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Barbara Arbes (For Her Daughter)
April 2013
Athena is still in New Delhi, and congratulations to your company that things are fantastic...guides/drivers could not be better!  I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this small booking and taking it on for me...thanks so very much!
I am really looking forward to spreading the news to clients and the travel agent community about your wonderful services..!!!

Irina Lukovskaia - Brustman
April 2013
We are back from our amazing voyage to India and I would like to Thank You for facilitating such a fabulous journey for us.
Everything was perfect and completely exceeded our expectations.
I also appreciate your patience and advice regarding traveling with the driver, as to your point train experience would not be as explicit and personable.
All opulent level hotels were stunning……..
Monuments: Simply fantastic – we were blown away…….
Driver Excellent – kept us safe and sound  - what an experience to be on the roads there……
GuidesAll very nice
We are very pleased and are considering another trip to the southern part.
I am very happy to come across your company simply by chance and will be contacting you again when the time comes for the next trip. By the way, could you please let me know what other countries do you cover? REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Maryellen Gurnon and Marie Gurnon
March 2013
I recently returned from India . We had the time of our lives thanks to Easy Tours of India!
I cannot say enough good things about the service we received from start to finish. Booking was a breeze, you were so helpful and responsive to all my questions, responding in a most timely manner, always professional & prompt. Thanks to you and your staff, our trip was seamless. I have been in the travel business for 30+ years and have not encountered such superior service. You should all be proud of that, it did not go unnoticed.
Every detail of our trip was meticulously handled, and the staff we encountered, just phenomenal! Our facilitator was always in place, smiling and helpful....popping up like a Genie whenever we needed him! Our driver was so sweet and careful and such a great driver (in the land of maniac motorists). The two of them never left our sides in public, and we felt so protected and safe with them. Very good companions-we miss them.
I would be honored to recommend your company most heartily to anyone contemplating a journey to India . It was a pleasure to have traveled with you! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Nowell Solish
March 2013
I just wanted to thanks you again for an amazing trip. We have travelled extensively and used many tour companies but easy tours was the most organized and caring of all of them. The guides, facilitators, and drivers were all top notch.
We truly had a great time (especially the Taj Rambagh Palace, was worth it). REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Hugh and Nancy Menke
March 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of India, primarily because our Tour Director was always so vigilant and kind. He tried his best to make us happy and comfortable, sometimes, under challenging conditions, e.g. crowded Varanasi and long van rides. He even rescued a carry-on bag that we left in the overhead compartment of the plane. For me (Nancy) being in Varanasi with his explanation of what we were seeing was the real highlight of my trip. India is a fascinating country. I would like to come again.
I know it sounds silly but I wish you could change the name of your tour company--it implies less than it really is. Our group came up with the name, "The Real India", which I think would capture the attention of especially, the American tourist. Bottom line, I thought the trip might be more stressful because I am older and not accustomed to too much change but it was an "easy" tour in that regard. Nevertheless, the name does not nearly tell the magnitude of the experience and how very special India is. The hotels were excellent. The rooms, service and food were all great. The pace of the tour was not too fast. We wish we had included Udaipur. We may be different from others, but we would have appreciated a quick stop along the road on occasion to hear our Tour Director explain about the crops and farms that we were driving by. Our Tour Director is an exceptional young man.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Maryellen Gurnon and Marie Gurnon
March 2013
I recently returned from India . We had the time of our lives thanks to Easy Tours of India!
I cannot say enough good things about the service we received from start to finish. Booking was a breeze, you were so helpful and responsive to all my questions, responding in a most timely manner, always professional & prompt. Thanks to you and your staff, our trip was seamless. I have been in the travel business for 30+ years and have not encountered such superior service. You should all be proud of that, it did not go unnoticed.
Every detail of our trip was meticulously handled, and the staff we encountered, just phenomenal! Our facilitator was always in place, smiling and helpful....popping up like a Genie whenever we needed him! Our driver was so sweet and careful and such a great driver (in the land of maniac motorists). The two of them never left our sides in public, and we felt so protected and safe with them. Very good companions-we miss them.
I would be honored to recommend your company most heartily to anyone contemplating a journey to India . It was a pleasure to have traveled with you! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Toni Thompson
March 2013
I cannot rememeber if you I sent you a feedback letter or not on our trip. We had a great trip and you did a great job. We have taken a few extensive tours with drivers and guides so we have a base for comparison. Everyone did a wonderful job. We had a great driver. He was extremely attentive and helpful. When my husband went to the hospital in Cochin, the driver, guide and facilitator all came and offered help. The guide was a woman and she was very good at adapting our itinerary.
Our Facilitator and our driver the last day worked to find us the same restaurant we had enjoyed earlier in Delhi. Our guide in Delhi was awesome. Our guide in Agra was wonderful with his extensive knowledge not only of all history but the best angles for photos, and we loved seeing Taj at dusk and early morning,
You did a great job and if anyone wants to talk to us about our trip, feel free to use our names and email info. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Linda Smith
March 2013
We loved the time spent in India. It truly is an incredible country and we learned so much. The Hotels were beautiful and were very clean and the employees well trained and helpful. We loved the food.
Your facilitators, guides, and drivers were efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous. We were able to understand their English or if not they were willing to repeat. With my husband’s hearing problem, I am glad we had an individual tour. We also enjoyed gaining knowledge from personal conversations that I don’t think would be possible on a larger tour. Although all were adequate, we would like to give special thanks and acknowledge three guides for their outstanding service: the guides in Varanasi; in Orcha; and our accompanying Tour Director who was with us from Jhansi to Udaipur. He made our last days in India very special. We were sad to end our journey and say farewell to him. Also the tour Facilitator in Delhi was great. We thought our journey to India was most worthwhile and would highly recommend your company. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Pat Parlee
February 2013
Just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You Easy Tours. Words cannot convey our gratitude. What a quality tour. We were given the upmost care and attention. What an amazing place to visit. Our Tour Director and driver were exceptional. Your culture and history are so interesting. In addition, you always kept an eye out on us to make sure everything met our expectations and made sure we were happy and safe. THANKS AGAIN. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Sussanah and Stefan Ullrich
February 2013
Now that we have had a chance to rest up from our trip to India we wanted to tell you and all your colleagues at Easy tours of India how much we enjoyed our incredible trip. From the first moment we arrived until the last moment in the Airport when we left we were given the utmost service and courtesy. We were spoiled completely by your staff, who all did their jobs impeccably - creating a seamless luxurious and extremely informative trip. Without your guides, we would have been lost amongst all the treasures we saw in India. With them at our side, we learned so much and enjoyed the excursions very much, despite our somewhat ambitious schedule. The opulent hotels were really honestly opulent, and in and of themselves a destination to visit.
Your guide in Varanasi was wise and witty, and did everything he could to make our trip extremely enjoyable. Please thank him again for his hard work. We will remember him very fondly.
Our Tour Director for most of the trip was such a wealth of information and detail, with an obvious love of his country and its history and complex culture. We so enjoyed our time with him - we were in fact, quite sad, when it was time to say goodbye to him. His sense of humour and warmth made him a perfect partner for our journey. We have many nice pictures, which we will be sending to him soon. Everything he planned and did with us worked out to the exact minute, and the exact letter as it should. He was patient and thoughtful, and rearranged a few details to suit our needs (and our weary feet) incredibly punctual and exact - having everything ready for us without us ever having to ask. He is obviously a man of many talents and interests and skills -I would recommend him (and your company) without hesitation to any of my friends. We hope to visit India again in the not so near future, but we will have to make sure that he is available to accompany us.
I have also sent our India Specialist in the States a copy this letter, so he will know how much we enjoyed the trip that he prepared for us (twice) with much care and attention. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Georgina Ong
February 2013
Our tour guide in Jaipur and Agra was excellent! He was always conscientiously telling us to watch where we were walking where there were stairs that we were not aware of. He was considerate, smart, punctual, nice personality, loaned us some rupees when we did not have any at Amber Fort to purchase some souvenirs and very patient. I also liked the dinner at the Nobleman's home. Good food, very hospitable and learned lots about arranged marriages and daily family livelihood. Our driver was very attentive, always smiling, he heard me say I wish we could have seen a cremation and saw one person being decorated and deliberately stopped so I could take a photo. It was nice that our guide reported to Guest Relations that Anne missed some of the tour because she became ill and they followed up with a phone call. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Tom and Sylvia Mullen
February 2013
India is truly incredible!!! We have traveled all over the world and nothing can compare to the experience we had in India. Traditional and modern Delhi; Agra and the enchanting Taj Mahal; Jaipur and the elephant ride to the amazing Amber Fort; and Varanasi with the boat ride on the Ganges watching the beautiful sacred ceremonies were unforgettable. Our guides and drivers were outstanding. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions and filled our minds with so much information that we learned more than we ever could imagine. Our drivers were so fantastic at maneuvering the traffic that we really enjoyed just driving around and observing all the daily activities in the lives of the Indian people. Our host in Delhi that greeted us at the airport and took us back at the end of our trip made us feel that that we were some VIPS. Our Guest Relations phone calls throughout our trip were thoughtful and considerate and very much appreciated. And of course, our India Specialist in Austin was extremely helpful in organizing our trip and giving us advice as to what to expect, etc. Our only regret is that we weren't able to visit more places, but then, we will have to return in the future for another incredible experience in India! Thank you Easy Tours for making our trip so special!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Patricia Werhahn Three Family Members
February 2013
My entire family truly enjoyed our trip to India and Easy Tour definitely made it amazing. We really appreciated the fact that everything was on time and very efficiently organized. We enjoyed all the sites! We definitely would recommend Easy Tour to anyone looking to travel on a private tour in India and if we travel there again, we will use Easy Tour again. Oh and we must have had the best driver in India for the portion of Delhi to Udaipor. He was just amazing! All our guides were excellent except for the one in Jodhpur. All the other guides always very enthusiastic. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Linda and John Poore
February 2013
Our trip was magical. Thanks to each of you at Easy Tours that made this happen. We had the largest female tiger cross the road just 10’ in front of our jeep! (and a second wonderful safari with lots of animals). Leela Palace, Udaipur was uniquely romantic. Everyone was on time and great to work with. Camel ride in Samode through a farm village and the rural town was incredible. Easy Tours staff in USA always responded quickly to us and changed the tour to meet our needs. Guest Relations called us 4 times to see if we had any problems. Our trip was magical due to the planning and people from Easy Tours! (And we did not get Delhi Belly since we only ate in E.T. hotels and prepaid restaurants). REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Betty, Joseph and Denise Pickard
February 2013
Thank you Easy Tours for a wonderful thought out trip. We saw and learned so much about India. The sounds, sights and smells (good and bad) were wonderful. Your guides were excellent, and most were fun to be with. Your driver was a standout. So was the guide in Agra. We hated to see our driver leave us after our many days of being together. Liked Easy Tours calling us along the way. We had a problem at the end of the trip with delayed flight which was handled very well by your office.
We were tired! Maybe too much traveling, but we saw so much. Bottom line, we had a wonderful trip and recommend Easy Tours to everyone

