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Jim Corbett National Park, named after a famous hunter and British naturalist 'Jim Corbett'* was the first national park in India. The park is spread along the catchments of two rivers- 'Kosi' and 'Ramganga' in the state of 'Uttarakhand' and covers an area over 1200 km. Located at Six hours drive from Delhi, it is the most famous park in India because of its biological diversity and its geographical position at the bottom of the Himalayas. It shelters 350 species of mammals, 2000 species and subspecies of birds, 500 species of amphibians, reptiles and fish, 110 species of trees and 51 species of shrubs. We promise to offer you an all round memorable experience at a real natural setting of Jim Corbett National Park. We understand that after a day full of activities you would like to have a good nights sleep in a warm and comfortable bed with a calm and cosy ambience. We endeavour to serve a fresh and mouth watering selection of food from around the world. Welcome and discover us and of course you may discover yourself at Leisure Vacations Myrica Resort!!!

Leisure Vacations Myrica Resort
Leisure Vacations Myrica Resort in CORBETT

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