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We use the term “Tours” for want of a better word; what we provide is Unique Luxury Experiences that are tailored around our guests’ preferences. We have over seven thousand guests who are eager to vouch for that.

Easy Tours of India offers a very large selection of Luxury India Tours Packages. Our guest’s have the option of selecting from three levels of Luxury, ranging from fairly luxurious to almost decadent. Our maximum group size is 12; when you combine that with the finest Tour Directors in India, it results in intimate and personal tour groups where people make friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Our First Visit Collection and Pushkar Fair Collection are available as both Small Group Tours and Private Travel. The Small Group itineraries range from 8 days to 35 days (including international travel durations) and combined there are a total of 282 departure dates available every year.

Private Tours are facilitated for just you or just your group. Group size is limited only by your preferences; we can facilitate Private travel for one guest or a thousand guests. The Private Tour Collection includes all the itineraries that are a part of our First visit Collection and also adds in a large collection of other itineraries that are not available to Small Group travellers.

These might be region specific itineraries that allow you to concentrate on one (or more) specific areas of the country, or theme/agenda based itineraries that focus on attractions such as Wildlife, Yoga, Festivals and Cuisine.

Some of our most popular India Tours actually include combinations of India with other nations such as Dubai, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Tibet, Bhutan, Cambodia and Laos. We can provide you great values on exquisitely planned multi-stop international air travel that keeps your travel duration to a minimum and uses the better airlines while doing so.

We also offer luxury vacations in India. The key difference between a Easy Tours of India vacation and one of our tours is that the sightseeing is not standard. We include the hotel stays and all travel between destinations. An A la carte menu of guided sightseeing and other services is available to vacationers.

You can combine any of our tours with other tours that we offer – many of our Small group guests add (pre and/or post tour) independent excursions to destinations that interest them but are not available on Group Tour itineraries. These excursions can be tours or vacations where your main objective is relaxation.

We know that you will want to include some great experiences during your luxury tour of India. In Private tours (most of the following experiences are part of our Small Group Tours) we can include one or more elephant rides, and camel rides can be included in most India tours. You may want to experience the amazing powers of Ayurveda and/or learn Yoga from the world’s best Guru’s. You can dine with local families (including royalty), enjoy dinner with a celebrity chef at their home and get cooking lessons (certain locations), experience local theatre and art, and experience excursions such as boat cruises and Everest flights. We can arrange all of these for you based on your preferences.

All our tours of India include World Class Service. From the moment you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. Your biggest decisions are what sights or events you'd like to spend your time exploring and what cuisine you will want to try that evening.

Each Tour category offers choices between different Tour Pages. There are links to relevant informational resources in each Tour Page, as well as in other sections such as Information and Resources.

Tour Pages contain:

(a) Detailed descriptions of the itinerary and each destination.

(b) An interactive calendar with each day’s activities clearly described.

(c) An interactive Map with your destinations highlighted.

(d) An Inquiry Form and/or a Reservation Form.

(e) Hotel & Inclusion Listing.

(f) Prices for all three Levels of Luxury Travel.

(g) Departure dates for our Small Group Tours on the Group Tours Pages.

Easy Tours Of India respects the value of your time as much as you do. That's why you fly almost everywhere you go * while exploring India. Other tour operators forget to mention the time wasted in enduring journeys on the railroads and highways of India. A road trip of 250 kilometers (157 miles) will take 7 to 8 hours on the average, and that's without any unusual delays. Expansion and improvements in the civil aviation infrastructure have made air travel not only viable and affordable; it is by far the best way to explore a country as large as India.

We include some rail and road travel where those modes of travel are the very best option. We strongly encourage these journeys when the benefit of optimum travel duration combines with unique cultural and visual experiences during the journey. Most road and rail travel has uninspiring scenery and really does not provide any insights into India’s culture. Most Rail travel in India will expose you to very poor sanitation levels that can easily lead to stomach issues. Talk to an India Specialist for suggestions for Rail & Road journeys for your Private travel plans.

Set your own pace on our Private Tours Packages. Talk to an India Specialist and plan your itinerary with their expert help. You get a reasonable amount of time at all of our destinations with our standard itineraries, along with choices of when and how you'd like to explore different sights, cities, and festivals.

Most of our India Tours include one or more elephant rides, even if it's not mentioned in the details in the Tour Page. Camel Rides are part of some tours, and can be similarly included in almost all tours.

Prices quoted in the Tours Pages are per guest, based on double occupancy. Quoted tour costs are almost all inclusive, as described in our Terms & Conditions. Most tours do not include travel to and from India; we have consolidator fares on the best airlines that service India and will be happy to assist you with international air reservations as part of your tour.

It is highly recommended that you have time available, at your city of origin, before and after the tour.