like a family member as we had him as our driver at 2 places. His pleasure upon seeing us the second time made us extremely comfortable and happy. He's very fatherly and treats his charges with a lot of genuine affection. He was quite fond of quizzing us to make sure we paid attention. And it's rare to find a young man so open and with such high ideals. He's wise beyond his years and very sentimental, sharing much about his own culture and background with us, something casual visitors rarely get a chance to learn.

All your Easy Tour people were prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. We appreciate them being able to work out adjustments to our trip when necessary. All in all I would say with confidence we got our monies worth and would highly recommend your company to other US travelers. We could not have seen or done what we did in such a short period of time without the help of your gracious employees. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Kitty Heller.
March 08.

Our three week trip to India in March, 2008 was fascinating and superbly organized by Easy Tours of India. We had wonderful drivers and guides and we became aware of how clearly they explained the history and culture to us when we overheard other groups and individuals struggling to understand their guides.

I gather that logistics in India are difficult to arrange and having offices in India really makes a difference when there is a problem such as, in my case, luggage lost by the airline. I would unequivocally recommend this company to my friends and I love the fact that I can talk to someone on a toll-free line rather than do the planning strictly by email. All of their recommendations about length of stays in different cities and about why we should fly to Kochi for a few days were totally correct and we were very grateful for their knowledge of what we should see. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Irene B.
March 08.
I would like to say that it truly was an outstanding trip and adventure, with a sense for the two of us to have a much deeper appreciation of the history, religions, art, cultures and even climates, for the parts we saw. The planning on your part was very good.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Dr. Harold & Ms. Suzanne M.
February – March 08.

2ND TRIP WITH Easy Tours. I wish to highly commend your organization for their exemplary efforts in making our recent trip to India even more enjoyable (if that can be believed) than the one we took last year. The Easy Tours staff was most attentive, always ready to facilitate and assist in all of the many transfers and varied tours...these operations could not have been any smoother.

The Easy Tours guides were fluent in English, well experienced and knowledgeable, and quick to help whenever called upon to do so, and in whichever way they could do so. My wife and I look forward to a possible third trip to India in the future, guided and facilitated by Easy Tours. Thank you again for providing such exemplary service and remarkable experiences. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Dr. Edward & Ms. Carolyn G.
February – March 08.
The trip to India was Fantastic!! Your staff, guides & drivers were incredible. The sights & hotels were marvelous. We learned a lot about your country & really enjoyed the people. They were the friendliest we have encountered. Many thanks for a great trip. Again it was an outstanding trip & Easy Tours was superb with the utmost in professionalism. Your staff made travel easy & most enjoyable. We will pass your name to our friends without hesitation. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Dr. Errol & Ms. Eveline B.
February – March 08.

Errol and I returned from our trip to India on Tuesday. It was fantastic and memorable. I would say it was one of the most exciting, exhilarating and colorful trips we have ever taken. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Laura and Mr. Jim G.
February – March 08.
2ND TRIP WITH Easy Tours. We want to thank you for another great trip to India – this time including Nepal and Bhutan! We appreciated the fine service provided by your guides and representatives everywhere we traveled. Everything considered, we had an outstanding trip: The visits to Kathmandu and especially Bhutan exceeded our expectations. Your service lived up to the excellent level we enjoyed during last year’s Easy Tours tour. We thank you again for all the arrangements you made on our behalf and all the services you provided.  We will continue to highly recommend Easy Tours of India to our friends. Best regards. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Ms. Judith & Mr. Michael B.
February 08.

We thought the trip was spectacular. It was very well planned and we received excellent treatment throughout. Almost all the guides/drivers/facilitators were excellent. The facilitators were all very helpful. All of the hotels were very, very good. All of the flights, as mentioned, went very smoothly. Bottom line, an extraordinary trip. We thank you and all of your support people at Easy Tours for planning and organizing it so well and for making certain that we were well supported and cared for all the way through. As a result, we consider it to be the most interesting trip we have ever taken. Best regards. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM TRAVEL.

  Mr. David & Ms. Michelle M.
February 08.
My wife Michelle and I returned recently from our 14-day tour of India (Jan. 21-Feb. 4), and I wanted to give you some feedback. We had signed up for the 'Deluxe' level, the least expensive of the three levels you offered.


we were met efficiently upon arrival at airports, and our guide guided us smoothly on to and off the express train from Delhi to Agra. Helpers, drivers and guides appeared on schedule, and were extremely helpful. Compared to most drivers, ours were a model of safety. Airport security can be a hassle, especially in the international terminal at Delhi - but your folks helped us directly or, if they couldn't get into the terminals (a common security problem) somehow arranged for porters inside to help us.

Sights and Activities:
The touring was outstanding, including your effort to ensure that the group traveled on an elephant, horse-drawn cart, and bicycle rickshaw - and of course the kettuvallam houseboat. The tours themselves were excellent.

Michelle and I had __ (in North India). __ was outstanding: good English, good command of history, an obviously-observant Hindu so we could learn something about that complex religion. Our guide __ in Mumbai was good humored and informative. Michelle and I thought our last guide, __ was the best of our guides: his English is superb, his knowledge of anthropology, history, religion and culture was truly impressive, and his general demeanor extremely appealing.

