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Guest Reviews

If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Debbie Morrow
January 2013
We loved everything about the trip from beginning to end. The people everywhere we went were very gracious, curious, polite, and friendly. The tour guide in Hassan was exceptional. He really knew his history. All the tour guides were great. Overall! lt was a wonderful experience and I fell in love with India - more so than before I got there. LOVELY people! That was THE best part. The world could learn a lot from the Indian population. I hope to come back sometime soon.
No suggestions for improvement. I loved the experience! It was awesome!!!!!!!!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Danielle and Dave Kilpatrick
January 2013
Every aspect of the tour was excellent. Our India Specialist in the US office did a great job designing the tour and making recommendations for our itinerary. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Sergey Kabanov
January 2013
I'm happy to inform you that on Sunday, the 20th of January, I got back home after my 20-day adventure in India.
Everything was perfect, the tour was arranged and fulfilled absolutely at its best, all systems went like a Swiss watch.
All in all, I'm fully satisfied with the tour and its excellent organization and would like to express my sincere gratefulness to ETI for the great job done. Thank you very much. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

James and Alison Cunningham
January 2013
Well here we are back in Australia, what a shame.
We wish to convey our sincere thanks to all of the Easy Tours crew in India , Nepal and the U S. We cannot express our thanks enough to the way we were treated it was a total professional and quality tour we had with you. The whole way through, from start to finish, we were treated like royalty and given the utmost care and attention. Everywhere we went the area facilitators, guides and especially the drivers, were exceptional. The guides and drivers are expert in the custom, history, geography and possess an exceptional knowledge of the area. There are some 'stand-out' people and I will forward their names after I have been through my diary.
India, as they say is truly an amazing place and Easy Tours made it even more amazing for us. I will forward a more detailed account of some of the highlights (most days) once we have settled in.
Thank you, Guest Relations, so much for your communication whilst we were in India, it makes all the difference to know that we were being kept an 'eye on' to make sure that we were happy and safe, it is truly appreciated.
Congratulations to all the Easy Tour crew in India and Nepal REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Jihan Saba - Four Family Members
January 2013
Our trip to India was outstanding in every way!
Easy Tours was exceptional. Our driver for most of the trip was excellent as well as our Jaipur guide and our guide in Agra. The whole family learned a lot and enjoyed the architecture, culture and cuisine. Thank you REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Marc Weitzman
January 2013
We had a great time. We felt well supported the entire trip. transfers were smooth, guides excellent, trip design was great. We would like to return for a Rajasthan trip in a couple of years and will call on you again. We have already given your name to a few friends! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Warren Josephson and Jill Brenner
January 2013
Our trip was perfectly designed by our US based India Specialist, absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. Our Tour Director and driver were terrific, as was the guide we had for the 2 days in Varanasi. The logistics all were perfectly coordinated and implemented - giving us the flexibility to map each day exactly to our interests. All of the hand-offs for the flights, train and drives were flawlessly handled - not one moment of anxiety during the entire trip. We thought the itinerary and agenda of sites/activities struck the perfect balance, and ending the trip in Varanasi where we witnessed the sacred Hindu rituals at sunset and sunrise was ideal. Arranging a day bike ride in Udaipur was a lot of fun and injected some well needed exercise into the equation. The hotels -- combination of physical facilities and service -- were the finest we've stayed at anywhere in the world. We loved not being part of a large tour group herded in and out of buses. ! In short, a "tour de force" on all accounts. Needless to say, we would be pleased to provide references for future clients. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

James Behram and Cynthia Haber
January 2013
All aspects of the tour were excellent. Outstanding! I would recommend Easy Tours to anyone visiting India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

