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Guindy National Park

Guindy National Park is one of the smallest national parks in India, and one of the few to be found in a metro area. The park is an addition of the grounds neighboring the official house of the governors of Tamil Nadu. Guindy National Park, a refuge for endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna, has a captivating charm. The park is home to many varieties of antelope, including the rare Indian Antelope- the black buck. Guindy National Park also has an amazing variety of birds. There are about 37 varieties of them, including blue-faced malkoha, koels, shrikes, doves, munias, minivets, barkets, king fisher, golden-backed woodpecker, blue jay, yellow wattled lapwing, crow pheasant, red drongos, robins, quails, parakeets, and tailor birds. Guindy National Park also flaunts lush natural foliage, a real treat amid the steel and glass business powerhouses of Chennai. The park is an oasis of idyllic green dotted with glittering pools. The sanctuary houses almost 24 varieties of shrubs and trees. Huge banyan trees, which are almost centuries old, are an impressive attraction.