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What :

Haridwar (Hardwar) is one of the holiest places in India for practitioners of the Hindu religion.

Hindu lore says drops from the sacred elixir of immortality fell here millennia ago, and today the sacred city draws throngs of religious pilgrims who bathe in the holy Ganges River. Every four years the Kumbh Mela (a massive Hindu pilgrimage) rotates to Haridwar, and with it comes millions of Hindus seeking purification in the Ganges.

The city is a spiritual center for the Hindu religion, and is host to numerous ashrams, temples, and shrines for the devout and sightseers on tours of India to enjoy like the hilltop shrines of Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi reached by cable car.

Running alongside the Ganges where it first reaches the plains of India from the Himalayas, Haridwar is just a few miles from Rishikesh, the town the Beatles stayed in while working on The White Album.

Har-ki-PairiGhat (The footsteps of God) is where the devout step down into the holy Ganges from the canals and bridges of Haridwar every evening for ritual cleansing where Hindu tradition says the god Vishnu left his footprint. Travelers visiting the city on luxury tours of India often come to view pilgrims during the torch-lit evening ceremonies.

When :

Year-round, Haridwar is a busy locus for international and domestic tourists as well as religious pilgrims, some of whom may travel for weeks to reach the holy site.

Pilgrimage season runs May through October every year, which coincides with the area’s heaviest rainfalls. If your India tour plans bring you to Haridwar during this time of year, plan far in advance as the millions of pilgrims seeking salvation through the waters of the Ganges will decrease the availability of accommodations and swell the crowds in the city, especially during the Kumbh Mela every four years.

Where :

Nestled beside the Ganges River in the Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal), Haridwar is well connected to the rest of India by modern highways. Travelers can also shorten the trip by flying into Dehradun then reaching the Haridwar by private car.

Who :

A pilgrimage for both the devout and travelers on India tours, Haridwar draws millions of visitors every month to view the holy rituals that take place in the Ganges, and make offerings to the area’s shrines. A treat for the devout and the uninitiated, the spiritual presence of Haridwar leaves a lasting impression.

Appropriate Attire :

A center of spiritual devotion for the Hindu religion, Haridwar is a conservative city full of holy sites. Visitors should plan to dress modestly by covering shoulders, arms, and legs in the city.

Sights in Haridwar :

Guest Reviews about Haridwar Tour :

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  Hugh and Nancy Menke
March 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of India, primarily because our Tour Director was always so vigilant and kind. He tried his best to make us happy and comfortable, sometimes, under challenging conditions, e.g. crowded Varanasi and long van rides. He even rescued a carry-on bag that we left in the overhead compartment of the plane. For me (Nancy) being in Varanasi with his explanation of what we were seeing was the real highlight of my trip. India is a fascinating country. I would like to come again.
I know it sounds silly but I wish you could change the name of your tour company--it implies less than it really is. Our group came up with the name, "The Real India", which I think would capture the attention of especially, the American tourist. Bottom line, I thought the trip might be more stressful because I am older and not accustomed to too much change but it was an "easy" tour in that regard. Nevertheless, the name does not nearly tell the magnitude of the experience and how very special India is. The hotels were excellent. The rooms, service and food were all great. The pace of the tour was not too fast. We wish we had included Udaipur. We may be different from others, but we would have appreciated a quick stop along the road on occasion to hear our Tour Director explain about the crops and farms that we were driving by. Our Tour Director is an exceptional young man.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS
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  Patricia Werhahn – Three Family Members
February 2013
My entire family truly enjoyed our trip to India and Easy Tour definitely made it amazing. We really appreciated the fact that everything was on time and very efficiently organized. We enjoyed all the sites! We definitely would recommend Easy Tour to anyone looking to travel on a private tour in India and if we travel there again, we will use Easy Tour again. Oh and we must have had the best driver in India for the portion of Delhi to Udaipor. He was just amazing! All our guides were excellent except for the one in Jodhpur. All the other guides always very enthusiastic. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL
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