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What :

The city of Gwalior has a rich and proud history that draws travelers on luxury tours of India to see its ancient palaces, forts, and temples.

Atop a hill west of the city’s center, Fort Gwalior has stood watch over central India since the 8th century, and houses structures spanning multiple eras inside its sandstone walls.

Carved directly into the hillside that supports the fort, a series of Jain stone carvings have watched over the town and the path leading to the fort for nearly six centuries. These silent and exquisitely carved figures lie in hollowed out sections of the sandstone hill, and are a striking memory for guests on tours of India.

The annual TansenSangeetSamaroh Music Festival draws artists and music lovers from across the globe to honor India’s legendary court singer Tansen, a revered performer from the Moghul era, for several days every December.

When :

The heaviest rains come to Gwalior towards the end of June and they recede in mid-September, which makes bookings easier to obtain during these months for tours in India.

High season runs from the end of September through the spring as most travelers choose to avoid the high temperatures in June and August.

Where :

Well connected by modern roads, Gwalior is easily accessed by private car services using the modern, limited access interstates of India’s National Express Highway in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

Who :

A wealth of cultural, spiritual, architectural, and outdoor activities draws an increasing number of tourists to the centrally located town. The diverse excursions and sights available for travelers on India tours make Gwalior a hot destination on many itineraries.

Appropriate Attire :

Visitors should dress appropriately for the day’s activities and weather (winter temperatures can be chilly), but should your itinerary bring you to any of the city’s holy sites, covering your shoulders, arms, and legs in deference to religious modesty is recommended.

Sights in Gwalior :

Guest Reviews about Gwalior Tour :

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  Hugh and Nancy Menke
March 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of India, primarily because our Tour Director was always so vigilant and kind. He tried his best to make us happy and comfortable, sometimes, under challenging conditions, e.g. crowded Varanasi and long van rides. He even rescued a carry-on bag that we left in the overhead compartment of the plane. For me (Nancy) being in Varanasi with his explanation of what we were seeing was the real highlight of my trip. India is a fascinating country. I would like to come again.
I know it sounds silly but I wish you could change the name of your tour company--it implies less than it really is. Our group came up with the name, "The Real India", which I think would capture the attention of especially, the American tourist. Bottom line, I thought the trip might be more stressful because I am older and not accustomed to too much change but it was an "easy" tour in that regard. Nevertheless, the name does not nearly tell the magnitude of the experience and how very special India is. The hotels were excellent. The rooms, service and food were all great. The pace of the tour was not too fast. We wish we had included Udaipur. We may be different from others, but we would have appreciated a quick stop along the road on occasion to hear our Tour Director explain about the crops and farms that we were driving by. Our Tour Director is an exceptional young man.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS
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  Patricia Werhahn – Three Family Members
February 2013
My entire family truly enjoyed our trip to India and Easy Tour definitely made it amazing. We really appreciated the fact that everything was on time and very efficiently organized. We enjoyed all the sites! We definitely would recommend Easy Tour to anyone looking to travel on a private tour in India and if we travel there again, we will use Easy Tour again. Oh and we must have had the best driver in India for the portion of Delhi to Udaipor. He was just amazing! All our guides were excellent except for the one in Jodhpur. All the other guides always very enthusiastic. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL
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