Overall, we had a most wonderful trip, and will recommend Easy Tours most highly to others. I am convinced that Michelle and I could not on our own have done that 2-week itinerary, seeing all those places and staying in those hotels and flying in-country, for the cost of the Easy Tours trip. Congratulations on doing a great job!  Warmly, David and Michelle. Reference Available. 14 DAY FIRST SMALL GROUP VISIT.

  Ms. Susan & Mr. Lester G.
February 08.

Guides and Drivers were excellent. Itinerary was excellent. Hotels, flights, & transportation (including Airport - hotel transfers) were satisfactory. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Mary Ann L.
February 08.
We had a wonderful trip. The folks representing Easytours were very helpful and accommodating. The guides were good to great. The hotels were fine. The itinerary worked well. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Paul & Ms. Mary Beth S.
January 08.

Mary Beth and I would like to express our sincere thank you to you and your staff for a most memorable trip to northern India. Every staff member that we met was courteous, competent, and personable, and helped us to enjoy our tour. The format you have developed for customized tours is truly the way to see India.

We would also like to acknowledge our appreciation for our Tour Director. His communication skills, knowledge, attentiveness to our needs, and personality, added to the enjoyment of our tour. Please extend our appreciation to your staff. We look forward to the possibility of joining Easy Tours on a future trip to India. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Jim R. & Mr. Michael R.
January 08.
We want to express our appreciation to all of the Easy Tours' representatives and agents, and to all of the guides and drivers, who helped make our just-completed visit to India so very interesting and enjoyable. We found the monuments quite splendid, and the Indian culture very different, very exotic and very rich in history and the arts. Easy Tours' services were timely, friendly and efficient and made our travel quite comfortable. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Arthur M. & Ms. Eugenie H.
December 07.

We had a marvelous trip and can say that Easy Tours delivered everything as promised. The guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly. The greeters at each location made us feel well-cared-for and were very efficient. The Taj Mahal is beautiful beyond any photography and the elephant ride was one of the highlights of the trip. The Backwaters Cruise was a wonderful rest from touring and provided a luxurious treat...sort of like The African Queen without the dangers.

All-in-all, it was the trip of a lifetime, and we have been all over the world both on tour and by ourselves. Your people, like most of the Indians we met are very gentle, caring and very hard-working. We Americans are not accustomed to such customer-care. Our compliments to you and your staff. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Cheryl P. & Ms. Vickey B.
November – December 07.
I finally have a minute to stop and tell you what a wonderful time Vickey and I had on our trip to India in November-Dec. 2007. The Taj Mahal was truly beautiful and seeing it in the moonlight was magical. The whole trip that you put together for us was done very well, the hotels were beautiful, and the guides were prompt, pleasant and knowledgeable. All our connections went smoothly and I think we used every transportation available in India.  We were even lucky enough to be upgraded to First Class on one of the flights and to a suite at one of the hotels. So, that was a pleasant and unexpected bonus. Again, we want to thank you and your staff for planning our trip. Everyone was so pleasant to deal with, I was so impressed. Take Care and Thank you so much Reference Available. FIRST VISIT.

  Mr. Steve & Ms. Terri M.
October – November 07.

We are home from one of our most memorable trips we have ever taken. We thank you for making this trip so wonderful and smooth.

We were met at every arrival on time no matter what time of the morning or night it was. Your people were happy and proud to work for your company and showed us courtesy and respect. The guides you selected for us were extremely knowledgeable and fun to be with. Each of them went above and beyond their normal duties to be helpful and to make sure we were more than satisfied with their services. The hotels and the locations of the hotels you picked for us were perfect for each city we visited.  The vehicles we used were better than any others we saw on the road.

You can certainly be proud of the way you presented your country and people to us. Thank you again for making this one of the most interesting and exciting trips we have ever taken. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Richard & Ms. Carla B.
October 07.
We are back home and are now digesting what we have seen and done in India. It was an amazing trip - Your choices certainly added to the richness of a first-time experience... the hotels were uniformly excellent - drivers and guides knowledgeable and very helpful.

The flights were on time; efficient... the West should take notice!!! We were impressed by your planning, scheduling. The idea to extend to Ranthambore was superb and fit what we needed after the sightseeing about... we actually saw four (!) Bengal tigers!!! Thank you, we have already recommended Easy Tours of India to two sets of friends. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Mark T.
September 07.

I wanted to write and thank you for making my 50th birthday and first trip to India so fantastic. Friends and family ask me 'what was the highlight', and I can only answer 'everything'. I would not change a thing except to stay longer. The value for money was outstanding, your guides and drivers were such great people, I loved spending time with them all. I took over 700 pictures, and could see my friends eyes glaze over when I told them the number. On showing them 'highlights', everyone has asked to see the entire collection. Once again, Thank you. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Terri & Mr. Roger T.
August 07.
I want to tell you what a wonderful time we had in India!  Everything about our experience was perfect. All of the office personnel in every city was on-the-spot efficient. They made sure we were taken care of:  our boarding passes procured, our luggage checked--and when we arrived, they were always there on time and ready to make sure we got to our hotel in good order.