Francine DeFrance
January 2013
I found Easy Tours of india through a Google search, so it was your very professional website that attracted me to look into your tours. I was convinced it was the right tour for me because of your ongoing communication and the thoroughness of your itinerary and orientation materials.
The trip held up to my expectations from the start. The hotels were very impressive and provided outstanding service, comfort, and generally good food with many choices. Our Tour Director was well-informed, enjoyable, helpful, and very professional. The tour itself held amazing experiences. My favorites were the morning we spent on the Ganges in Varanasi, and the safari excursion in Ranthambore National Park where we observed a female Bengal tiger in her natural habitat. It was magnificent. There were so many memorable moments on the tour, it is not easy to choose.
The small group we traveled with was a fortunate mixture of experienced travelers who could flow with the situation and were flexible and friendly.
Easy tours gave me a well-rounded introduction to the complexities and beauty of the Indian culture, terrain, and its people. It also left me wanting to know India more which is a compliment to your extraordinary services. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Debbie and John Kilmer
January 2013
John and I will always remember our trip. Before we went I had not the least bit of understanding about India. Now I feel that I have a foundation that will allow me to continue to learn and think about this complex and important place. We are grateful for the care and attention that went into the arrangements at each stop along the way. The kindness and patience of your employees and the local guides and drivers as we explored and asked innumerable questions was much appreciated. We were impressed with the knowledge and insight of our guides, especially the guides in Agra, in Udaipur and in Orcha. They were superb. Our driver in Khajuraho and Orcha was extremely thoughtful and reassuring. I am certain that you are aware that our driver through Rajasthan is a treasure. He is extraordinarily skillful and very fine company. Our travel facilitators were very helpful, especially in Agra and in Delhi. Our hotels were comfortable.
We are glad that we found Easy Tours and are grateful for your guidance in planning our itinerary as well as for making the arrangements that made this memorable experience possible. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mary Hu Group (36 Guests)
January 2013
My group and I had a wonderful time in India. We worried about the health issues before we left for India but it did not materialize. Nobody in my group had any significant health issues that required medical attention. We had 2 medical doctors in the group and my husband brought along a small scale pharmacy but the business was slow to none. Very good news to all of us.
Best of all, you assigned us a very good tour director. He was very knowledgeable and easy going. His accent was minimal and we understood him easily. He was a good story teller. We were mesmerized by his stories of the history of India and its colorful culture. He was able to answer all our questions.
Everyone was very impressed by the services provided by Easy Tours of India. The goodwill gestures were unheard of and we were thankful. The initial planning for the trip guided by you made it rather easy. The price you quoted us was quite fair. Our Guest Relations Manager was also efficient and helpful guiding me along the way in a timely manner. She even took time after work to meet us in Jaipur. You had your India contacts checked on our group in every city we visited.
Our initial sentiment before we left for India was "I'll Never Do It Again". However at the end of the trip it became "I'll Nevertheless Do It Again". Thank you for taking good care of us. You provided us 5 star services. If any one asks me whom to go to to book a trip to India..... Easy Tours of India of course! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

David and Roberta Frank
January 2013
Thanks to both of you for the planning and execution of our trip. Your hard work and expertise truly gave us a fantastic overview of India. The sights were beyond our wildest dreams and the appearance of guides, facilitators, and cars assured us of an easy and carefree trip. The guides, sights and all of the Easy Tour staff made us feel at home and their knowledge and love of the country made this much more than just another trip. An extra kudo to our first and last facilitators as they stood out as going that extra mile.
Please pass this E-mail up the chain of command so that your quality services are known to all. Feel free to use us as references for future travelers. Once again, thanks for your help in making this one of our favorite trips. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Paul and Leslie Monahan
January 2013
We were very impressed by Easy Tours from the beginning of our planning stage for our trip to the very end. They followed through on every detail and even called us three times at our hotels during our trip to make sure everything was okay. Our Tour Director who was with us for the entire tour was wonderful - very knowledgeable, personable and caring. He ensured that everything went smoothly and that we all had a good time. All other staff members in Delhi and Jaipur plus all our drivers and crew were excellent, especially our Visit Facilitators in Delhi and Jaipur. It was a very memorable journey and we look forward to booking a future Easy Tours trip to India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Debbie Morrow
January 2013
We loved everything about the trip from beginning to end. The people everywhere we went were very gracious, curious, polite, and friendly. The tour guide in Hassan was exceptional. He really knew his history. All the tour guides were great. Overall! lt was a wonderful experience and I fell in love with India - more so than before I got there. LOVELY people! That was THE best part. The world could learn a lot from the Indian population. I hope to come back sometime soon.
No suggestions for improvement. I loved the experience! It was awesome!!!!!!!!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Danielle and Dave Kilpatrick
January 2013
Every aspect of the tour was excellent. Our India Specialist in the US office did a great job designing the tour and making recommendations for our itinerary. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Sergey Kabanov
January 2013
I'm happy to inform you that on Sunday, the 20th of January, I got back home after my 20-day adventure in India.
Everything was perfect, the tour was arranged and fulfilled absolutely at its best, all systems went like a Swiss watch.
All in all, I'm fully satisfied with the tour and its excellent organization and would like to express my sincere gratefulness to ETI for the great job done. Thank you very much. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

James and Alison Cunningham
January 2013
Well here we are back in Australia, what a shame.
We wish to convey our sincere thanks to all of the Easy Tours crew in India , Nepal and the U S. We cannot express our thanks enough to the way we were treated it was a total professional and quality tour we had with you. The whole way through, from start to finish, we were treated like royalty and given the utmost care and attention. Everywhere we went the area facilitators, guides and especially the drivers, were exceptional. The guides and drivers are expert in the custom, history, geography and possess an exceptional knowledge of the area. There are some 'stand-out' people and I will forward their names after I have been through my diary.
India, as they say is truly an amazing place and Easy Tours made it even more amazing for us. I will forward a more detailed account of some of the highlights (most days) once we have settled in.
Thank you, Guest Relations, so much for your communication whilst we were in India, it makes all the difference to know that we were being kept an 'eye on' to make sure that we were happy and safe, it is truly appreciated.
Congratulations to all the Easy Tour crew in India and Nepal REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Jihan Saba - Four Family Members
January 2013
Our trip to India was outstanding in every way!
Easy Tours was exceptional. Our driver for most of the trip was excellent as well as our Jaipur guide and our guide in Agra. The whole family learned a lot and enjoyed the architecture, culture and cuisine. Thank you REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Marc Weitzman
January 2013
We had a great time. We felt well supported the entire trip. transfers were smooth, guides excellent, trip design was great. We would like to return for a Rajasthan trip in a couple of years and will call on you again. We have already given your name to a few friends! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Warren Josephson and Jill Brenner
January 2013
Our trip was perfectly designed by our US based India Specialist, absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. Our Tour Director and driver were terrific, as was the guide we had for the 2 days in Varanasi. The logistics all were perfectly coordinated and implemented - giving us the flexibility to map each day exactly to our interests. All of the hand-offs for the flights, train and drives were flawlessly handled - not one moment of anxiety during the entire trip. We thought the itinerary and agenda of sites/activities struck the perfect balance, and ending the trip in Varanasi where we witnessed the sacred Hindu rituals at sunset and sunrise was ideal. Arranging a day bike ride in Udaipur was a lot of fun and injected some well needed exercise into the equation. The hotels -- combination of physical facilities and service -- were the finest we've stayed at anywhere in the world. We loved not being part of a large tour group herded in and out of buses. ! In short, a "tour de force" on all accounts. Needless to say, we would be pleased to provide references for future clients. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

James Behram and Cynthia Haber
January 2013
All aspects of the tour were excellent. Outstanding! I would recommend Easy Tours to anyone visiting India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

