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One of the least acclaimed tourist destinations in India, Kochi has something to delight every explorer. It is know as "The Queen of the Arabian Sea", among other names, and is a scenic and lush collection of islands, capes, and mainland connected by an elaborate yet intricate system of ferries and bridges.

Europeans controlled Kochi, and it's thriving trade, from the early 16th century. Their influence can be seen all over the picturesque city and the surrounding area. There are many monuments, architecture, and other reminders of the Dutch, Portuguese and British. The old world charm of Mattancherry and Fort Cochin have not changed much in the last couple of centuries. There are also many events in surrounding Kerala, such as the "Great Boat Races".

Visit Mattancherry Palace and its exquisite murals. St. Francis Church (early 16th century) is the oldest European church in India, and The Pardesi Synagogue was founded around the same time (history records Jewish settlers in this area as early as the 6th century, the guides will tell you that roots can be traced to over two thousand years ago). Fort Cochin is distinctly British Indian (with a little bit of Dutch thrown in) in it's architecture, and the Chinese fishing nets that dot it's northern end add to it's languid charm. The modern section called Ernakulam is pleasant and offers one of India's best opportunities to view classical Indian dance.

All our visits to Kochi include a cruise on the fabled Kuttanad backwaters; also, visitors to Periyar National Park fly here to begin their visit. While at Kochi, you can choose to stay at the Brunton Boatyard (an exquisite waterfront property with only 26 rooms), or at the Taj Malabar - also exquisite and waterfront, but on a larger hotel. Kochi also offers handicrafts, and other souvenirs, that are unique to this region.

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