Every one of our guides was extremely knowledgeable. I was very impressed, without exception, with the quality of the guides we had. We have visited China, and some guides were better than others. Not so with Easy Tours of India--every guide knew the history of the site and was relaxed and very personable with us. Likewise the drivers. Without fail, our drivers were simply amazing. We owe them a real debt of gratitude;

You have amassed a cadre of exceptional people to make this experience the trip of a lifetime for us. Now that we are back in the states, we are telling our friends all about our wonderful experience with Easy Tours Of India. Thank you for making a dream of a lifetime a reality. We are your best advertisement! Reference Available. VISIT.

  Ms. Carol & Mr. Jim Z.
June 07.

"Jim & I were referred to your company and had been told to expect great service and hotels. Easy Tours of India still managed to surprise & impress us. The guides and other people that assisted us all exceeded our expectations and the hotels were among the best that we have seen anywhere in the world. We have traveled abroad at least twice a year for more then a decade and have never had an experience that matches what you put together. What can I say except 'thank you' & prepare for more referrals!" Reference Available. VISIT.

  Ms. Fiona & Mr. Paul L.
June 07.
"I just wanted to let you know that we had an incredible time in India, and to thank you and everyone else. Paul and I had an unforgettable experience in India, every hotel was exactly as described, we loved the flexibility when we were booking, to choose our destinations, and to upgrade to hotels of our choice in certain places, rather than having to upgrade everywhere, although as you promised, every hotel was good. I cannot thank you all enough for your willingness to work with us over itinerary choices and every suggestion was a good one. The personal attention goes along way to making it a perfect vacation." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Bert H. & family.
May – June 07.

"We had a fabulous time in India and were more than satisfied with your services. Our guides were all very knowledgeable. We are very grateful for all of the work of  your staff here. This is a vacation we will remember all of our lives. Thanks to you and your associates for all of their help." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. William S. & family.
April 07.
We wanted to thank you for the wonderful arrangements that you made for us. Truly a magnificent job by all, our many thanks. CUSTOM VISIT. 

  Ms. Heritage & Mr. Thomas C.
Mar 07.

We were impressed with the high quality and skills of both of our drivers and their comfortable cars, found the hotels to be outstanding, and enjoyed meeting the different local guides in the various locations. The opportunity to see many facets of daily Indian life fairly close up produced some of our most lasting memories of what was a superbly coordinated trip. Your airport escorts took special care to make sure we were properly cared for as we came and went. Upon rejoining our cruise ship we described our 6 days to our on-board friends who unanimously agreed we had a FAR superior experience than did those who took the official ship's tour of the same sites, and we paid far less as well! We highly recommend Easy Tours of India and will continue to do so to anyone we know who is thinking of traveling to the subcontinent. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Doug B.
Feb 07.
"I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all of your help in planning our trip to India last month. You were great pre-trip in answering all of our questions and your entire team in country was great and very helpful. Deborah and I were most impressed with the team in Agra. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about our trip. But Easy Tours of India helped make an experience that could have been completely overwhelming, and turned it into an experience that was second to none. We loved every experience on the trip, though our time in Agra and Kerala tend to shine a little brighter in our minds eye. Thank you again for your help." Reference Available. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Mr. Paul G & Ms. Lisa B.
Feb 07.

My wife and I took an extended 12 day trip to India with your company in Feb. I never got the chance to tell you how wonderful the experience was. All accommodations were wonderful and the guides pleasant and knowledgeable. The stay at coconut village and the house boat in Kerala was Great. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT + KERALA.

  Mr. Toni D.
Feb 07.
Both Jeff and I loved our trip to INDIA. Our guide was incredible, especially in answering our questions, which we had many. The drivers were fantastic, the food amazing (we’re missing the food terribly already), and the sights, sounds, and smells were unforgettable. Thank you to all who are a part of EASY TOURS OF INDIA - our trip to India was wonderful and the memories will last with us until our return back. Reference Available. 8 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Mr. Carmen R.
Feb 07.

We found your tour of India excellent. We covered a lot of India in that time and I wish we could have stayed more days in Cochin.

The hotels were perfect and the tour guides were excellent in their knowledge and companionship. We saw many parts of India and were always safe and individually cared for during our trip. The transportation was well planned for. The house boat in Cochin was the highlight of our trip. It was clean, air conditioned and the food was great. We would recommend you highly. Thanks. Reference Available. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Ms. Laura G.
Feb 07.
Jim and I want to thank you and all of your team for all the arrangements you made and the support your provided during our trip to India. Now that we've recovered somewhat from the trip and had time to look briefly at the 4,000 or so pictures we took, we can truly say it was an extraordinary trip - fascinating and interesting in every respect. We have nothing but the highest praise for Easy Tours of India, and we've been telling all our friends about your great service. Reference Available. VISIT.

  Ms. Victoria G.
Feb 07.

"I've just returned home from India. The Delhi tour and trip to Agra were great additions to my business trip. Thank you." Custom Travel.