Brandon and Gloria Williams
January 2013
My mother and I had an incredible tour of India. We were both first time international travelers and experienced top notch service from beginning to end. We went with a group of ten others with our Tour Director who provided my mother and I with EXCEPTIONAL service. Here’s how. My mother and I were flying to India on separate flights but to my misfortune, I lost my passport in Chicago and was not able to meet her in Delhi. This luckless series of events left my mother at the mercy of being alone on the other side of the world depending on me to be there for support. Our Tour Director was the first to contact me via his personal phone to let me know that my mother was with him, safe and he would look out for her as his own mother. I spoke with my mother on his cell phone and she said that she felt very comfortable and at ease with him and the other tour guides that were showing her around. My mother even took the personal car and driver that I had arranged to go out and see the library and librarians in Delhi. She went alone because of the enormous level of safety that she felt during the entire trip. After I arrived three days later, my mother told me that Tour Director was with her every step of the way while I was away. That made me very happy. That type of care didn't happen because of pay, but because of authentic concern for my mother whom I love dearly. The things that we saw were majestic, but the people that we met surpassed our greatest expectations. Thanks for the lifetime of memories, Easy Tours you receive an A+ on all areas from my mother and me. We will defiantly recommend this professional tour company to others.
I will put in an additional recommendation for our Tour Director. I recommend that this professional tour guide be solicited by Easy Tours for creative and efficient ideas to make Easy Tours even more appealing and cost efficient. I am a US Army Captain with 13 years of active duty service and recognize that people closest to the action usually have the most practical ideas to make a program or mission run smoother. I recognize ambition, motivation, and invention in people when I see it and our Tour Director is one that you must hear out. Again, thank you for the extraordinary tour and your attentiveness to my recommendations. Namaste! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Janet Brown
January 2013
Thank you for a wonderful trip! You spoiled us. We want to go back.
We always felt safe, had bottled drinking water available and clean facilities to use. Braced for the worst, I took Pepto Bismol, Immodium and water purifying devices in my suitcase. I did not need them because I did not get sick and felt great the whole time. We took reasonable precautions like washing our hands and wiping them with hand sanitizing towelettes frequently. We were mindful of, and appreciated, what our US-based India Specialist told us just before we left- to drink the bottled water and eat foods that had been peeled or cooked. It was very nice that Guest Relations called us from time to time, to see how we were doing.
The pace of the tour was just right. We usually travelled during the day and got into the hotel rooms late afternoon or early evening. We met other travelers who were going day and night and I cringed at the thought of how tired they must’ve felt.  
Each day was a new adventure. Different places, modes of travel (elephant rides, rickshaws, TukTuks, train, boat, buses, cars and airplanes) and experiences made the tour interesting.  Everything about the trip was as good, or better, than our India Specialist had told us before we left.
Throughout the trip, Easy Tours demonstrated impressive coordination and teamwork, meeting us at airports and the train station, handling glitches and changes with ease. They were very flexible and accommodating of our needs and requests. For instance when we arrived in Mumbai, we needed to take a break and eat brunch before going on the city tour. The Mumbai Facilitator and our guide were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with us.  Later when we had a day in Mumbai before returning home, the Facilitator and Guests Relations and others all helped us get a hotel room during the day so we could rest for the long flight home. That was really nice as well as the shopping opportunity and driver we had for the entire day.
When we were caught in a traffic jam going to Orcha, our Tour Director asked us if we would consider walking to lunch and we did. We enjoyed walking alongside the locals- they, on their way to the temple to worship and us, on our way to lunch. I liked how we walked in the streets sometimes. Otherwise we would’ve been totally insulated from India- only watching from the window of the vehicles. It must be stressful to take tourists to a place like Varanasi where there are so many people of all sorts. We sure appreciated our Tour Director’s guidance and explanation of what all was going on there as he demonstrated when he saved “Kingfisher Stan” from becoming a victim of “Kashi Baba”.
Every hotel was the high standard we expected (first class). Each had welcoming staff and good service. Rooms were clean. Including breakfasts with the room charge was ideal. I appreciated, and often used, the computers in the Business Centers and treadmills in the spa/gym areas.   
The food was fabulous. Indian food was always available to try as well as Western fare. When we were leaving on early morning flights, the hotels would pack a box of breakfast for us. We would unload the box and take the food in our backpacks on the flights. All the food at hotels and lunches were great. Some of it was little spicy for us. As we learned to ask for less spice, the cooks usually did.
In hindsight, I am so thankful the drivers got us to our destinations safely and simply miraculous that they function effectively with so much consternation in the roadways. 
Thanks to the US and India based staff and all others who helped us throughout the trip.
I’m sorry I do not remember the names of everyone who helped us at Katmandu and Aurangabad airports, to and from the Agra train station, the tour guide of the temples in Khajuraho, the astrological guide in Jaipur.  All were on time, courteous and helpful.
Huge thanks to our Tour Director for most of the trip. He went above and beyond daily meeting our requests. He did things like fixing my travel partner, Christine’s, suitcase handle, stopping at stores so we could pick up items we needed like camera batteries and beer. Throughout, he really cared about our wellbeing and met any request we had. He explained how life is in India and that was, in part, the purpose of our trip. He was very tolerant of repeating things so we could try to understand all the Moghul kings and historic events related to the palaces and forts we toured.
Our guide in Katmandu was an excellent tour guide. When I asked him what kind of tree we were looking at he said blue pine and then gave the Latin name.
The guide in Mumba, was also an excellent guide, spoke articulate English, was accommodating with what we wanted to see and do.
The guide in Aurangabad was obviously knowledgeable about the Ajanta and Ellora caves, spoke excellent English and tolerant of us when we stopped for photos with locals and went shopping.
Thanks to Easy Tours, we have fond memories of Nepal and India. Easy Tours was the right choice for us on our first trip to Nepal and India.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Tony and Ann McArdle
January 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour with our driver and all of the different guides.
Each one was quite different all were enthusiastic about what they wanted to show and tell.
Our Hotels and Palaces were simply gorgeous the rooms very spacious and extremely comfortable. The Christmas Dinner and experience was super. Also the New Year’s Eve Dinner and Cultural Show was splendid.
The Evening with the Nobleman on Boxing Day was really nice. A home style meal with all the trimmings made by his lovely wife was just delightful. A friendly family who made us very welcome. A Trip that was more amazing and more wonderful than we could imagine, seeing is believing. The advertising on Australian TV invites everyone to INCREDIBLE INDIA.....It is so true.
Once again thanks for the follow up, guest relations was diligent too, she called us frequently just to make sure everything was ok.

