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If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Ms. Elizabeth S.
January 2006
"I wanted to thank you for arranging our recent trip to India. It was fabulous, certainly one of the most interesting trips I have ever made and one of the most relaxing as well." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT

Ms. Millicent W
January 2006
"I wanted you to know I had a wonderful trip. The highlight was certainly the Taj Mahal, which made me cry when I first saw it. I was very pleased with all the agents, guides, drivers and hotels. Thanks for putting together such an amazing trip." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT.

Ms. Zohra P.
January 2006
"We had a wonderful trip. the trip was very well planned and we had a wonderful time. Our tour operator gave us excellent information. Thank you for the great job." Reference Available. CUSTOM VISIT

Ms. Shirley P
December 2005
"Just wanted to check in with you and tell you that Lara and I had a wonderful time in India, and the tour that you put together for us was great. We thank you very much for helping to make this a most memorable trip for us! We hope to be able to recommend you to our friends in the future." CUSTOM VISIT

Dr. Babu.
October 2005
"We want to express our appreciation and thanks to you and Easy tours of India for arranging a memorable tour of India for us in Oct.2005.Everything was well organized. Transportation was good, accommodation was excellent. We plan to travel and explore India during our future trips and look forward to seeking your help. Thanks again for a memorable tour of India." -  9 DAY HISTORIC VISIT - REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Mr. Ian M.
October 2005
"This was the best coordinated tour I've ever been on. We travel 2 to 3 times a year, and plan to go back to India and Nepal again with ETOI." -  8 DAY GOLDEN TRIANGLE & KATHMANDU VISIT

Ms. Beth S.
October 2005
"You took very good care of me. Thanks." - CUSTOM VISIT. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Ms. Linda M
September 2005
"I'm so happy that I choose Easy Tour for my travels. My friends went just before our trip and didn't enjoy themselves like we did at all. They thought they got a good deal, but told me that they had to pay for everything themselves, and there hotels were not clean. Our trip was the opposite. Thank you, Easy Tour of India."  17 DAY FIRST VISIT IN INDIA & CUSTOM TIBET & NEPAL TOURS.

Mr. Hugh C.
September 2005
"Congratulations, sunil. great service. I will recommend you to anyone traveling to Asia." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT

Mrs. Madhuri S
August 2005

"My family missed our flights, and Easy tours of India managed to take care of things. we didn't miss our tours. Nice service." CUSTOM VISIT

Mr. Arnold S.
July 2005

"I'm not easy to impress, but Easy Tours Of India managed to do just that. Sunil was very knowledgeable, and helped us create a plan that was perfect." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. 17 DAY FIRST VISIT

Ms. Banh Y.
March 2005
"This is the best tour we have ever seen. We have been around the world twice, and this was the best service we have had" 17 DAY FIRST VISIT & CUSTOM TOUR

Mr. and Mrs. Savita P.
March 2005
"Very good value and Sunil came up with some original ideas."  REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT

Ms. Annabel C.
February 2005
"Thank you Easy tours of India. Great work." CUSTOM VISIT.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam S.
February 2005
"We were at dinner with a family at the Oberoi hotel near Taj Mahal, and found out that they were paying almost double what we were for the same hotels. Good service at a great price. Priscilla was very helpful and understanding with our constant questions." 7 DAY FIRST VISIT

Mr. David M.
December 2004
"My wife and I will go to India again soon because we enjoyed our first trip, and we will not talk to anyone but Sunil at Easy Tours." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. CUSTOM VISIT

Mr. Bruce C.
November 2004
"Definitely the best tour we have taken. We went to India as part of a vacation to China also. I wish the Chinese agent had done half as good a job." REFERENCE AVAILABLE. 12 DAY FIRST VISIT & CUSTOM VISIT

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