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What :

Sonamarg (Sonmarg) rests in the Kashmir Valley overshadowed by the lofty peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. Stunning and still unspoiled, Sonamarg’s rustic beauty is reason enough to make the trek to this remote town below the Himalayan peaks, but the chance to make the pilgrimage to the remote Thajiwas Glacier and beyond to the famous Amarnath shrine is the area’s top draw.

Amarnath is a cave shrine surrounded by snow toped mountains. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva imparted the secrets of life and eternity to his heavenly consort, Parvati, here. Amarnath shrine is mentioned in ancient Hindu religious texts as a place of worship, and through the centuries the cave shrine has waxed and waned as a pilgrimage destination for religious devotees. In recent decades upwards of 500,000 Hindu pilgrims have regularly been making the trek to the shrine.

Inside the shrine massive ice stalagmites are worshipped as physical manifestations of Hindu gods. The largest of these ice pillars is considered a Shiva lingam, a manifestation of the Hindu god’s divine power and potential for creation.

When :

The beast weather to visit Sonamarg is between March and October. The passes into the mountains to reach Amarnath shrine are the easiest to navigate between June and August when the ambient temperatures are the warmest. From November to February the area is cold and fresh snow falls often.

Where :

Sonamarg lies to the northeast from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar. It’s best reached by private vehicle departing from Srinagar along the Zoji La pass.

Who :

Sonamarg operates as the base camp for one of the most important pilgrimages from practitioners of the Hindu religion. Guests on our India tours relish the chance to witness one of the most remote pilgrimages in India alongside hundreds of thousands of Hindus.

Appropriate Attire :

It’s quite cool in Sonamarg even in the summer months due to the high elevation. Wear warm clothing with excellent hiking shoes as much of the hiking and trekking will require you to walk in areas that are snow covered year-round.

Guest Reviews :

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  Cynthia and David Smith
April 2014
Excellent rating for Tour Design, Guides, Hotels, Ground Transportation, Transfers.
Our guides and drivers were wonderful. The tour, as planned was about the ultimate for the time we had in India.
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March 2014
It was a dream come true! I really enjoyed the tour, the people I met, the incredible things I saw and the wonderful well mannered and caring people from India. I have traveled extensively, I consider myself a real gobble trotter, I have participated in a lot of tour company groups but nothing like Easy Tours of India!
I arrived sick, really sick, the medications I brought with me didn't work, I called two doctors at two different hotels, they sure made the difference! They changed my antibiotics, gave me 5 more medications including an anti-allergic one and made me feel better enough, that with some effort on my part, I was able to enjoy and finish the tour.
Ali our guide was sure a gentleman... WOW! he has so much patience he could be a teacher! the gentleman driver was so pleasant and caring, especially when he noticed I was feeling so bad.
I am already planning to go back to visit South India and this time I do not plan to be sick at all.
I love India!
Specially the hotel in MUMBAI, they were the best, they took care of me really well, gave me an upgrade of a beautiful room, let me check out at 8pm and gave me free internet access. They were so and so sweet caring and nice I felt my heart broken when I said goodbye...
Chandni always called concerned about my health, thanks CHANDNI!
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