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The 28th state of the Indian Union was brought into existence by the Bihar reorganization Act on 15 -November - 2000 the birth anniversary of the legendary Bhagwan Birsa Munda. Jharkhand is famous for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, Graphite, Magnetite, Dolomite, Fireclay, Quartz, Fieldspar, Coal (32% of India), Iron, Copper (25%of India) etc. Forests and woodlands occupy more than 29% of the state which is amongst the highest in India.

People visit Jharkhand not just to visit other places, but other times. The past is unbelievably attractive, and unarguably authentic. If you seek authenticity, if you seek cultural roots and long traditions that bind past to present - come to Jharkhand. It is your befitting alternative to the corporate present. Walk through some of the places described, and see again the stone and spirit of a land as ancient as time. You will never lose your sense of awe, and the element of surprise will give you company every step of the way.

You will then realize that you have come across a priceless heritage, that will never be re-made, that will never be replicated, that will never be altered. Every destination will be like a mythic deliverance for the traveler interested in history and archaeology. Enchantment will go hand in hand with your journey into Jharkhand's past - a meeting ground, the common place of Indian history, a plural embracing of religious beliefs, a multitude of heroes, gods and goddesses, rubbing shoulders with the living, casting a benevolent eye on Jharkhand's progress into the future.



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