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Created by the Chandela dynasty between 950AD and 1050AD, the Hindu Temples at Khajuraho are a magnificent example of the architectural and artistic achievements of the Hindu Kings in Medieval India. Hewn from stone a thousand years ago, the twenty two surviving temples are an amazing display of stone sculpture and erotic art. The sculptures depict Gods and Kings in an large variety of sexual activities, in an incredible number of postures and positions. They were designed and built to be Temples, and there are many theories as to the purpose of their explicit nature.

The eroticism of the sculptures and their explicit nature have been well documented; what has not been emphasized enough is their incredible detail and vast number. Part of the reason these exquisitely crafted monuments are in such good condition is that they were forgotten soon after they were built, to be discovered again in the 19th century. The other reason is that, besides the Temples, Khajuraho is but a small village in the middle of nowhere, and not many people visited the temples till tourism and travel became common in India.

As there is not much else to do in Khajuraho (besides visiting the awe inspiring temples), our visits here are scheduled for one day. During February/March, the "Khajuraho Dance Festival" (An exposition of classical Indian dances) takes place, including some performances using the Temples as a backdrop. We can arrange for a longer stay during this time. Khajuraho's hotels are booked well in advance for this event.