Brandon and Gloria Williams
January 2013
My mother and I had an incredible tour of India. We were both first time international travelers and experienced top notch service from beginning to end. We went with a group of ten others with our Tour Director who provided my mother and I with EXCEPTIONAL service. Here’s how. My mother and I were flying to India on separate flights but to my misfortune, I lost my passport in Chicago and was not able to meet her in Delhi. This luckless series of events left my mother at the mercy of being alone on the other side of the world depending on me to be there for support. Our Tour Director was the first to contact me via his personal phone to let me know that my mother was with him, safe and he would look out for her as his own mother. I spoke with my mother on his cell phone and she said that she felt very comfortable and at ease with him and the other tour guides that were showing her around. My mother even took the personal car and driver that I had arranged to go out and see the library and librarians in Delhi. She went alone because of the enormous level of safety that she felt during the entire trip. After I arrived three days later, my mother told me that Tour Director was with her every step of the way while I was away. That made me very happy. That type of care didn't happen because of pay, but because of authentic concern for my mother whom I love dearly. The things that we saw were majestic, but the people that we met surpassed our greatest expectations. Thanks for the lifetime of memories, Easy Tours you receive an A+ on all areas from my mother and me. We will defiantly recommend this professional tour company to others.
I will put in an additional recommendation for our Tour Director. I recommend that this professional tour guide be solicited by Easy Tours for creative and efficient ideas to make Easy Tours even more appealing and cost efficient. I am a US Army Captain with 13 years of active duty service and recognize that people closest to the action usually have the most practical ideas to make a program or mission run smoother. I recognize ambition, motivation, and invention in people when I see it and our Tour Director is one that you must hear out. Again, thank you for the extraordinary tour and your attentiveness to my recommendations. Namaste! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Janet Brown
January 2013
Thank you for a wonderful trip! You spoiled us. We want to go back.
We always felt safe, had bottled drinking water available and clean facilities to use. Braced for the worst, I took Pepto Bismol, Immodium and water purifying devices in my suitcase. I did not need them because I did not get sick and felt great the whole time. We took reasonable precautions like washing our hands and wiping them with hand sanitizing towelettes frequently. We were mindful of, and appreciated, what our US-based India Specialist told us just before we left- to drink the bottled water and eat foods that had been peeled or cooked. It was very nice that Guest Relations called us from time to time, to see how we were doing.
The pace of the tour was just right. We usually travelled during the day and got into the hotel rooms late afternoon or early evening. We met other travelers who were going day and night and I cringed at the thought of how tired they must’ve felt.  
Each day was a new adventure. Different places, modes of travel (elephant rides, rickshaws, TukTuks, train, boat, buses, cars and airplanes) and experiences made the tour interesting.  Everything about the trip was as good, or better, than our India Specialist had told us before we left.
Throughout the trip, Easy Tours demonstrated impressive coordination and teamwork, meeting us at airports and the train station, handling glitches and changes with ease. They were very flexible and accommodating of our needs and requests. For instance when we arrived in Mumbai, we needed to take a break and eat brunch before going on the city tour. The Mumbai Facilitator and our guide were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with us.  Later when we had a day in Mumbai before returning home, the Facilitator and Guests Relations and others all helped us get a hotel room during the day so we could rest for the long flight home. That was really nice as well as the shopping opportunity and driver we had for the entire day.
When we were caught in a traffic jam going to Orcha, our Tour Director asked us if we would consider walking to lunch and we did. We enjoyed walking alongside the locals- they, on their way to the temple to worship and us, on our way to lunch. I liked how we walked in the streets sometimes. Otherwise we would’ve been totally insulated from India- only watching from the window of the vehicles. It must be stressful to take tourists to a place like Varanasi where there are so many people of all sorts. We sure appreciated our Tour Director’s guidance and explanation of what all was going on there as he demonstrated when he saved “Kingfisher Stan” from becoming a victim of “Kashi Baba”.
Every hotel was the high standard we expected (first class). Each had welcoming staff and good service. Rooms were clean. Including breakfasts with the room charge was ideal. I appreciated, and often used, the computers in the Business Centers and treadmills in the spa/gym areas.   
The food was fabulous. Indian food was always available to try as well as Western fare. When we were leaving on early morning flights, the hotels would pack a box of breakfast for us. We would unload the box and take the food in our backpacks on the flights. All the food at hotels and lunches were great. Some of it was little spicy for us. As we learned to ask for less spice, the cooks usually did.
In hindsight, I am so thankful the drivers got us to our destinations safely and simply miraculous that they function effectively with so much consternation in the roadways. 
Thanks to the US and India based staff and all others who helped us throughout the trip.
I’m sorry I do not remember the names of everyone who helped us at Katmandu and Aurangabad airports, to and from the Agra train station, the tour guide of the temples in Khajuraho, the astrological guide in Jaipur.  All were on time, courteous and helpful.
Huge thanks to our Tour Director for most of the trip. He went above and beyond daily meeting our requests. He did things like fixing my travel partner, Christine’s, suitcase handle, stopping at stores so we could pick up items we needed like camera batteries and beer. Throughout, he really cared about our wellbeing and met any request we had. He explained how life is in India and that was, in part, the purpose of our trip. He was very tolerant of repeating things so we could try to understand all the Moghul kings and historic events related to the palaces and forts we toured.
Our guide in Katmandu was an excellent tour guide. When I asked him what kind of tree we were looking at he said blue pine and then gave the Latin name.
The guide in Mumba, was also an excellent guide, spoke articulate English, was accommodating with what we wanted to see and do.
The guide in Aurangabad was obviously knowledgeable about the Ajanta and Ellora caves, spoke excellent English and tolerant of us when we stopped for photos with locals and went shopping.
Thanks to Easy Tours, we have fond memories of Nepal and India. Easy Tours was the right choice for us on our first trip to Nepal and India.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Tony and Ann McArdle
January 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour with our driver and all of the different guides.
Each one was quite different all were enthusiastic about what they wanted to show and tell.
Our Hotels and Palaces were simply gorgeous the rooms very spacious and extremely comfortable. The Christmas Dinner and experience was super. Also the New Year’s Eve Dinner and Cultural Show was splendid.
The Evening with the Nobleman on Boxing Day was really nice. A home style meal with all the trimmings made by his lovely wife was just delightful. A friendly family who made us very welcome. A Trip that was more amazing and more wonderful than we could imagine, seeing is believing. The advertising on Australian TV invites everyone to INCREDIBLE INDIA.....It is so true.
Once again thanks for the follow up, guest relations was diligent too, she called us frequently just to make sure everything was ok.

Venkit Iyer - Seven Family Members
December 2012
We had a very good experience with Easy Tours of India.
The entire trip went very well without any problems or glitches.
All of the staff members of Easy Tours of India were prompt, courteous and helpful.
Without their help we would have been stranded.
We shall certainly recommend your organization to all our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Carol Suchman - Six Family Members
December 2012
To sum up our India trip- I would say amazing, magical, adventurous, incredible.
The trip you set up for us was very well planned, distance, locations, variation etc. The Oberoi Hotels are the most amazing, gorgeous, luxurious places on earth with locations, food, service beyond explanation. Each location had the rooms we requested and we had absolutely no problems. Your planning of the Oberoi near the airport was inspired as it made the trip so much easier and we loved the hotel! If we had gone all the way back to Delhi each time it would have ruined the trip. We had no stomach or any other health issues, but we only ate in hotels.
We were met at the airport upon arrival by the first of our many efficient, friendly and informed tour guides. They were flexible and met our personal needs and gave us a very good sense of the area they were showing. They gave us a great feeling of care and customized our trip to our interests. They provided wonderful perks like rickshaw rides after a long walk and wonderful lunches in the sun. We also felt we could always call you if we had a problem. The boat ride on the Ganges was incredible- as was the service after. Our guide actually got us seats upfront. He was lovely. He also negoiated lots of purchases for us. The tour of the Taj Mahal was perfect. We loved our guide- he was fast and to the point and a mover and shaker. The family we had dinner with in Delhi was warm and charming and a real highlight. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Barri Rind
December 2012
I want to thank you for planning such an amazing itinerary for me and Dan. India lived up to my expectations and beyond. It is such a rich country in history, culture, cuisine and an amazing human tapestry. I want to give you some feedback about my impressions and experiences. Overall I would rate the trip as a 10 out of 10. The hotels were very good both in sense of accommodation and service. We loved Rajasthan and we especially want to comment on our driver. He was fantastic which was good as he spent 10 days with us. He was the most attentive driver. He always looked neat with his pressed cloths. Was professional. Drove very well. Was polite and completely understood Dan's desire to photograph a lot and my desire to discover rural India. He was alert and also offered explanation about different places we drove by when we didn't have the guide with us. I would highly recommend him to your high end clients or any long duration trips. He stopped on the way at villages which were not on the itinerary but were interesting on many levels. He made sure we were always safe and that all our needs were met. We were amazed by his excellent familiarity with all the roads and his excellent navigation. Sometimes he drove for 6 hours or more and never showed signs of being tired. This is a driver that should be used a lot by Easy Tours. He was by far the best driver we had in India.
I also want to comment on three travel facilitators in particular. The first one was in Delhi. He was very thorough from beginning to end and had a pleasant personality. If was nice to have him as the first person to greet us in India as he was able to make us feel good right away. The other one worth mentioning was the one in Varanasi. We casually told him when we were driving to the airport that we needed to pay for extra weight on the flight from Udaipur to Varanasi and were concerned that we would be charged on each leg for the next 4 domestic flights. He immediately called someone he knew at the airport and when we got there we never had to go through check in. We were told to sit down, someone came with the luggage tags and told us we don't need to pay anything. The TF stayed there until we were ready to go through security. He really didn't need to do that and we were very grateful to him. The same kind of service was in Mumbai. We wanted to see if we could leave our luggage at the airport in Mumbai, He stayed with us, checked where we could do it and made sure the luggage was checked in at the right place. All in all, I would highly recommend Easy Tours to all of my friends. The quality of the hotels, guides, drivers, the personal attention to details and the prompt reply when we needed something was truly first class. I especially want to thank our India Specialist in the Austin Office. You were absolutely fantastic. Your deep knowledge of India, your excellent customer service and your natural enthusiasm and charismatic personality certainly made it fun for me to plan this trip and work with you with zero stress on my part.
Our US based India Specialist was very thorough and professional and it was obvious that your main goal from beginning to end was to ensure that we get the best service and the best trip ever. It was really a pleasure to work with someone like you who is so conscientious and intuitive to his client’s needs. You truly understood what kind of a tourist I am and what kind of a tour would appeal to me. You booked an excellent itinerary for us with excellent hotels and guides. I can truly say that I've learned a lot about India and have enjoyed it tremendously and you have made it possible.
Thank you again for such excellent service and for providing us with the trip of a life time of many amazing memories.
I will recommend you to all my friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Donna Roberts
December 2012
Our India Specialist was so helpful in creating our itinerary and gave feedback and recommendations of places to visit. It was because of his recommendations that I think I had the best itinerary possible. The tour in Kerala was amazing! It was not a typical tourist area and I loved it. It was my favorite part of this whole trip. It was beautiful and the best of both worlds - beaches, mountains with its tea & spice plantations. I definitely would return to that area and stay at all the lodgings that were arranged for us in that area (CGH8 Bastion, Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House, and Carnoustie Resort). The service, food, and rooms were exceptional. The tours were amazing, educational, and enjoyable for both south and north India.
We had a wonderful time! The services that your personnel provided were over and beyond anything that I expected. The customer service and follow through was excellent. Our Guest Relations Manager surprised us with a visit over dinner in Jaipur, which was so nice. She is truly a lovely lady and very helpful. We needed assistance with coordinating a time when one of our dear friends could meet up with us during one of our tours and she helped us with that. It was beyond what she needed to do and was more than accommodating. The words that I have to describe India are that the people are “accommodating”, “attentive”, and “hospitable”. Of course, I don’t doubt at all that much of this was due to your hard work at Easy Tours in ensuring that we stayed at the best places, had great drivers and tour guides and facilitators. I have recommended Easy Tours to many people and hope that they contact you for their India travels. I know I sure will for another trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

Delores and Joe Terry
December 2012
We had a few minutes this afternoon so I decided to write and let you know what a wonderful time we are having in India. We are now in Cochin and looking forward to our cooking class this evening. I am so glad that we chose Easy Tours as our company because the real highlight of our trip was our small group experience. We were a very cohesive group and we could not have had a better Tour Director. He has to be the best guide in India. He showed us the real India!

We have seen a great deal of India and have been amazed at the differences. It is hard to believe that we are on the downhill side of our trip because it feels like we just got here. I am looking forward to returning to India someday.

Thanks for planning this wonderful trip! REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Dana Moser
December 2012
I wanted to post this as soon as I could ... just to let you know how thrilled I am with Easy Tours for securing the best facilitators, guides and drivers. I especially want to commend our guide in Jaipur. He went above and beyond the call of guide duty. Today, since I'm such an early riser and really wanted to visit the Temple of Ganesh above the city, he came early for me and accompanied me as we climbed to the top where we had spectacular views of the city spread out below us. The temple was a very calm and spiritual place and Ganesh has come to be associated with my luck on this trip in many ways so I will be forever grateful to him for taking the time to do it with me. Afterwards, he and I walked around downtown Jaipur down small alleys looking at kite shops, food prep places, and, in general, getting into the rhythm of what it's like to live in such a beautiful city. If there is any way that you give commendations, please do so with him.

Guest Relations has been wonderful to us too and it was nice to know that we could count on her for anything we might need. Your staff is certainly to be commended. Our driver has been great too and sometimes can double as a guide telling us what we are seeing as we drive by.