  Ms. Marilyn & Mr. Richard G.
Jan 07.
We just got back home this morning. I wanted to write to thank you and all your staff who so graciously welcomed us and made everything run so smoothly in India. Our trip was fantastic, all arrangements exceeded our expectations. We had the very best of accommodation available wherever we went some hotels were the equivalent of 7 stars. All staff were welcoming and went out of their way to provide every assistance especially helpful in airport arrangements. Managers were on call to resolve any issues like items left behind. Simply Excellent. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Dana A (family of four).
Dec 06 – Jan 07.

What an amazing trip we had, and I am so impressed with your company. It was such a large crew of people taking care of us, and they were all great--totally reliable, friendly, helpful. The guides were terrific.

I think the pace of the trip was perfect and the order of places we visited was really well planned. You are obviously pros. Just when we were getting a little tired of forts and palaces and long days, we got to Cochin for some lovely relaxing time. Anyway, I have nothing but praise for Easy Tours Of India. Thank you again for everything. Reference Available. VISIT.

  Ms. Deirdre & Mr. Ben F (Two families of eight total).
Dec 06 – Jan 07.
Your personal attentive service from the day I found you on the internet till my return back to the US was an absolute pleasure. I really admire the manner you orchestrated this amazing 21 day trip  to India especially when our trip to the game park was abruptly cancelled less then 48 hours before our flight to Ranthambore, due to government involvement. Your recommendation to detour to Udaipur was outstanding. Every hotel you picked was exquisite and as luxurious as you described. Your tour guides were amazing and knowledgeable. Your local reps were always the first person we saw upon our arrival at 6 domestic airports. Congratulations on a job well done. We look forward to another amazing adventure in a few years. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Alan R (family of four).
Dec 06 – Jan 07.

"Just a bit of feedback to let you know how our trip to India and Nepal went.  It was great!  We had a wonderful time. Easy Tours of India did a wonderful job.......everything was handled exactly as promised........your people were very prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. All of our drivers, escorts, assistants and guides did a fantastic job.  All-in-all, we had a wonderful time. Thank you." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Anna Marie C.
Dec 06 – Jan 07.
Well, we are back from our wonderful trip and I wanted to write and tell you what an amazing time we had. Thanks so much for helping us plan everything.  Our Tour Director is an excellent guide, we could not have asked for a better guide for our trip. The drivers in Delhi and Jaipur were especially good and the guide in Khajuraho as well as the manager/coordinator at Ranthambore were exceptional

The hotels overall were great and we were blown away by one. You did a great job planning the itinerary, as every city/location was terrific and we wouldn’t have liked to miss anything. The shopping was great everywhere, also, and we ended up spending much more on souvenirs than expected! Overall, the trip was wonderful and amazing and we are so glad we used Easy Tours of India to put it together for us. Thank you! I can’t emphasize enough how much we enjoyed our tour of India and we’d definitely like to return (and plan to use your company in the future). We are also available as a reference, so feel free to pass my contact information to future clients.  Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Christine B.
Feb 07.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and all the special people at Easy Tours of India for making my trip to India one that I will always remember. As a single, American women traveling alone, you and your staff made sure that I felt safe and secure every step of the way, which I did! Your staff on ground in India made me feel safer than I do in Los Angeles.

The hotels, guides and driver that you assigned to me exceeded all of my expectations. My driver was exceptional—he is the best driver in India! His gentle manner, unshakable patience, and excellent driving skills made it an absolute pleasure to drive with him for hours while touring Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

I look forward to the day when I call you to help me plan my next visit to India. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Alfena & Mr. Allan N.
Dec 06.
Thank you for providing Allan and me a wonderful tour of India last month! our trip was beyond expectations!    We have made many other trips to all parts of the world, but our trip with you  was unsurpassed. The accommodations were superb, the transportation was comfortable and the scheduling of the trip was well thought out and made for an exciting smooth adventure. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that wishes to go to India. Thank you for an excellent adventure and if we choose to return to India, you will definitely be our source. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Judy B. & Mr. Paul D.
Oct – Nov 06.
This was the best trip of our lives (and we travel frequently!). We were so fortunate to have our Tour Director
accompany us as our sole guide throughout the trip. He helped make much of the logistics seamless for us. 

We were initially nervous about booking a trip entirely on-line, but Easy Tours of India delivered exactly as promised.  All of your suggestions were right on target, and we will be delighted to book with Easy Tours of India again. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT INCLUDING PUSHKAR CAMEL FAIR.


  Ms. Cathy & Mr. John M.
Dec 06.
We just returned from our trip to India. I wanted to thank everyone involved from Easy Tours of India for helping make our trip an exceptional travel experience. Everything about your organization was first class and exceeded our expectations.

