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Jakar is located in the Choekor Valley in the Bumtang District of Bhutan. Commonly referred to as “Little Switzerland” Jakar is completely surrounded by thickly forested mountains.

The Dzong, or fortress, in Jakar is architecturally stimulating with steep white walls and intricate interiors. All Dzongs are extremely interesting particularly because tradition has it that each Dzong is constructed without prior architectural plans. These large structures were constructed under the advisement of a high lama who establishes each dimension by spiritual inspiration. These structures serve as religious, military, administrative and social centers of their communities. The Dzong in Jakar is considered one of the largest dzong’s in the country. The Jakar Dzong name roughly translated means “Fortress of the White Bird” leged has it that a single white bird landing on a hill top in 1667 determined the location of this impressive structure.

With a population of 5000 villagers the Jakar Village is one that is frequently visited. The valley where the village is located is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Bhutan. Currently the village is undergoing construction of a new city bazaar due to fire damage from 2010 and 2011. The new city bazaar will consist of two story buildings rather than single story to help protect locals from annual flooding.



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