Photo Gallery

Natural History Museum

Housed in the Divisional Wildlife Office, the Natural History Society was established in 1915 under the supervision of Lord Carmichael, the then Governor of Bengal. The objective of the society was to promote the study of the natural history of Eastern-Himalayas. The Natural History Museum was also created at this time. It contains varied and representative collection of mammals, birds, butterflies, insects and reptiles available in the region. The museum interestingly depicts the archeological proofs of the natural world and the evolution process of natural environment. It is the perfect place for naturalists, as it showcases exotic varieties of plants and animals. The museum displays nearly 4,300 specimens of Himalayan fauna, including a number of fauna indigenous to Bengal and Darjeeling. The popular sections at the museum include the blocks of fish, insects, birds, bird eggs, reptiles, butterflies and herbariums. The estuarine crocodile, a rare variety of crocodile, is also housed here.



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