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Saint Francis Church


What :

Saint Francis’ Church inside Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin) is one of the first European churches built in India. The Portuguese traders who built Fort Kochi in 1503 took the same route used by the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the first man to reach India by sea, to reach India in 1498.

Saint Francis’ Church was built over an earlier wooden church dedicated St. Bartholomew. The Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Francisco Almedia was granted permission by the Raja of Cochin for permission to rebuild the wooden church and dedicate it to Saint Anthony between 1510 and 1516.

The Dutch captured Fort Kochi in 1663, and converted the building into their protestant government church. Fort Kochi remained in Dutch control until 1795 when the British conquered the fort. The Dutch handed the church to the British Anglican Communion in 1804, and the church was renamed to Saint Francis’ Church.

On his third visit to India in 1524, Vasco da Gama died in Fort Kochi, and was buried in the church graveyard where his tomb stone can still be seen.

When :

The best weather to visit Fort Kochi and Saint Francis’ Church falls between October and April. Heavy rains fall in the region between June and August, but the rains refreshingly lower the temperature and cause the lush tropic scenery in the area to bloom with life.

Where :

Saint Francis’ Church is located inside Fort Kochi in the port city of Kochi in the Southern Indian state of Kerala. Guests traveling with us on a luxury tour of India can easily reach the church using our private vehicle service while exploring the multi-colonial nature of Kochi.

Who :

There are few places in India’s long history that have felt the presence of so many different European civilizations in such a small area. Exploring the impressions that the Portuguese, Dutch, and British left on Kochi’s culture is a rare treat for our guests.

Appropriate Attire :

Dress for warm weather while visiting this tropical destination on the Arabian Coast.

Guest Reviews :

  Maria Gonda-Terrazas and Alexander Terrazas
February-March 2014
Chandni, we are back safely and had a great time and will definitely travel with your company again. I wanted to take the time to write to you to let you know what a superb experience we had at the Marwah’s home. They were very warm and welcoming, so eager to teach us about Indian cooking and customs. We have done home visits in many countries and this one was by far thefinest experience.

  Barbara Boom and Joe Schwartz
February 2014
The guides were great and each was better than the previous.  Special notice to Anu- our guide in Khajuraho- he was brilliant and we learned so much from our brief encounter with him.  I would travel anywhere in India with him as our guide.  Dada- our guide in Varanasi- was also excellent and made the Hindu rituals understandable.  With the tutelage of these two guides, we have both become fascinated by and interested in the roots of culture and religion that we were exposed to by them.
And the hotels were marvelous.  The upgrade to the Nadesar Palace was worth the cost.  It is a one of a kind experience.  The level of service and tranquility will always be a standard that others may try to live up to. The Imperial was a bit overwhelming on first encounter, but by the time we returned at the end of our journey it felt like we were coming home.  Victor helped arrange an upgrade to a suite on our second stay! 
We were quite pleased with the Oberoi, and the Rambagh as well.  Had it been sunnier, the views of the Taj would have been breathtaking in Agra.  Even so, our view of the gardens were lovely.
The drivers were awesome!  Though they were not so fluent, they made every effort to be attentive and helpful on the long road trips.  We cannot comprehend how they managed in the city traffic.
The trip to Bandhavgarh was another place entirely.  We were most fortunate to see tigers on all 5 of our safaris.  We understand that this is unusual. The guides really knew the jungle and it was impressive to see how they could track the tigers. 
Overall I think we got a good feel for the culture and the way of life in India and would hope to return.  The guides and Easytoursstaff were always there for us from the moment we stepped out of the airport.  The itinerary was well constructed.  We would definitely consult you for our return visit.


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