Venkit Iyer - Seven Family Members
December 2012
We had a very good experience with Easy Tours of India.
The entire trip went very well without any problems or glitches.
All of the staff members of Easy Tours of India were prompt, courteous and helpful.
Without their help we would have been stranded.
We shall certainly recommend your organization to all our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Carol Suchman - Six Family Members
December 2012
To sum up our India trip- I would say amazing, magical, adventurous, incredible.
The trip you set up for us was very well planned, distance, locations, variation etc. The Oberoi Hotels are the most amazing, gorgeous, luxurious places on earth with locations, food, service beyond explanation. Each location had the rooms we requested and we had absolutely no problems. Your planning of the Oberoi near the airport was inspired as it made the trip so much easier and we loved the hotel! If we had gone all the way back to Delhi each time it would have ruined the trip. We had no stomach or any other health issues, but we only ate in hotels.
We were met at the airport upon arrival by the first of our many efficient, friendly and informed tour guides. They were flexible and met our personal needs and gave us a very good sense of the area they were showing. They gave us a great feeling of care and customized our trip to our interests. They provided wonderful perks like rickshaw rides after a long walk and wonderful lunches in the sun. We also felt we could always call you if we had a problem. The boat ride on the Ganges was incredible- as was the service after. Our guide actually got us seats upfront. He was lovely. He also negoiated lots of purchases for us. The tour of the Taj Mahal was perfect. We loved our guide- he was fast and to the point and a mover and shaker. The family we had dinner with in Delhi was warm and charming and a real highlight. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Barri Rind
December 2012
I want to thank you for planning such an amazing itinerary for me and Dan. India lived up to my expectations and beyond. It is such a rich country in history, culture, cuisine and an amazing human tapestry. I want to give you some feedback about my impressions and experiences. Overall I would rate the trip as a 10 out of 10. The hotels were very good both in sense of accommodation and service. We loved Rajasthan and we especially want to comment on our driver. He was fantastic which was good as he spent 10 days with us. He was the most attentive driver. He always looked neat with his pressed cloths. Was professional. Drove very well. Was polite and completely understood Dan's desire to photograph a lot and my desire to discover rural India. He was alert and also offered explanation about different places we drove by when we didn't have the guide with us. I would highly recommend him to your high end clients or any long duration trips. He stopped on the way at villages which were not on the itinerary but were interesting on many levels. He made sure we were always safe and that all our needs were met. We were amazed by his excellent familiarity with all the roads and his excellent navigation. Sometimes he drove for 6 hours or more and never showed signs of being tired. This is a driver that should be used a lot by Easy Tours. He was by far the best driver we had in India.
I also want to comment on three travel facilitators in particular. The first one was in Delhi. He was very thorough from beginning to end and had a pleasant personality. If was nice to have him as the first person to greet us in India as he was able to make us feel good right away. The other one worth mentioning was the one in Varanasi. We casually told him when we were driving to the airport that we needed to pay for extra weight on the flight from Udaipur to Varanasi and were concerned that we would be charged on each leg for the next 4 domestic flights. He immediately called someone he knew at the airport and when we got there we never had to go through check in. We were told to sit down, someone came with the luggage tags and told us we don't need to pay anything. The TF stayed there until we were ready to go through security. He really didn't need to do that and we were very grateful to him. The same kind of service was in Mumbai. We wanted to see if we could leave our luggage at the airport in Mumbai, He stayed with us, checked where we could do it and made sure the luggage was checked in at the right place. All in all, I would highly recommend Easy Tours to all of my friends. The quality of the hotels, guides, drivers, the personal attention to details and the prompt reply when we needed something was truly first class. I especially want to thank our India Specialist in the Austin Office. You were absolutely fantastic. Your deep knowledge of India, your excellent customer service and your natural enthusiasm and charismatic personality certainly made it fun for me to plan this trip and work with you with zero stress on my part.