The guides and driver for South India were helpful also and our facilitator seemed to magically appear wherever we were. Thank you, again, for suggesting that we head south before the weddings. It worked out so great and so many images are burned into my brain that I hope they stay forever. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Sue and Stan Loar
November 2012
Everything was excellent. The hotels were wonderful. The Delhi Hotel Grand was beautiful, but a little far out of the center. We loved our guides especially in Agra, Varanasi, Orcha, Jaipur and Udaipur. Thank you for putting together an experience we will never forget. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Rita Bernabei
November 2012
I want to thank you for planning such a varied, comprehensive, enlightening two week trip to India for my husband, friend, and I. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and accommodating. India is an overwhelming country (we didn't realize how overwhelming) and Easy Tours made the trip "easy." From the moment we were met at the airport (seeing that sign with my name was a relief) we were in good hands. Our Delhi Facilitator and "go to" person who met us at the airport and escorted us to the hotel put us at ease. He explained our itinerary, and presented our necessary tickets and paperwork to us in a beautiful folder. It is touches like that which made this tour special. We were so happy to see him again at the end of our trip to bring us to the airport. (We also appreciated Guest Relations phone calls to check on us.)
Our accompanying Tour Director in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, was knowledgeable and gave us the necessary "heads up" about the hawkers and customs of India. He explained the history of each amazing site clearly with just the right amount of information. We felt like we really "saw" India on this trip from all modes of transportation, rickshaw, train, plane, van, car, walking, elephant.
A word about the hotels-the Oberoi, the Raj Palace and the Windermere were unique - each one made us feel at home-the Oberoi knew our names the first day. You were right - these were luxury hotels.
This was a trip of a lifetime. India is a place you would never imagine exists in this world. Easy Tours gave a seamless trip to an enthralling location. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Debbi Kavanaugh
November 2012
We had a fabulous trip. Everyone that we worked with on our tour was very courteous, helpful and enjoyable to be with. Our driver through most of India was excellent. The guides were all very knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend time with. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

Judith Genovese
November 2012
My daughter and I took an Easy Tour of India Nov 18th thru Nov 25th. We were very pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail and politeness of every Easy Tours employee we came in contact with. We found nearly all the people we met warm and welcoming, the weather was perfect, the food good, the history of the places awe inspiring, and the Hindu culture exemplary in so many ways. Our Tour Director was excellent. He was intelligent (and great fun!) and more than met our expectations. We were more than pleased with the entire experience and will heartily recommend Easy Tours to anyone. Thank you again. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Phyllis Walls
November 2012
Hello to everyone at Easy Tours,
We have been home more than a week now, but are still processing the sights, sounds and smells and pictures of India that will be remembered for a long time, as will be the incredible friendliness of the people.
Our hotels were all very comfortable, and all were staffed with very helpful, friendly people. The food was all very good to excellent, and, with only one exception, the serving staff were very good.
The Easy Tours employees were all very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. And the drivers are amazing! Both Russ and I agree that our Tour Director was the best of them all, he made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable. It is no easy job to herd 11 tourists with assorted abilities through the streets of India, but he did it!
Everyone asks: "how was your trip?" We can only say that it was INCREDIBLE! And we are always glad to recommend Easy Tours, just ask us. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Fran Gallogly
November 2012
We recently returned from India, and I want to thank everyone at Easy Tours for an absolutely fantastic vacation! There wasn't a single glitch or foul-up despite the fact that we had a pretty complex itinerary with many flights and connections. No matter what hour we arrived at an airport, even in the dead of night, there was a representative and driver waiting to greet us. And they would not leave until we assured them that our hotel room was to our liking.

All of the guides were outstanding and the drivers were also good. We especially enjoyed our driver from Agra to Udaipur. While all of the guides were excellent, we particularly enjoyed our guide in Agra who proved to be a great font of knowledge about the Mughal emperors, the guide in Khajuraho for his in depth insight into the art history and significance of the temple sculptures, our facilitator in Kanha who provided us with a heart warming experience in the small village of Nagoe when he introduced us to an extended family he was related to and where we were welcomed with tea and refreshments into their home, and the guide in Jaisalmer who lives in the fort and conveyed his great love for his home and city. Our guide in Jaipur went out of his way to arrange for us to be admitted to the fort in the evening in order to photograph the sunset from one of the upper story windows.

The hotels were truly opulent, much more beautiful than anything we had expected. There wasn't a bad one in the lot. We loved the Taj in Aurangabad where there was a young manager in the restaurant who perceived that we enjoyed Indian food and made an effort every evening to recommend regional specialties for us to sample. The Trident in Jaipur with a view of the lake palace was also outstanding and had especially wonderful service. We loved the decor and ambiance at the Fort Rajwada in Jaisalmer. In Jodhpur we stayed at the Taj Gateway. We made a very minor complaint about the restaurant to the Easy Tour rep which he apparently passed on to the hotel. On our second visit to this hotel we were met by the general manager who upgraded our room to the Jaipur Suite and provided us with a free dinner. It was much more than our small complaint merited and we were most grateful and actually stunned by his kindness.

Finally, I must mention our wonderful stay at Chitwan Jungle Lodge in Kahna. The room was not fancy but it was large and comfortable. What made this lodge so outstanding was the general manager. He simply cannot do enough to ensure that his guests are enjoying themselves and are well provided for. This attitude permeates all of the staff at Chitwan. The chef would emerge from the kitchen to check if you needed any special preparations and if the spice level was to your liking. One day I asked one of the kitchen people about the gardens behind the lodge where they were growing some vegetables. Instead of a brief reply, he gave me a tour of the garden and explained everything they were growing there, not only for the kitchen but also the section devoted to medicinal herbs. And he introduced me to their gardener. On our last day in Kahna we decided not to rush to Bandhavgarh to try to make the afternoon safari. I preferred to visit some of the small villages near Kahna to photograph the people and their daily routines. The General Manager told me that nearly all of the staff at Chitwan was drawn from these villages and that he sometimes provides books and funds to help send the children to school. Then he and his assistant manager got on a motor scooter and joined us in the villages where he provided introductions for me and facilitated my photographing the people there. This is a man who truly walks in the footsteps of Gandhi!

There were many more experiences that I could outline here but I think you get the gist of it. The trip was a great experience and all the connections and arrangements went like clockwork thanks to the fine coordinators from Easy Tours. We are most grateful. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ron and Isabel Ross Ogden
November 2012
Our India tour was outstanding on every level, from pre-planning to execution. Your itinerary was packed with wonderful events and sights that we never even dreamed of. We considered ourselves most fortunate having such a superb Tour Director, for he was helpful, informed, dependable, efficient, conscientious, professional, sensitive to our needs and wants (my husband and I are young at heart but not in years, being over 70), and he was a perfectly delightful companion on our journeys from town to town. He really was the best guide in every way, mature beyond his years taking care of our unique needs often on his own initiative. We parted as family. We had a wonderful driver for the last eleven days who drove with skill and minimal stress. The Tour Director and the driver meshed wonderfully as a team and maximized every day for us. They were truly exceptional.

We were overwhelmed with the excellence of the Taj and Oberoi hotels (palaces really), their staff, the hospitality, the gorgeous landscaping not to mention the luxurious rooms. Even the camel fair accommodations were acceptable, albeit an understandable change in sumptuousness. All our meals included on the road were a pleasure as well. The itinerary was well planned and we even squeezed in some personal shopping time for tiles and fabrics with our Tour Director’s help. My husband and I often commented that we were seeing and doing things in India that we never could have seen or done on our own. With our own guide and driver and the royal level of accommodations, "opulent" has taken on a new standard for us. We were spoiled shamelessly. India itself was a delight and we enjoyed all the sights and events, the culture and the food, the gorgeous saris and the gentle "namaste" greetings we encountered everywhere. The camel rides and fair, the elephant rides, the tiger sighting (we were lucky!), the surprise of landing during Diwali festivities, the history preserved in the forts and palaces, market place comings and goings, and so much more....India did not disappoint nor did Easy Tours of India company and their support staff in India. We would highly recommend Easy Tours to India and our guide to any one (and already have done so to folks we know). A++, every one and every thing. Well done. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Kilwehi Kono and Lawrence Miike
November 2012
Our trip to Varanasi was excellent! We continue to be amazed by all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India. We thought that our guide in Nepal was the best that we have had. He had an easy way with him that belied a highly organized and knowledgeable person. In retrospect I would have preferred to have spent more time in India and less time in Bhutan. If we go back that way, I would definitely go back to India and definitely not go back to Nepal and Bhutan. India was just so much more colorful in every way!!! I also thought it was a very nice touch for Guest Relations to call us during our trip. I did email and tell them that. Other than that, I want to thank you both for a wonderful trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Judy Watkins
November 2012
I was so impressed with the way the guides handled everything without a glitch. I was thankful that the guide in Mumbai who picked us up from the airport came even though the political leader Thackeray died and there were concerns there could be processions and so no taxis were running. I appreciated the driver and guide made sure we were not stranded at such a time. Our guide in Darjeeling was also exceptional. I would like to thank our India Specialist for setting up our travels. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Roland and Marianne Kuchel
November 2012
Now that we are back in cold New England, flooded with so many memories of our wonderful experience in India, we wanted to thank you and all of you at Easy Tours for the superb trip you organized and facilitated for us. Thank you for working with us, with excellent advice, on shaping a trip that met our interests and desires. Thank you and all your associates in India who worked with us on the ground to make it such a positive and incredible experience. Your organization could not have been better.

We also wish to commend the excellent guides you provided us at every stop. We learned so much from them, not only about the places we visited, but also the insights they provided on Indian history, culture, religious life, the political scene and the economy. They were well educated, articulate and flexible in organizing the daily itineraries - sensitive to our needs as well as knowing when a sight might be less crowded, switching the order of our sightseeing to avoid traffic. They were all marvelous in their own ways. Although it would be unfair to single anyone out, your guide at Khajuraho had such a refined knowledge of art that he transformed a temple that might well be admired for its eroticism into something spiritual. And as a personality, we will long remember the incredible energy, self-confidence, and native intelligence of your guide at Agra - what a personality.

Your station personnel were invariably helpful and courteous. Again, I hesitate to mention any, but the gentleman at Khajuraho was exceptionally enterprising, providing us a marvelous visit to his home village near the city before we departed for Agra. We also admired the dexterity of your facilitator at Jhansi in getting us into the train!

Finally, please commend our driver from Agra who took us through Rajasthan to Udaipur with expert driving skill and quiet, pleasing personality.

In terms of the hotels selected, you will recall that we mixed and matched several categories and price-levels. We are so happy that we upgraded our bookings to stay in two marvelous hotels with heritage appeal - the Taj Rambagh and unforgettable Lake Palace. My wife and I loved, however, the Trident at Agra where we spent the first night - one of the nicest, non-super luxury choices a really finely run place. For similar reasons, we also liked the Oberoi Maidens in Delhi - its history and nice location between the sights in Old Delhi and the newer city. You obviously have good relations with the management of all your hotels -- in many places we were upgraded and this was appreciated.