I especially wanted to commend our driver. He was always on time, showed tremendous driving skills all during our trip and made us feel like his mini-van was his home where he always gave us a warm welcome. We will certainly recommend your agency for any of our friends who are planning trips to India. Reference Available. 8 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Ms. Nimisha A.
Dec 06.
I wanted to say thank you so much for planning a wonderful trip to India for my family and me. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all of the sites, hotels and activities that were arranged for us. Our trip went very smoothly and I was quite impressed with the level of service provided by Easy Tours. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Sally B - (two families).
Dec 06.
You arranged such a wonderful trip for us and we still talk of it today and yet I never told you how great it was. The guide that you set up for us was fantastic. He was so interesting and helpful that the kids just thought he was the best person in the world (they still talk about how great he is). I was quite ambitious in the itinerary and am glad you reined me in a bit. The “Golden Triangle” of India was breath taking and kept getting more and more exciting. You would think that you had just seen the most beautiful sight in the world and then the next day there would be another amazing view, palace, temple, animal, hotel, flower, person, or celebration that would make us think again how fortunate we were to experience this trip.

Kerala was gorgeous! The boat was probably the most relaxing time the kids had and they thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great way to wind down the trip. This note would become a book if I don’t stop now. Just know that you did a fantastic job and that you have helped five kids want to learn more about India and revisit this amazing country. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. John & Ms. Karin S.
Thank you for a fantastic trip.  We are especially happy knowing that this was a last-minute arrangement during the busiest week of the year to the busiest tourist destination in India. Your service was excellent, with all details taken care of nearly seamlessly. The hosts, guides, and drivers were all very nice to have. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Cathy & Mr. Sanford R.
Dec 06.
Cathy and I thoroughly enjoyed our journey while in the care of your folk. Everything went with very little glitch. Your people were outstanding. Especially great was their work in getting BA to return our lost checked bags, which they delivered to us in Udaipur. Thanks for everything. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Sima G.
Dec 06.
Just wanted to write a note and say we enjoyed our trip very much. The hotels were nice, the guides were good too, and the airport reps were great. Traveling went smoothly and without a hitch. Reference Available. 8 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Mr. Dori C.
Nov 06.
I finally got around to write you an email on my trip to India with your company.  It was everything and more than you promised. I am very happy with all the hotels, guides and drivers. India is a fascinating country and should be on every travelers list. I am telling all my friends about your company. It was so much nicer than the trip my girlfriend took. Reference Available. VISIT.

  Ms. Cassandra C.
Oct – Nov 06.
Thank you for arranging my trip to India! I had an amazing experience and memories that I will treasure forever. The culture was fascinating, the guides acted as great liaisons, and the drivers were efficient and timely. We had the personal attention unequaled by previous traveling tours. Again, this was an incredible trip and I am glad that I got to go with Easy Tours Of India. Overall, this trip exceeded my expectations. Reference Available. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT PLUS PUSHKAR CAMEL FAIR.

  Mr. Dave & Ms. Barbara M.
Oct – Nov 06.
We want to thank you for everything that you did to make our trip to India and Nepal such a wonderful, educational and memorable  experience. As we go over our hundreds of photos and our log that we kept, we reminisce the friendly people and the marvelous sights all through the trip. We tell our friends how stress-free the trip was because we always had dependable drivers and/or guides or facilitators with us at all times. They all were on time and did efficient jobs in pointing out important facts about the people, places  and customs of the people. We learned so much and developed a deeper appreciation for these two countries. Thanks again for the well-organized and memorable trip. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Moira H. & Carl C.
Oct 06.
“Incredible India” is the motto that the tourism board is using to promote India and how true it is  What can we say?  It was an incredible trip. Every moment was filled with wonder and amazement.  In many ways, India is a  place that is a sensory overload but because of your planning and help, it was a series of experiences interspersed with calm and peace in the oasis of gorgeous hotels. Our Tour Director kept telling us each location would outdo the one before yet we did not believe, until we saw it. Easy Tours made our trip so easy. Every detail was taken care of efficiently and smoothly and it allowed us to enjoy the multiple colorful moments of experiencing India. The places we stayed were wonderful, we have now ramped up our expectations of what constitutes a luxury hotel! The itinerary was perfect although we did constantly feel we did not have enough time because there was so much to see and do. We have traveled the world and seen so much, yet nothing compares to our 8 days in India, it absolutely would not have been the same had we not left it in the capable hands of Easy Tours Of India. As you know, this trip was very important to us since we were planning on getting engaged at the Taj Mahal. Well, we did and the memories will live long in our hearts.

We also have to credit the staff in India. Every member was fabulous. Constantly checking to make sure things were going smoothly and making sure that we were completely satisfied. Thank you, thank you. Please feel free to share this letter with new clients.

A little aside, as we were on Safari, we met a couple from Pennsylvania. We were singing the praises of your company when they asked the name of the company, and then laughed, saying they also had used Easy Tours Of India also and were thrilled with their experience. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.


  Elke C.
Sep 06.
It has been one year since my husband and I returned from our Golden Triangle tour and we are still encouraging friends and family to travel to India with you.  All your staff was extremely helpful along the way. We had a wonderful trip and were glad to have traveled before the start of the tourist season - We had not anticipated such personalized attention.

