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Lloyds Botanical Garden

Lloyd Botanical Garden is a colorful garden located in the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling. The garden was designed by Mr. W. Lloyd in 1878. It contains a vast collection of rare Himalayan plants, flowers, orchids and many more flora species. Built on 40 acres of land, Lloyd Botanical Garden is overseen by the Indian Botanical Garden Network. The garden mainly preserves various flora varieties native to the Darjeeling Himalayan region, Sikkim and other neighboring areas. The garden, one of the most prestigious gardens in the Himalayas, is divided into three sections. The upper section contains the flora of the Eastern Himalayas, the lower part has a collection of exotic species of many temperate countries, and the middle portion contains a large variety of alpine flora. The garden's orchid collection is quite impressive, containing over 2500 species.  This leads to the garden’s cacti and succulent conservatory which displays nearly 150 species. The garden also houses a Victorian-era herbarium, displaying rare botanical specimens. This exotic and magnificent collection of rare plant species makes Lloyd Botanical Garden a favorite among both tourists as well as residents.