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Tiger Park Visit

You can select any of these tours, or click here to ask us to design one that includes any of these park and/or other Wildlife Parks, as well as other destinations in India & Nepal. All visits are almost all-inclusive and include the best guided tours of local monuments and other places of interest.

Although there are many tiger sanctuaries in India, we have chosen the four that offer you the highest statistical probability of getting to see tigers in the wild. They are: Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha National Park, & Bandhavgarh National Park. All are home to an amazing array of wildlife; however, Corbett has a larger variety of interesting species than any other wildlife park in India but a slightly lower probability of getting to see a tiger. The other three parks offer the best statistical opportunity of getting to see the big cat in the wild.

We have over an 85% success ratio in terms of tiger sightings with our guests since we started keeping a record (in 2005). Please bear in mind that when it comes to finding tigers, there are no guarantees. Easy Tours Of India has the right knowledge and contacts, and we provide you with the best tools and assistance available. We guarantee that you will see an amazing array of other wildlife, and it's natural habitat.

All these sanctuaries offer opportunities for viewing tigers and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Corbett is a straight drive from Delhi while Kanha and Bandhavgarh require more travel time to access - requiring a combination of flights and drives, or trains (we do not recommend this mode) and drives if you strongly prefer those. Ranthambore can be reached one of the following 3 ways:

1: Chair car A/C - express train from Delhi - 5.5 hour journey.

2: First Class A/C express train from Bharatpur (small town 1.25 hours outside of Agra) - 2.5 hour journey.

3: This journey starts with a flight to Jaipur (you can add time to explore the famous pink city). From there you drive for 4 hours to Ranthambore.