The sunny days and moderate temperatures throughout our stay were most welcome. The accommodations where we stayed in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur were remarkable and the staff was extraordinarily attentive to us during our stay.  We have never seen such warm hospitality. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Jan H.
Sep 06.
We had a wonderful, educational trip to India! Our tours of Delhi and Agra were outstanding. Our guide and driver were great. Ron's trip to Mysore and the Kabini River Lodge were fantastic. Thank you! I will certainly recommend Easy Tours of India to my co-workers, since many of them will travel to Bangalore in the coming months. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Adriana B.
Aug 06.
I've just returned from Delhi and wanted to thank you very much for accommodating the addition of my friend to the tour you had planned for me. I appreciate all the efforts and extra work undertaken by you and the other staff in India in order to accommodate our request. 

I very much enjoyed all of my time during the tour and would like to commend all of the staff and the guides for the excellent service they provided which made my trip so memorable and enjoyable. Let me also again express my appreciation to everyone at Easy Tours of India for your efforts. Should I have the opportunity to return to India I'll certainly remember to contact you. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Maren D.
June 06.
Just wanted to let you know that we had a great trip!! Hotels, transport, guides and drivers were excellent. Our time in the Golden Triangle couldn't have been better.
Keep up the good work! India is a wonderful country and fabulous experience. Easy Tours made it also an easy experience. You are aptly named. Reference Available. GOLDEN TRIANGLE VISIT.

  Vance J.
May 06.
I am writing  to thank you for the marvelous trip you arranged for us. It was more than we expected. We modified it, but that was only because we were exhausted and wanted to spend more time with our friends from the Peace Corps days 40 years ago.

Locating them was a miracle, more than we had hoped for. You get some thanks for that, too. Our friends were tracked down by the driver we had in Karnataka. He, by the way, was one of the best things in our trip. 

The accommodations were great, with only one exception, and that was the for which I had overruled your choice for one that was a little less expensive. In the event you were right and I was wrong.

All in all it was the experience of a lifetime! We can never thank you enough. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Betty K.
May 06.
I want to thank you for the wonderful arrangements you made for us for our tour of India. I have been all over the world and without a doubt this was the best and most interesting tour I have ever taken.

I feel so lucky that I found you on the net. All the guides and drivers were extremely polite, helpful, and made our visit most pleasant.

Again, I think I have been ruined for bus tours and will probably have to look for private tours after being totally spoiled by your caring guides and drivers.

So - thanks again for everything. Well planned and executed in great style. Reference available. 5 DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE VISIT.

  Ms. Michelle M.
May 06.
It was an amazing trip. I am very glad we were able to see Varanasi as that was such a spiritual place. The Oberoi hotels were fantastic. We especially loved the tented room in Ranthambore. Our guide and driver were excellent. They took terrific care of us. We were so American and always ordering diet cokes so they put a cooler full of them in the van without us even asking. They were also extremely knowledgeable. What we saw was so diverse I can't even imagine if we would have been able to tour southern India as well. I was in awe of the sheer number of people and I found the roads quite interesting (especially on the night drive from Delhi to Jaipur). I didn't know how many different types of animals, people, carts, cars and trucks could actually use an interstate type road at once at many varying speeds. Seriously though, the beauty of all the architecture and the cities was overwhelming.

What a rich heritage. We will definitely be back in the future and we will use your services when we go. Thank you for your very professional service. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Evelyn L.
May 06.
We are back and very satisfied, happy customers. Your team did a terrific job! Everything is perfect from the arrival in the airport till the departure! The guides are very knowledgeable and praise to our driver from Agra to the day of departure for all the patience and always on time! We will encourage our friends to take the trip as we did to see your beautiful country. We are impressed! Thanks so much. Reference Available. GOLDEN TRIANGLE VISIT.