Again, many thanks for arranging a most memorable trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Joan Cook
March 2012
This is very late but I want you to know how much I enjoyed my tour of India from February 26th - March 11th 2012.

This was my dream trip and I can honestly say it was one I will never forget.  I was very impressed with the way Easy Tours of India did business.  Every member of staff I met in India did an excellent job of representing the company and made sure I was happy with everything in every city I visited.  Guest Relations also checked in on a regular basis to let me know she was always available should any problem arise.  The hotels were excellent and travelling was very comfortable.

I also want to highly commend our very wonderful Tour Director in Northern India.  I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job.  Not only was he a source of knowledge about the sites we visited, but was a very pleasant travel companion for my group. 

I can highly recommend Easy Tours of India and hope to use your company again as I intend to return to India.

John Snider and Family (Four Family Members)
March 2012
Without a doubt, the best tour we've ever taken! The ability to customize the tour in the planning stage gave us a tremendous advantage over packaged tours. Easy Tours' flexibility on a daily basis allowed us to get the most out of every destination while reacting to the inevitable bumps along the way (illness, etc.) The local coordinators were all extremely helpful and courteous. Half the guides were simply outstanding. The rest were "just" excellent! They added tremendously to our understanding, comfort and enjoyment. They were able to tailor our visits to our interests and desires rather than delivering canned tours. Their assistance in shopping was also noteworthy. The drivers were unbelievably professional. Having the dedicated, comfortable transportation immediately available saved untold time and energy. Our hotels (traditional, first-class) were uniformly clean, comfortable and nicer than any we would stay in in the US. All had all the amenities and services one would expect in a luxury hotel. All in all, Easy Tours provided us with a true "Once in a lifetime" experience with extraordinary service at a very reasonable price. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

John, Williams and Sylvia Fragner
March 2012
We would highly recommend Easy Tours of India. What a fantastic trip, Captain Sid was just outstanding!! The itinerary was excellent, covered many places we wanted to visit. Our India Specialist in the US office was so excellent and accommodating. He called us right away if we had a question, gave us very detailed and helpful information. We had calls from several staff during the tour to ask how all was going, if the hotels were acceptable. Amazing assistance and support. We really appreciated that the tours were small. I've been on other tours with up to 24 people far too many. Thank you to all those who planned our wonderful trip. I appreciated getting the notebooks to keep a journal of our trip. We never worried about the water because we got plenty on the tour bus as well as two bottles in every hotel. This eased our concern completely. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Phyllis Lutjeans (Brian Beck Group)
March 2012
I wanted to thank you for cooperating with Brian Beck in planning our Pilgrimage to Northern India.  I have traveled the world and this trip was one of the most spiritual, inventive, special, surreal, humorous, and exciting trips I have experienced.  The flexibility, the humor and patience of all were the best.  But what was even more special was your Tour Director. You have a gem in him; I hope Easy Tours realizes that.  He not only was knowledgeable about almost anything we wanted to talk about but because all of us have a great sense of humor he was perfect for our group.  He seemed to be able to discuss anything from early myths, to flowers, plants, animals; whatever came up in conversation.  He was able to flow easily with this rather unruly group and we appreciated his concern and kindness to all of us.  As you know, in many cases a tour guide can make or break a trip, well he made our trip the best.  We all wanted to have him visit America so that we could show him as wonderful a time as he showed us.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Dennis and Donna Sprague
March 2012
Our India Specialist in the Austin office helped us greatly in selecting not only a tour but also the 11 days on our own with driver and guide. Our tour director for the 16 day small group tour was the best we have ever had on a tour. He was clear and easy to understand, knowledgeable at all destinations, efficient in all our modes of transportation, and he was also very personable. We would be pleased to have him as our tour guide again. Also our guide in Mysore went out of his way to cover all aspects of that city. Our driver from February 25th to March 1st (Bangalore to Mysore to Nagarhole to Bangalore) was also extremely helpful and took on the duties of tour guide plus driver. We will definitely be touring India again, and we will definitely give Easy Tours of India our first consideration. as you know.   REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

James Peter and Gayle Kollitz
March 2012
My wife and I had a wonderful time on our recent tour of India. We wish to thank you for the last minute changes you made for us. The guide you found for us in Kanchipuram and Chennai was wonderful. She was a great help to my wife. With her help, she was able to find the things she wanted for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. Our driver was also most patient and very helpful with this shopping. You made it seem like these last minute changes were not difficult but we want you to know that we appreciated your work and that it made a big difference for us.

I was impressed with how well you kept track of us and how careful your organization was to make certain we always made our flights and reached our destinations. Your company is one of the better travel companies that I have worked with. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Barbara and Robert Stepleman
February 2012
Now that we have time to catch up, I want to thank you and Easy Tours of India for an unforgettable trip.  We could not have asked for a better tour company.  You exceeded our expectations. We certainly feel that we got what we paid for and more.  The tour guides were wonderful as were the drivers.  In every city we were greeted by a representative from that city to make sure everything was as we expected.  Guest Relations calls were an added bonus. Thanks again. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Janet Ristow (Brian Beck Group)
February 2012
I would like first to give an especially excellent review for our Tour Director throughout the trip, He became a friend, fun traveling companion, and source of much information about the sites we visited. When some of our group had problems or concerns he was right there to make our situation better. I would highly recommend him for any tour in India. Also, our Kolkata guide was also full of wonderful stories about Sri Ramakrishna whose teachings our Yoga Center in California is based upon. These two gentlemen are highly recommended as guides. Our agenda was a bit too full for our group, but our Tour Director adjusted the pace to suit our folks. The hotels I especially loved The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and the Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Kevin Beicke
February 2012
Excellent trip. The guides were terrific in the three cities we visited (Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi). Our guide in Agra went above and beyond the call of duty for us and is the role model for how other guides should strive to be. The guides we had were all excellent and made the tour a great success. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

William and Karen Carey
February 2012
We had an absolutely wonderful experience in India. Your folks were all very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous with us at all times. We will recommend you and Easy Tours every chance we get.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Lauren and David Weinstein
January 2012
We are home from our trip and just wanted to let you know that everything was wonderful.  All your representatives, tour guides, drivers were incredible.
We are so appreciative that our India Specialist in the US office recommended our staying at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur.  What an experience - being treated like a Maharaja and Maharani!
Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip so memorable. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Susan and Charles Shubin
January 2012
I just had to tell you how wonderful our trip was and how special you made it for us from the wonderful planning you did, to the great air arrangements and help when I needed it, to the friendly and reassuring calls Guest Relations made - making us feel very secure and looked after.
We've had the good fortune to travel with many companies but I tell you honestly yours was the best-flawless.

Philip and Ellen Pearsall
January 2012
The trip was very well planned and Easy Tours did a wonderful job including guides, drivers, meeting us a airports etc. Thanks. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Peter and Barbara Sapienza
January 2012
We had a five week tour beginning in Jan 2012. Literally everything was wonderful. The staff in the Austin office were great - Very professional, patient, attentive, accommodating. In India, without exception, all our managers, guides, drivers were dedicated and helpful exceeding expectations. This is quite an amazing situation for a long trip! A few stood out, like our lady guide in Mumbai. In Cochin our Facilitator was very nice. In Aurangabad, the guide was very knowledgeable and a fine companion. In Rajasthan, our driver was great. Attentive, caring, and a skilled driver! In Udaipur, guide was fun, and he spoke Italian! I speak some. In Kumbalgarh, our guide for the Ranakpur hike was great. In Jodhpur the guide was one of my favorites of the trip. Smart, engaging, dedicated. The Jaipurguide was a gem. In Agra, the guide brought the Mughals alive for us (again!) In Delhi, our Facilitator was absolutely amazing, for doing everything and being everywhere all at once. In Varanasi, we were fortunate to have the guide we had professor, priest, guide. A fountain of knowledge. On this trip I learned a tremendous amount about India: geography, current affairs, politics, history, religions, society, culture, cuisine, wonderful people, Accommodations, transportation, staff, logistics, connections. Everything happened as planned and like magic. I am happy to recommend ETI to my friends, without hesitation, and I do so frequently. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Monica and Paul Marwah
January 2012
I had the most amazing time in India. Easy tours provided a safe and fun way to see India. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and wouldn't change a thing. Everything went perfectly and according to plan. Staff was amazing and friendly. The tour was directly specifically for my needs. If I wanted to go shopping, I was taken to awesome shops. If I wanted to see an astrologer, an astrologer was on hand. I loved every minute of my experience in India and I recommend no one else but Easy Tours of India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

James Westfall Family (Six Family Members)
January 2012
The guides were great. We were particularly impressed by the Agra guide and the Safari guide. The driver was the best we could have had. All of our party had fun and learned many things. We really enjoyed the traffic scenes and actions. We would not have been able to enjoy India to the same extent without the efforts of the entire Easy Tour staff. Easy Tours was easy to work with. Our India Specialist in the US office kept our interests at the forefront of planning. I think that he went beyond our expectations to provide great service. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Andrea Pinto Family (Four Family Members)
January 2012
Thank you so much for a fabulous, easy, well-organized trip! We were nervous about taking 2 young children to India, but you made it perfect! Thank you so much for all of your planning, helpfulness, and attentiveness! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Morris Petty
December 2011
3rd Visit to India with Easy Tours
This was my third tour with ETI, and once again it was astounding. Planning was excellent with the expert office staff. On the trip, I had fantastic experiences every day! It is truly incredible that India has such a vast wealth of historic, religious and cultural treasures. I was able to see the fortress cities of Rajasthan (including the awesome Karnimata Temple (rat temple) the sites of Mother Theresa (Kolkata) the great Hindu temples of Orissa and Tirupati, and these were just the highlights! One of the most outstanding drivers I have ever experienced escorted me through more than half of the tour. He was truly an outstanding guide. I was able to enjoy all kinds of foods, fresh fruits and lassi (mmm) because of his careful attention. Everything went smoothly and was flawless during my travels the guides, transfers, and transportation were absolutely coordinated and made travel in this ancient land easy! I certainly intend on traveling with Easy Tours again. You are THE BEST! Thank you so much. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Dr. Devang Desai and Family (Five Family Members)
December 2011
Our trip was spectacular and thank you so much. You guided us well on the properties. The Trident Nariman Point with the deluxe window views was worth it, as by then everyone was tired and we truly enjoyed the view from the hotel. The Taj Gateway in Agra was spectacular on the fifth floor, Guest Relations, Thank you much! The Suryagarh splurge was well worth it- what a spectacular property and hospitality!

Thank you for arranging the semi private rooftop dinner at Hanwant Mahal in Jodhpur. It was incredible! Also, as you would expect of your clients we tried to thank everyone and provide gratuities as best as we could, especially here. Also, thank you for taking care of our fantastic dinner at Legends of Marwar in Suryagargh- our server still makes us smile when we think of him. Finally, please thank the Udaipur office again for arranging our dinner in Udaipur at the restaurant - what a view at night!

