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The central Indian state of Haryana is steeped in glory, history, myth and legend. This region cradled early Vedic civilization for hundreds of years, and some of the India’s greatest empires grew from the region’s fertile plains. Some of India’s most important battles were fought here including the First, Second, and Third Battles of Panipat - pivotal engagements that forever changed the course of Indian history.

The Aravali mountain range and the Yamuna River are Haryana’s best known natural landmarks, and both feature heavily in Hindu religious traditions as well as local myths and legends. Some of India’s most important wetlands are located here, and conservations areas like the Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary protect a host of rare and endangered species. Guests on our luxury tours of India typically reach this area overland from India’s capital city of Delhi.

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Cities in Haryana



Ambala is a city in the North Indian state of Haryana. There are several Jain, Sikh, and Hindu shrines in the city such as the Bhawani Amba Temple, but guests enjoying our luxury tours of India usually visit the city to explore the bustling cloth market near the center of town. Hundreds of stalls selling a variety of fabrics are in the market, and many of the items that can be purchased here are made by families of craftsmen using traditional techniques.


Bhiwani, a city and municipal district, is located in the state of Haryana in Northern India. Guests on our luxury tours of India visit this growing town to explore the numerous Hindu shrines and temples strewn throughout the city and the surrounding countryside. Because of the number of religious sites in the area the town is often thought of as a “Little Varanasi.”


Faridabad is a city just 15 miles south of India’s capital city of Delhi. A suburb of modern Delhi that grew from the remains of a military outpost built in the 17th century to protect the city’s southern highway, Faridabad holds a few choice monuments for guests on our luxury tours of India to discover and explore. The Suraj Kund Lake complex is the remains of a former temple compound dedicated to the Sun, and the manmade lake at its center is believed to have healing properties. A number of the ancient mansions and palaces around the city, like the Raja Nahar Singh Palace, have been converted into heritage hotels for travelers.


Gurgaon is a suburb of India’s capital, Delhi. The municipal seat of the Gurgaon District that surrounds the nation’s capital, Gurgaon is a bustling hub of commerce, and one of the most developed areas in the state of Haryana. There’s an excellent range of accommodations for guests on our luxury tours of India to choose from, and there are a number of interesting locations to explore in and around the city like the Sultanpur Lake Bird Sanctuary and the Sohna Sulphur Springs.


Hisar is a city located about 100 miles northeast of the Indian capital, Delhi. The administrative capital of the Hisar District, the city has developed into one of the state of Haryana’s most important commercial centers. An important region throughout much of India’s turbulent history, there are plenty of ancient monuments and sights within the city for guests on our luxury tours of India to discover while in the area. Firoz Shah’s Palace and Fort, a 14th century construction built to defend the road leading to Delhi, is one of the city’s most visited historical places.


The city of Jind is the administrative seat for the Jind District of the state of Haryana located in North India. There are several intriguing monuments in the area ripe for exploration including the Rani Talab, an ancient water tank with a temple resting at its center. The town also features a number of Hindu temples dedicated to the deity Lord Shiva, like the Bhuteshwar Temple.


Kaithal is a city and administrative district located in the North Indian state of Haryana. The ancient city features heavily in the both India’s turbulent history under the Delhi Sultanate, as well as Hindu Mythology. There are quite a few historical monuments to be explored within the city limits, but the 18th century Kaithal Fort is the most visited. Kaithal, formerly called Kapisthal, is mentioned as the birthplace of the monkey deity Lord Hanuman in many Hindu legends.


The city of Karnal rests along the banks of the Yamuna River roughly halfway between Delhi and Chandigarh. Formerly a walled city, a number of the ancient edifices like the Jundla Gate and the remains of the old citadel can be spotted when traveling through town.