  Mr. Robert E.
May 06.
We would like to thank everyone involved in setting up our tour of Delhi and Agra. Our guide and driver were excellent. Although we only had three days we were very satisfied with the itinerary. We feel we gained a bit of knowledge about India and wished we could have stayed longer. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Carole G.
May 06.
We are back and we had a fabulous time. The Tour Facilitators, the guides and drivers were always there and took very good care of us. Thank you again for all your help in planning our trip. We would definitely like to return someday. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Tony K.
Apr – May 06.
"Susan and I had without question the best trip of our lives. Your people and especially young man named Raj in the first half of our trip was a special person. You should be congratulated on having such a fine staff. We were met and greeted as you said and our trip was a complete success. I would be happy to recommend your company to any and all I know. With Many thanks." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Michelle P.
Apr 06.
"I want to thank you for the excellent job you did coordinating our tour. We enjoyed our time in India very much thanks to your planning and the staff you have there. Everyone from the managers and guides to the drivers was absolutely top notch. It was a very hectic itinerary but everything went perfectly smooth. We were even lucky enough to go to a Hindu festival. I will say that the houseboat was the highlight of our trip, besides of course the Taj Mahal. We loved our stay on the boat and the crew was great, especially the cook. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone planning a trip to India!" Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Rebecca V.
Apr 06.
I gained from my trip everything I wanted and more – It  was simply unbelievable- The drivers were great the transitions from one city to the next were great- Each city offered a new experience and I welcomed it. The beautiful people of India welcomed me in and I was very humbled by the experience - Thank you for your help in getting the package that suited me the best of my solo sojourn-Next time I will go for longer and go to Chennai, Dharamsala, Bombay and Nepal - I will contact you again for this- Thank you for your service- Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Alicia S.
Mar – Apr 06.
We were all very happy with our trip. We were treated very well and had a great time. It certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Herb Y.
Mar – Apr 06.
"Thank you for making our tour of India so wonderful. You have all been great and have really made us appreciate the history, culture and beauty of India." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Jon K & Rachel S.
Mar 06.
"We both wanted to thank you for an amazing time and a trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The trip was absolutely amazing and it truly went off without a hitch. Your organization, planning and advice took all of the stress out of the traveling and allowed us to take full advantage of the time we spent in India. If we can serve as references or otherwise help you or Easy Tours Of India in any way, please let us know. Thank you again for all of your work and dedication." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Carolyn D & Mr. William G.
Mar 06.
We had a wonderful time in India and Nepal.  Everything went pretty much like clock-work. We felt that the entire staff was very interesting and helpful. We had an especially rewarding experience in Jaipur with our guide. I would recommend her highly.   Our guide in Delhi was also very special and very attentive as were all of our liaisons and drivers in India.  In Udaipur, apart from our spectacular accommodations, we had a lovely young man as a guide who took us to a marble business and really made our visit to that city meaningful as Bill is in a related business. We thank you for all your help in planning the trip.  Your advice was most helpful and I think we really saw what we wanted to see though I recognize it was only a small part of a very vast country.  We have already recommended you to several friends so you will probably be even busier. Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Leo R.
Feb – Mar 06.
"We would like to thank you for providing us with one of our all time favorite vacations. Your Maharajah Tour is aptly named.We were treated like royalty by our guides and hotels throughout the tour. Having traveled extensively for many years we have found few guides as competent and enjoyable as the Easy Tours Tour Director assigned to us.  He is a treasure.

Special thanks to you for putting it all together. Every time we saw an A & K tour bus or  A & K tour guide we looked to the heavens and thanked the stars that we were on your tour rather than theirs.

Again it was a wonderful trip. We cannot wait to return to India to explore other areas and look forward to your suggestions in this regard.  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference to any of your clients." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.


  Mr. Carlos C.
Mar 06.
"We are back home and delighted that we took your trip. The support was excellent, guides as we wanted, always there without being intrusive, hotels spectacular and choice of tours perfect. We thank you and I am recommending you for anyone going to India.

We learned a lot about India culture and your services greatly enhanced the experience.

Please feel free to use our comments in your web site or have potential customers e-mail me." Reference Available. GOLDEN TRIANGLE & NEPAL VISIT + CUSTOM ADDITION.

  Mr. Richard R.
Feb 06.
We had a great time. India is an amazing country. Your team in India did a great job. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thanks again, we had a great time and again your India staff did a great job." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Sesharao P.
Feb – Mar 06.
"Everything was excellent & outstanding." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Scott S.
Feb 06.
"A wonderful Tour of non stop discovery. Thank you for all your assistance during this amazing trip." - 12 DAY FIRST VISIT. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

  Ms. Elizabeth S.
Jan 06.
"I wanted to thank you for arranging our recent trip to India. It was fabulous, certainly one of the most interesting trips I have ever made and one of the most relaxing as well." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Millicent W.
Jan 06.
"I wanted you to know I had a wonderful trip. The highlight was certainly the Taj Mahal, which made me cry when I first saw it. I was very pleased with all the agents, guides, drivers and hotels. Thanks for putting together such an amazing trip." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Zohra P.
Jan 06.
"We had a wonderful trip. the trip was very well planned and we had a wonderful time. Our tour operator gave us excellent information. Thank you for the great job." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Shirley P.
Dec 2005.
"Just wanted to check in with you and tell you that Lara and I had a wonderful time in India, and the tour that you put together for us was great. We thank you very much for helping to make this a most memorable trip for us! We hope to be able to recommend you to our friends in the future." CUSTOM VISIT.

  Dr. Babu.
Oct 2005.
"We want to express our appreciation and thanks to you and Easy tours of India for arranging a memorable tour of India for us in Oct.2005.Everything was well organized. Transportation was good, accommodation was excellent. We plan to travel and explore India during our future trips and look forward to seeking your help. Thanks again for a memorable tour of India." -  9 DAY HISTORIC VISIT - REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

  Mr. Ian M.
Oct 2005.
"This was the best coordinated tour I've ever been on. We travel 2 to 3 times a year, and plan to go back to India and Nepal again with ETOI." -  8 DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE & KATHMANDU VISIT.

  Ms. Beth S.
Oct 2005.

"You took very good care of me. Thanks." - CUSTOM VISIT. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

  Ms. Linda M.
Sep 2005.
"I'm so happy that I choose Easy Tour for my travels. My friends went just before our trip and didn't enjoy themselves like we did at all. They thought they got a good deal, but told me that they had to pay for everything themselves, and there hotels were not clean. Our trip was the opposite. Thank you, Easy Tour of India."  17 DAY FIRST VISIT IN INDIA & CUSTOM TIBET & NEPAL TOURS.