Our guides were all quite good- from the one in Delhi to the one in Jodhpur. We loved our guide in Jaipur- he was great with the kids. We really also enjoyed our time with our guide in Jaisalmer, and even got to spend time at his home in the Fort! I really appreciated how you arranged for him to meet us in Ranakpur and stay with us to Udaipur- he even spent an additional half a day with us in Udaipur.

Shopping, as I am sure you have heard- was good and we did plenty. Perhaps, more than we should have! The guides with your contacts took us to very good places with excellent merchants.

I had explored 3 other tour companies before I contacted you. Our India Specialist was very professional and attentive. Finally, when I had difficulty with the itinerary, what convinced me is the suggestions of the hotels that you did instead of the heritage properties due to your experience and tweaking the itinerary to include Kumbhalgarh - this was phenomenal at night! As you can see, I sent you family and friends this year. For us, our family, and friends- only your company exists. We will keep you in mind for our friends and for us in future. Thanks.

I wanted to also thank you greatly for how smooth all our transfers were and how well we have felt welcomed everywhere. Hotels- all hotels have been excellent. Service at Taj Gateway in Agra and Trident at Jaipur have been spectacular.

Overall an excellent experience. I would tour with you all again anytime and highly recommend you. As you know, because of me, I brought you directly and indirectly 3 client families during this same time. Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Sanjay Patel and Stacey Diane Skelnik
December 2011
The overall organization and execution of our trip was almost flawless. We had an experience that we'll remember for the rest of our lives!! The hotels were terrific as were the tour guides and the drivers. Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Fred Verde Family (Four Family Members)
December 2011
Exceeded all of our expectations!! Especially when you consider we booked everything only days before leaving and during the Xmas and New Year holidays!! Hotels, drivers, and guides were perfect. Everyone was friendly, flexible, and ready to meet all our wants and needs. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!! The Verde family. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Ms. Helen M. Vasquez and Ms. Amparo Garza Lang
December 2011
It is almost 2 1/2 weeks since my return from the unforgettable country of India and I still can't believe I was there and did all of the things that I did. I want to take a few moments to express my sincere appreciation for the top notch quality of all of your staff, from the Travel Facilitators and Tour Guides to your magical drivers.  You are to be commended for ability to select such professional persons to be part of your team. 
All of your Travel Facilitators are professional, kind and very knowledgeable about not only the area, but the world in general.  I found all of your staff very well prepared professionally.  We "nicknamed" some of your staff members.  Delhi's first Travel Facilitator we nicknamed "The walking encyclopedia". I was fascinated by his broad based knowledge about places and people.  I was totally taken by his ability to answer all of my questions in a simple but through manner. All of the drivers we nicknamed "Magical drivers".
Your tour guides are a special breed all by themselves.  Some of your guides are "elegant and classy" They dressed very professionally and with style.  We named our Kathmandu guide "Mr. Elegant man" He conducted himself with class and dignity.  Always knew what to say and how to say it. His reverence about the Crematory helped us appreciate and respect the most sacred ritual.
Our Agra guide had a special charm and exquisite timing. He was our "philosopher and contemplative" guide. He was the perfect guide to introduce the Taj Mahal to us.  He was most respectful of the place and was able to convey to us with reverence how special this place was.  

I could easily go on, but I know this may be old news for you and that you are aware of the quality of your staff.
I did, however want to say one more time that you have the most professional and hard working folks I have ever met and I have been on a number of tours in my life.  So, please convey to your staff how grateful I am for their time and dedication to make my trip to India, Nepal and Tibet so unforgettable. I will definitely use your company again in the future if and when I go away again. 

Ellen Cohen and Bob Schwartz
November 2011
Our trip was great... Our guide is the best guide ever.  Full of enthusiasm, fun and very caring.  He made our experience very special.  Wish India wasn't so far because we would like to return.  Thanks for all your help.  Ellen and Bob. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Ms. Dianne Johnson and Ms Juliana Johnson
November 2011
Thank you so much for all your help planning our tour of India! I wanted to email and thank you personally for an amazing trip. All of the tour guides, drivers, and facilitators were incredible but I wanted to note that in particular our tour director was amazing. The company is truly so lucky to have him on board. He was not just a tour guide, but a friend to all of us and that is so rare to find. If it wasn't for him, our trip to India would not have been nearly as much fun or comfortable. He helped all of us feel so comfortable and his knowledge of the country was astounding! I ended up getting very sick and even as ill as I was, I still felt at ease because he were around. He really became a great friend and was more than hospitable. I do hope that the company realizes how valuable of an asset he is.
In addition, our driver in Kerala was amazing! He was so nice and knowledgeable of the area. I truly enjoyed the brief time spent with him.

Overall, the entire trip was just perfect! Everything was planned wonderfully which led to little stress on our side. Thanks so much again and I hope to use your company again in the future!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Ms. Mary Dansinghani
November 2011
Wanted to get an email off to you but with the return to work on Thursday my office has been a revolving door.  The trip was wonderful - more than I ever could imagine.
The hotels were superb - each one beautiful with the most amazing staff.  In Agra one of the room staff actually made a Taj Mahal out of towels decorated with red and yellow rose petals.
All the guides were excellent. Our tour director was with us most of the journey.  He was especially good with me as he took my hand on each set of steps.  I found the steps much deeper than ours.  With no railings I was fearful of falling with my bad back.  Needless to say, he and I made all the steps.  With him being my son's name, I said he was my second son.Diane and Julie Johnson were a good match.  That probably is due to the universe.  We seemed to bond well and were at the same energy pace.  Julie was ill and the Easy Tours Staff were good at taking her to the doctor.  Very caring and compassionate.
Varanasi was beyond belief.  The evening arati performed by the seven priests made the air vibrate.  We launched our candles off into the Ganga.  Diane and I the following morning were blessed by a priest who just happened to be near the steps to the river. The sunrise was breath-taking.
Thank you and all the staff for making the trip enjoyable. If I live long enough I will definitely take a second Easy Tours expedition.
Again, please report my great pleasure working with all of you. You are beyond the 5 star rating! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Mr. Robert Salisbury and Ms. Susan Salisbury
November 2011
Loved India with Easy Tours. There was never a time when we felt insecure and the hotels were magnificent. All the guides were extremely knowledgeable and this teacher felt like an eager student at all times. The very best was “our tour director” who was with us the longest. There was no question he couldn't answer and he was literally a font of knowledge. We felt "at home" with this warm, intelligent and enthusiastic young man. ALL the guides and drivers were great! We had the experience of a lifetime! We're so glad we saw India with your company and we never had a moment of unease. Thank you so much for all your carefully planned arrangements. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Scott Ira Gertner, Mrs. Deborah Todd Hitchcock
November 2011
"We have been fortunate to have travelled all over the world and we have always dreamed of going to India. Easy Tours far exceeded our expectations. The guides were excellent, the scenery and culture fascinating, and we learned and enjoyed so much about India. Easy Tours India specialist did an outstanding job of listening to our wishes in planning this excellent trip. In addition to all that, our driver for nine days, contributed so much to our enjoyment and understanding of India during our long drives from one city to the next. He not only was so knowledgeable and anxious to answer all our questions and point out the numerous aspects of Indian culture, but he made us feel like family. We hope Easy Tours will give him the recognition he deserves. We would definitely use Easy Tours again and would recommend this company to anyone considering a trip to India. Our India specialist and our driver for nine days made our dream come true! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Raymond Douglas Parkinson and Karen Susan Parkinson
October 2011
Every part of our trip was excellent, including help putting together our customized itinerary. At each airport/ train station, the guide was there to greet us and we were whisked away to our next sightseeing adventure. Each day had a very different emphasis - people, culture, architecture, and animals. We loved it all! The highlight was seeing a male tiger from 20 ft. away! Nepal was also a worthwhile addition. Thanks so much to all the caring staff, and especially to our guide in Agra, whose wife had her first baby the day he left us! Torn allegiance! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

The Bennett and Daigneau Families
October 2011
We would like to thank you and Easy Tours for a wonderful trip to India and Nepal.
We all enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you also for all your drivers, escorts and guides. They made our trip memorable.
Thank you so much and we will recommend Easy Tours to our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Aleksandra Victoria Gioe
October 2011
India with easy tours was just that a smooth and well cared for tour group adventure unlike any I’ve experienced before. This was a memorable once in a lifetime experience and amazing, unforgettable insight into a stunning culture rich in tradition and beauty. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Ms. Elizabeth Anness and Family
October 2011
I just returned to work and of course been telling my co-workers about your amazing country and what great service your company has provided.
I really want to Thank You for everything!! We've travelled a lot and have never needed so much assistance with all our changes in our tour and I must say that you and your tour guides were very accommodating and patient with us. We really appreciated your wonderful service and we can't express it enough! You and your company are the best ever in making this as wonderful trip as it could have been.
We did get Mama home safe and sound :-) That was so comforting.
Thank you again for all of your Excellent Customer Service!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Stephanie Ayars
October 2011
I recently returned from a solo tour of North India through Easy Tours of India and it was AMAZING!!
There are numerous aspects of the trip that I could review, but I will try and capture the highlights. I visited Delhi, Varanasi, Agra and Jaipur.
PLANNING / BOOKING: Everything in this process was flawless – India specialist in the Austin, TX office answered all of my questions in a very timely manner and helped make hotel recommendations based on my travel preferences. He was a pleasure to work with... and he was kind enough to do a follow-up inquiry upon my return to make sure I had a wonderful time!
LOGISTICS: Easy Tours of India made everything easy! I didn't have to worry about local transportation, booking tickets, waiting in line or reading maps! I understand that sometimes those things are part of the adventure, but this trip was about NOT making decisions considering I do that all day long in my career!
LODGING: Each of the hotels in the respective cities had a special charm. I've been a professional marketer and worked in hospitality so it's the "details" of a stay that make it special for me. I couldn't have been happier with the hotels selected -- the properties were all very clean, well-kept and full of amenities. But, it was really the staff at each hotel that made the difference for me -- 5 stars!
ITINERARY / SIGHTSEEING / EXPERIENCES: My trip was a comfortable balance of local sightseeing or special experiences (e.g., elephant ride in Jaipur) and down time. The days were full, but not too busy to where you can't enjoy each moment. The guides were very good about checking in on me and my energy level and were happy to accommodate adding in things or dropping me off to rest at the hotel. Very well organized and paced. I had asked for some walking to be incorporated and they made sure I got enough movement -- and water!
HEALTH & SAFETY: This was an important topic for me given I was traveling alone as a female. I couldn't have been happier -- I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! I always felt safe, they respected me as a solo traveler and as a woman!
This was truly an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend Easy Tours of India to ANYONE! I can't wait until I can book a South India trip through them and explore more! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Frederic W Glazer, Mrs. Marilyn B Glazer
October 2011
I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful tour of India.  Your planning was perfect and everything went as planned. I will recommend your company to anyone I know planning to go to India.  Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mrs. Barbara Ellen Crane / Mr. William Jeffery Davis
October 2011
My husband and I have been home a week--recuperating from jet lag and colds - so forgive me for not writing sooner about our glorious trip through Rajasthan with Easy Tours. Our Easy Tours India specialist planned the perfect trip for us, and our guest relations manager, you made it happen. Thank you so very much.
You were completely spot on with your itinerary.  Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur were wonders, and the drive from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh was magical. I'm so glad you routed us through Kumbhalgarh, because the fort, temples and wall were extraordinary. (We also loved the hotel!) Our guide was an excellent host for our fort tour.
Our driver, is the person to whom we owe our deepest gratitude overall. Unfailingly polite, professional and overwhelmingly thoughtful, he was ready with silence or stories, whatever we indicated. Our drives with him were the best part of our incredible journey. Having traveled in India before with various drivers, I know how important a driver is to the experience, and he is the best. He always knew what to do to make our travels even more interesting, including pointing out antelope and, later, a python, in the dim light of evening as we headed toward Jodhpur. We had lots of laughs with him, too. What a wonderful man.
I also cannot say enough good things about your travel facilitator in Delhi (poor man, he had to wait extra hours, because our Bangkok-arriving plane from LAX arrived late, and Thai Airlines had to put us on a flight a little later). He oriented us quickly (we were tired!) and efficiently to our trip and time in Delhi and got us out and in of the Delhi Airport. By the way, I love the journal he gave us. Our travel facilitator in Udaipur and Jaipur were equally kind, welcoming and efficient. You really have a wonderful staff.
Your tour guides, too, were great and told us all we wanted to know about the sights we were seeing and the city they lived in. We really, really miss authentic Indian food--I think I would take the 20 to 24 hour trip again just to taste the spinach saag at the Maidens Hotel (it nearly made me weep in happiness) or the chickpea dish at the restaurant our Jodhpur guide suggested.
Our guest relations manager, I don't mean to leave for last. Thank you so much for all your work on our behalf. All our documents came, all our payments recorded accurately--and I loved talking to you when you called. Thank you for arranging everything for us.
We have already told our friends about Easy Tours of India and will continue to spread your praises. I'll see if you are listed on Trip Advisor and will comment on our great experience if you are.

