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Lothal Archaeological Museum

Situated at a distance of 80 kms from Ahmedabad, Lothal is one of the best known cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization. Lothal dates back to 2400 BC. At that time it was the leading center of trade in the region. Lothal's dock-the world's earliest known, connected the city to an ancient course of the Sabarmati river on major trade routes. Lothal was actively involved in the trade of beads, gems and expensive ornaments between West Asia and Africa. The people of Lothal made significant and often unique contributions to human civilization in the Indus era, in the fields of city planning, art, architecture, science, engineering and religion. Their work in metallurgy, beads and jewelry was the basis of their prosperity. All of this is documented in The Lothal Archaeological Museum, where some of the most prominent collections of Indus-era antiquities in India are displayed.