  Mr. Hugh C.
Sep 2005.
"Congratulations, sunil. great service. I will recommend you to anyone traveling to Asia." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mrs. Madhuri S.
Aug 2005.
"My family missed our flights, and Easy tours of India managed to take care of things. we didn't miss our tours. Nice service." CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Arnold S.
July 2005.
"I'm not easy to impress, but Easy Tours Of India managed to do just that. Sunil was very knowledgeable, and helped us create a plan that was perfect." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. 17 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Ms. Banh Y.
Mar 2005.
"This is the best tour we have ever seen. We have been around the world twice, and this was the best service we have had" 17 DAY FIRST VISIT & CUSTOM TOUR.

  Mr. & Mrs. Savita P.
Mar 2005.
"Very good value and Sunil came up with some original ideas."  REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Ms. Annabel C.
Feb 2005.
"Thank you Easy tours of India. Great work." CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. & Mrs. Sam S.
Feb 2005.
"We were at dinner with a family at the Oberoi hotel near Taj Mahal, and found out that they were paying almost double what we were for the same hotels. Good service at a great price. Priscilla was very helpful and understanding with our constant questions." 7 DAY FIRST VISIT.

  Mr. David M.
Dec 2004.
"My wife and I will go to India again soon because we enjoyed our first trip, and we will not talk to anyone but Sunil at Easy Tours." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT.

  Mr. Bruce C.
Nov 2004.
"Definitely the best tour we have taken. We went to India as part of a vacation to China also. I wish the Chinese agent had done half as good a job." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT & CUSTOM VISIT.
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  Recommend Magazine - March 2008 Issue (Leading US publication for Travel Agents):

Easy Tours of India has offices in Austin, TX, and plans to expand to Florida, a location from which much interest in India stems, Easy Tours of India has eight offices in India servicing clients on the ground and attending to all requests that come over the lines from Austin. The company offers tours of India only and was started by an India-born American who was passionate about traveling in the country of his birth.

“I started this company as a traveler who knew what I wanted out of a trip to India and knew what I was not getting,” says Sunil Trehan, president.

Although it started as a web-based concern selling high-ticket tours to upscale travelers, the decision to open an office in Austin was one that was made as business sky-rocketed and the company entered a new phase of its business plan—to become a partner to travel agents.

With that, new tech systems were installed that would allow agents to build their own tours and brand them for themselves with turnkey pages that could be personalized and sent through their own databases. Tours include camel safaris, culinary tours and other not so cookie-cutter approaches to the subcontinent. At the same time, once a client is listed as the client of a certain agent or agency, commissions will forever be returned to that source, even if that client tries to work with Easy Tours directly.

“Because we only book India, we know India and we do the extra work involved to make sure the experience is not the same thing that companies have been selling for the last 30 years,” says Trehan. “That means, if we are booking a client into the Oberoi Amarvilas at Agra or the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, we know that for a nominal amount you can have a balcony view room of the Taj or an amazing view of the lake instead of a view of a parking lot or interior garden. When you are paying $600 a night for a room you have come so far to experience, a little extra effort and another $50 or $100 is not a lot to manage. Yet, so few companies offer these advantages and just book clients into the lowest rate rooms. And then there are other details—like travel time. When you have so much to do and see in a country you want to spend as little time as possible on a train or a bus. We fly all our guests to the closest ports and make sure they spend their day seeing India, not seeing it from a window. It may be more costly for us but it is the way our clients prefer to travel when time is key.”

The most popular tour is the 21-day First Visit tour that hits 10 destinations inside India and adds time for wildlife viewing. It takes in the royal palace sites of Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra as well as the holy centers of Varanasi and Aurangabad, the metropolises of Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi, and the sleepy South India backwater of Cochin using 40-minute air flights to move between most points. This tour runs from $4,290 to $9,990 pp dbl plus international and domestic airfare, depending on time of year and class of hotel.

  Mr. Al Martinez (3 time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, travel writer and author).
December 2007.  
Out of a lifetime of travel, both as a tourist and a journalist, I found India the best of all worlds. Its history is deep, its people lovely, its accommodations special and its scenery compelling. I recommend India to all, and Easy Tours of India as the best way to see and enjoy this marvelous country.
Easy Tours of India offers a nine-day tour of Southern India. The nine-day southern tour starts in Mumbai before heading further south to Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Goa. All Easy Tours of India packages include guided tours of the areas. Accommodations for the deluxe level are in four-star hotels. Some tours have pre-determined departure times but other tours are scheduled around your desired trip dates. Other Easy Tours of India include a trip focusing on "Cuisines of India" and trips designed for first time travelers to India hitting the major sites in Central India such as the Taj Mahal and the Ganges River in the city of Varanasi.

If you want to plan your own tour of India, an Easy Tours of India representative can help you plan a trip specializing in spiritual sites, historical sites or wildlife. They can also arrange a tour of India's business sites with introductions to Indian industrialists and technology executives. Bangalore has become India's version of Silicon Valley. Trips visiting some of the high-tech centers can also be arranged.

  David Molyneaux - Travel Editor - The Plains Dealer, Cleveland.
Feb. 2006.
For reliability and honesty, I would book guides through one of the travel agencies listed in the Booking section.
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