Finally, thank you for an incredible trip. We thought we had seen the best of India and couldn't love it more than we already did, but you made a whole new experience for us. We're very grateful. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Barbara Wallace / Ms. Garlyn Peterson
October 2011
We returned home Sunday night. Our stay in Nepal and India was excellent. All the facilitators, tour guides and drivers were first rate. Our guest relations manager was very helpful to me personally, in arranging to get some medicine that I stupidly left home by mistake.
The hotels were wonderful and all the arrangements your company made for us went very smoothly. We were very pleased with everything Easy Tours did.
We felt your company delivered all the arrangements promised. The accommodations were first-class and everyone treated us with the utmost kindness and respect. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family who are planning a trip to India and/or South Asia.

Mr. William Chute / Mr. Mohamed Bidair
October 2011
I just wanted to thank you so much for the India tour.  You all are wonderful. Everything went very well and we are exceptionally pleased with your services.  It’s a real pleasure to work with an organization that is well organized and provides the level of services and attention to detail that you all have.  We had an amazing time.  India is a fascinating country.  I’m sure we’ll be back plus our friends and family are very interested for which we will happily pass along an exceptionally positive recommendation for you all at Easy Tours of India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Thomas Staley and Family
October 2011
The trip was really magnificent and we are glad we chose Easy Tours to lead our adventure. The staff was very responsive and attentive and handled all of the necessary details to make the trip enjoyable. For accommodations, the Trident hotel in Jaipur and the Taj in Khajuraho were especially good. Our guides in Agra and Delhi stood out above all the others. Finally, thank you for the help when my mother got sick. You helped us recover and prevented us from missing some of the highlights of our trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Russell Kent Clark, Mr. Glenn Charles Edwards
October 2011
Just got back from India this past Saturday morning.  I wanted to say what a great time we had.  Easy Tours does a fantastic job, and I would recommend you guys to anyone going to India. 
Thanks for such a wonderful trip! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Dev Family - Seattle, USA and Fiji
September 2011
What drew me to Easy Tours was the quality experience they promised. Our Easy Tours India specialist helped and followed up quite nicely on my requirements and was a pleasant person to deal with.  

India/Nepal was a lot take in for a first visit and our hotels, ground transport, transfers, guides and escorts all made a great impact on us having a wonderful time.  All the monuments were mostly clean and we didn’t have to wait long amidst crowds. Actually we really didn’t have to do anything except go in, sightsee and enjoy. Our guides and drivers looked after us in a way that we felt safe, cared for and we did not have to worry about being harassed. 
The selection of hotels was nice and our stay was comfortable. I thought it was very progressive of some of the hotels to adopt a no individual tip policy. Most people displayed true hospitality without intimidation or obligation. The food was quite nice.

Although all the Easy Tour group of people we met was extremely nice and helpful, I want to specifically mention some of them who left an impression on me:  
Our Delhi travel facilitator – such a calm demeanor and the way he behaved was so assuring and caring. I especially like the way he spoke Hindi. I believe he was greatly responsible for ensuring our trip went well.
The driver in Khajuraho – such a pleasant polite guy; I was just amazed that he picked up English so fluently from touring.
Our guide in Varanasi. I loved Varanasi and it was solely because of him, he is excellent. The tour facilitator was very nice.
Our guide in Agra. He is excellent. Both guide at Varanasi and Agra were philosophical; knowledgeable, amusing and truly great people.
The driver from Agra to Udaipur – We liked this guy very much! For starters he could understand our Hindi, very friendly, helpful and a great guy all around
Travel Facilitator at Agra & Jaipur – very helpful, nice guys. Travel Facilitator at Jaipur amused me. 
Team in Mumbai (I like the driver from Orissa he was funny and the way he spoke his Hindi was nice; the guide – very impressed with her and the tour facilitator was very nice and friendly. 
Team in Nepal – I have so much praise for our guide in Nepal, another excellent guide. The driver was so skillful and very nice guy. Our tour facilitator was very polite and caring
Team in Aurangabad – one of my favorite places and the team (guide, tour facilitator and drivers) were all excellent.  
Guides and tour facilitators in Udaipur (amazingly very clean) and Jaipur were all very nice. The location of the Delhi hotel was great and a good place to start in India; with the mall next to it I felt like I was in an American mall. 
In Aurangabad was the only place I asked for a side trip and those guys were so accommodating.
I also learned a lot and think that India is a truly beautiful country with amazing sites and monuments. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Diane Woods / Mr. Donald Woods
September 2011
I am sorry this took so long for me to get to you. We actually just got back to the United States this weekend. We had a wonderful time. Our coordinator in Delhi was top notch! We had the most experience with him, because we were in Delhi multiple times. All of the other coordinators were very pleasant and helpful also. Our guides were amazing! Kudos to all of them, especially in Nepal and in Agra (he doubled as an amazing photographer)! We would not hesitate to recommend Easy Tours - in fact I would jump at the chance to suggest it to anyone considering a trip to India. From the first phone call to our India specialist to being escorted to our international flight home by our travel facilitator in Delhi, our experience was what we expected and hoped for. Thank you, Easy Tours, for making our trip to India just that! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Lilia Bucio Rahaian and Ms. Dolores Bucio Correa
September 2011
After a long recovery from the trip, we finally get our system back to Texas.
I want to thank you for making all the arrangements that made our pleasant India trip possible. Special thanks to folks whom greeted us at the airports and provided the transportation. We, my sister and I enjoyed all the programs on the itinerary. We were especially impressed by the excellent services and the extraordinary facilities that the hotels have provided. Your local guides in India are very professional and friendly. I have no hesitation to offer them my highest recommendation.

We look forward to contacting you for our future tour needs. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Mr. Mark Culmer / Ms. Nanette Garelis
September 2011
My name is Nanette Garelis and I recently accompanied Mark Culmer (from Emirates Airlines) on the wonderful trip to India you and your staff arranged for us.  Thank you so much - it was a fascinating and fabulous trip!  Every detail of the trip was taken care of and all of your staff of Easy Tours of India were fantastic.  The facilitators, the guides, the drivers and the administrative personnel were all very professional, courteous, helpful and so knowledgeable.  They all helped to make our trip one of the best I have ever been on.  (The Oberoi hotels were amazing as well!) 
I had never been to India before and I found it to be a fascinating, interesting and colorful culture and society.  The cities were bustling with people (and motorcycles!!) and the driving through the countryside was beautiful.  We took so many great pictures and have great memories too!  I look forward to returning some day to explore other areas of India!      
I have already told friends that are interested in going to India to definitely check into Easy Tours of India as their tour company to use.
Thank you again and many thanks to all of your delightful staffREFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Ronal Marvin Gittess / Ms. Iris Carol Novit
September 2011
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on our India trip. The hotels were over the top with a truly accommodating staff. Your staff was also extremely accommodating, always on time, very personable, and very knowledgeable.
I would like to give a special commendation to our driver from Agra who stayed with us till Udaipur. He went above board to keep us comfortable and was always pleasant.
People always complain when things go wrong, so I want you to know how nice this man was.
I would certainly recommend your company to my friends who are interested in travel to India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Vijay Persaud / Mrs. Anita Persaud / Mr. Donald B Kanhai / Mrs. Surujdai Kanhai
September 2011
We are back safely from our visit to India, and wanted to capture some of our experience and suggestions.
Firstly, many thanks to our guest relations manager, who has stayed in contact with us during our entire trip, this made us feel that you care.
Here is a summary:
1. The train and visit to Agra was great, no issues.
2. Jaipur was excellent, the tour guide, was great.
3. Our travel and stay in Vizag was superb, as our host did a great job during our stay.
4. Cochin and the back-waters was the high-point of our trip. The coordinator and his boss were excellent, they went out of their way to ensure our well being and comfort. We enjoyed the house boast and the backwaters.
5. Our stay at the Taj was excellent; we enjoyed our time in a beautiful facility. The coordinator and his boss did an excellent job getting us back to the Airport, as there was striking on the streets. Many credits to the Cochin East Tours team, they did an excellent job all around. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Nicole Loo
August 2011
I had the most wonderful, unforgettable time with Easy Tours of India for my Delhi-Agra-Jaipur trip in August 2011.  Though I was traveling alone, I did not feel alone with my protective coordinators, guides, and drivers.  I actually felt as if I were with close friends.  Thank you thank you for such a great time.  There are multiple things that I would like to highlight and commend regarding your company.

1. Our India specialist - I am so glad that you took a chance on me and were persistent that your company was the safest option for me as a young lady traveling alone.  I appreciate how you were very detail-oriented (like most of your colleagues), professional, and patient.  I was impressed when I received a phone call prior to my departure making sure that all was in order and to wish me safe travels AND during my first night in India to make sure I was okay.  After seeing how much difficulty and drama my friends went through who booked with other Indian agencies, I feel especially grateful to you.
2. Our Delhi travel facilitator -  First, happy belated birthday to you back on August 3!  You were so wonderful to meet on my very first day in India.  You kind of remind me of myself.  Thank you for making sure all details were in order and ensuring I got all meals without being overcharged.  Thank you for being "motherly" in the way you arranged my trip so that I was cared for and happy. It is very clear that you love your company and want to see it succeed.
3. Our Delhi tour guide - You are probably the best tour guide I have ever had!  I was amazed by your knowledge and passion for your country and learning about global affairs.  Thank you for being very conscientious about making sure that I was comfortable, safe, happy, and all my questions were answered.  I did like how you would check in on me several times during the car ride to see what I was thinking or what questions I had.  You were very perceptive from the front seat reading my facial expressions to see when questions were brewing.  I love that you were a former history/politics instructor in a university before you changed over to Easy Tours.  This explains the depth and breadth to which you understand your country.  Lastly, never have I had it where a tour guide would try to buy me lunch and treat me to special appetizers before, especially at "tourist prices." I was moved by your gesture and will never forget it.  I wish you, your wife, and two daughters well!
4.  Our Delhi chauffer - Thank you for being a great, safe, dependable, and happy driver!  I would be in your car any day in any country.  Thank you for working so hard for me driving me all over Delhi.  You and our tour guide make a great combination. I never felt isolated as you two rarely talked only in Hindi and always included me in your conversations.
5. Our Agra travel facilitator - Thank you for your charming welcome gift on arrival to Agra and for making me feel extraordinarily special.  I do not know how you make people feel that way.   Our time together was quite short, but you made me happy.
6. Our Agra tour guide - There are many things I would like to thank you for, but what I forgot to tell you was thank you for protecting me. I appreciate how hard you had to battle each guard/security when I had to use my iPad as a camera since my camera died. Thank you for saving my iPad from getting confiscated.  I have pictures because of your efforts and you helping me buy a disposable camera.  You were a great tour guide and like Delhi tour guide have an intense passion and understanding of your country.  Thank you for teaching me Muslims, philosophy, and about Indian society and history. I wish you family with the upcoming baby well!
7. Our Chauffer from Agra to Jaipur - Thank you like our Delhi chauffer for being a great chauffer and then taking me 4 hours to my destination in Jaipur with a smile on your face the whole way no matter how tired or hungry you were.  Thank you for turning on Indian music at my request and sharing with me some songs. 
8.  Easy Tours - You are an amazing company not only to you clients, but also to your employees.  It is clear that your employees are proud and feel honored to be part of the company.  I see that they are being treated humanely and well. I also like how it is your policy to check in with the client daily to see if things are in order and to have the facilitator in each city that I can go to for help.

Thank you all for an unforgettable adventure.  I would definitely recommend you highly for all my friends and family traveling to India.  I don't know how they could go without... REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. SriKumar Bala and Family
July 2011
I’d like to thank all the Easy Tour Staff (specifically our India specialist) who made our family trip to India a great success. It was the first trip for my second daughter to India. The kids had a great time in the Oberoi hotels. The tour coordinators & guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The transportation and the drivers who accompanied us throughout the tour were very friendly and safe. I am looking forward to using Easy tours in all my future trips to India and will be recommending them to all my friends and family. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Rosalind Rock
July 2011
Our India specialist was an excellent agent who was very helpful and encouraging about my trip, even though it was planned late because of special circumstances. I would recommend him highly. The drivers were excellent; pick up and delivery was precise. The drivers, especially, put you at ease given some difficult driving conditions. The driver I had for five days in Agra and Jaipur was particularly caring and professional. I had an excellent guide in Khajuraho. I travelled alone on this trip and felt very comfortable. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Dennis Hedberg / Ms. Judy Hedberg
July 2011
Dennis and I want to thank Easy Tours of India for making our trip a wonderful experience.  Our guides were exceptional and your staff meeting us at airports and train stations were excellent.  Our driver from Agra to Udaipur did a fantastic job getting us around and was an excellent guide too showing us some picture points of interest. Our guide in Agra was wonderful and helped us get some really great pictures of the Taj and other monuments.  Being a photographer himself he gave us some really excellent shots and took several pictures of Dennis and myself.

Thank again for a wonderful and meaningful journey to your country. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Sonia Pinto / Mr. Frank Rodriguez
July 2011
I have left a glowing review on trip advisor, but would like to also let you know directly that Sonia and I had an amazing time in India and are very grateful for the wonderful service you provided us. You did a fantastic job from creating and arranging the itinerary through to then delivering on it. I could write pages about all the good things but will summarize by saying; we really were made to feel special throughout the trip at every stage thanks to your planning and organization, well done! You have certainly guaranteed we will use your company again for India and Indo-china when visiting, we will also recommend you to all our friends. 

There are some specific thanks I would like to highlight

1. Having our Delhi travel facilitator meet us at the airport and drop us off at the station was very helpful and made us feel welcome and in good hands. On our last day, we hadn't taken out enough cash from an ATM and he lent me some rupees to buy a gift we wanted which I paid him back later that day. He was extremely helpful, friendly and professional.
2. Our main driver ‘from Agra to Udaipur’ was extremely professional and very friendly also, we were given a chocolate cake gift from a hotel in a box and we hadn't realized it has melted while we were in the car, we got chocolate on the floor and the back seat and felt really bad about this. He just said don’t' worry at all, and when he came to pick us up an hour later he had already cleaned everything and was smiling, in fact he was smiling the whole trip - he is a very good asset to your company.
3. Our guides were fantastic - especially 'The Jaipur guide’ with whom we spent half a day - he was brilliant, knowledgeable and so, so funny. We also loved our Jodhpur guide, he was professional, funny and we spent 6 hours on a drive talking about religion and life etc and didn't notice the time pass, He even went to the trouble of hiring a local guide in Jaisalmer to work with him just to make sure we weren't bothered by any local street hawkers while he focused on spending time explaining everything and talking through the main market - he was excellent. We also thought our guide in Agra and our guide in Delhi were all very professional and friendly.
4. The visit with the Rajasthani family was excellent. They were very friendly and we really enjoyed having dinner and talking with them, it was great and an excellent experience.
5. Guest Relations Manager - I really appreciated you calling through the driver's phone to double check on everything in case there were any concerns or issues, this made us feel like the tour was being managed professionally at all times. Thank you.
Overall this is one of the best holidays we have ever experienced and you really did a fantastic job for us. 
We hope to speak to you again soon to discuss another India to the south :) REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Roxana Amiri / Ms. Marjan Westmoreland
June 2011
I wanted to write to you when I had time to tell you that our trip was perfection.
I thought it is good for you and for your readers or future clients to know why we chose you and why we are highly recommending you to others:
I shopped around before I spoke to Easy Tours India specialist.  We chose you out of 15 other providers since I could feel that Easy Tours India specialist was interested in us having the best trip of our lives and not just sell us a packet.  All of his suggestions were fantastic and we would have missed an essential part of India if it was not for him and his patience.
In Delhi our travel facilitator was the nicest personHis love for his country and his job warmed our hearts.  We felt we were with a nephew rather than a facilitator.
Our driver in Delhi and guide on May 21 were beyond their duties to accommodate us with a smile. Their kindness was truly appreciated.
In Nepal, our experience with our guide and the best photographer in the world and our driver left us speechless.  Their kindness, hospitality and caring went beyond what was necessary.  We had a fantastic time in Nepal and a lot of it was due to them both. I felt we had our brothers with us.
Khajuraho was a fantastic experience (thanks to our India specialist for telling us about it).  Our guide, was so knowledgeable it was unbelievable.  If a person does not see the temples without him, he or she cannot say that they have seen the temples!  I learned so much from him and the knowledge will stay with me a lifetime.  Thank you and it was an honor to know him.
Our guide from Khajuraho to Orcha was adorable.  He was so attentive and his smile was contagious. He took us on the way to see things that a normal tourist would NEVER in a lifetime get to see.  Locals preparing fresh bread in their huts and sharing it with us etc.....  It was a great experience.
Our guide in Agra was very, very nice.  We had a great time visiting this beautiful city with him.  Thanks.
Now, to our driver, who drove us from Agra to Udaipur.  He was such a delight.  He was funny, kind, patient and looked over us like a hawk to make sure that we are comfortable, safe and happy.  He was truly a unique person whom we enjoyed to spend long periods of time with.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Once back in Delhi, our guide was wonderful. He was such a warm person.
LAST but not LEAST, to get a call from our guest relations manager everyday was very special.  To hear her kind voice over the phone gave us a sense of security and caring.  Thanks for all the time you put for us to make this trip wonderful.

We loved it and we would like to know which other countries you operate in?


Mrs. Cynthia Lauren Cook and Mr. Bradley Michael Carlson
April 2011
Our recent tour in Northern India was nothing less than fantastic. We were incredibly impressed by Easy Tours of India and will not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and family. All of our facilitators were fabulous – especially our travel facilitator in Delhi, with whom we spent a lot of time. He never left any detail unresolved. Most of our guides were also fantastic. Guide in Varanasi was the best guide we've ever had. He is like a college professor, tour guide, and philosopher all wrapped in one. We learned so much from him. Guide in Agra and our guide in Haridwar/Rishikesh were also superb. We would highly recommend this tour - or a version of it - to others.

We were extremely pleased with our experience and we thank you very much for making it happen! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Alejandro Oropeza Aerenlund / Mrs. Karen Aerenlund Veliz
April 2011
Just wanted to thank you, the trip was outstanding in every aspect, and the service of ALL the members of your staff was great. I had very high expectations of both the Agency & the Hotels, I can honestly say they were both surpassed. From the moment we stepped out of the Delhi terminal on the 1st day, to check-in on the returning flight. Everything was top notch.  

Overall, the service was outstanding & definitely a good value (both the hotels & the tours).  

I had a personal goal of going to India , & had traveled to 25 countries before doing so on every budget. I can honestly say this trip is the best one so far!  
I hope to return in the next couple of years (with ETI), but will stick to recommending your services to my friends & colleagues until then. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mrs. Penelope Shackelford / Mr. James Shackelford
March 2011
This note is far too late in getting to you, but after a thirty hour with only a catnap trip home from India, I have needed a bit of time to re-adjust and catch-up.  I want to send you special thanks for the great job you did on organizing our tour...however many times it took!

We truly enjoyed the trip. As much as we travel and although it was our fifth trip to India, it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!

There was our driver in Jaipur. What a wonderful being! He was our driver and how I would like to get a big thank you to him, but do not have his email. He is very special. Our driver in Udaipur was interesting as well.

As for the Oberoi, Wow! My favorite was the one in Udaipur where we had a poolside (that is our room had a patio with steps into the side lap pool) room. We could have spent a week there. Not to mention the wonderful staff! I am hoping to return to India within a year. Will contact you then. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

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