Our US based India Specialist was very thorough and professional and it was obvious that your main goal from beginning to end was to ensure that we get the best service and the best trip ever. It was really a pleasure to work with someone like you who is so conscientious and intuitive to his client’s needs. You truly understood what kind of a tourist I am and what kind of a tour would appeal to me. You booked an excellent itinerary for us with excellent hotels and guides. I can truly say that I've learned a lot about India and have enjoyed it tremendously and you have made it possible.
Thank you again for such excellent service and for providing us with the trip of a life time of many amazing memories.
I will recommend you to all my friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Donna Roberts
December 2012
Our India Specialist was so helpful in creating our itinerary and gave feedback and recommendations of places to visit. It was because of his recommendations that I think I had the best itinerary possible. The tour in Kerala was amazing! It was not a typical tourist area and I loved it. It was my favorite part of this whole trip. It was beautiful and the best of both worlds - beaches, mountains with its tea & spice plantations. I definitely would return to that area and stay at all the lodgings that were arranged for us in that area (CGH8 Bastion, Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House, and Carnoustie Resort). The service, food, and rooms were exceptional. The tours were amazing, educational, and enjoyable for both south and north India.
We had a wonderful time! The services that your personnel provided were over and beyond anything that I expected. The customer service and follow through was excellent. Our Guest Relations Manager surprised us with a visit over dinner in Jaipur, which was so nice. She is truly a lovely lady and very helpful. We needed assistance with coordinating a time when one of our dear friends could meet up with us during one of our tours and she helped us with that. It was beyond what she needed to do and was more than accommodating. The words that I have to describe India are that the people are “accommodating”, “attentive”, and “hospitable”. Of course, I don’t doubt at all that much of this was due to your hard work at Easy Tours in ensuring that we stayed at the best places, had great drivers and tour guides and facilitators. I have recommended Easy Tours to many people and hope that they contact you for their India travels. I know I sure will for another trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS

Delores and Joe Terry
December 2012
We had a few minutes this afternoon so I decided to write and let you know what a wonderful time we are having in India. We are now in Cochin and looking forward to our cooking class this evening. I am so glad that we chose Easy Tours as our company because the real highlight of our trip was our small group experience. We were a very cohesive group and we could not have had a better Tour Director. He has to be the best guide in India. He showed us the real India!

We have seen a great deal of India and have been amazed at the differences. It is hard to believe that we are on the downhill side of our trip because it feels like we just got here. I am looking forward to returning to India someday.

Thanks for planning this wonderful trip! REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Dana Moser
December 2012
I wanted to post this as soon as I could ... just to let you know how thrilled I am with Easy Tours for securing the best facilitators, guides and drivers. I especially want to commend our guide in Jaipur. He went above and beyond the call of guide duty. Today, since I'm such an early riser and really wanted to visit the Temple of Ganesh above the city, he came early for me and accompanied me as we climbed to the top where we had spectacular views of the city spread out below us. The temple was a very calm and spiritual place and Ganesh has come to be associated with my luck on this trip in many ways so I will be forever grateful to him for taking the time to do it with me. Afterwards, he and I walked around downtown Jaipur down small alleys looking at kite shops, food prep places, and, in general, getting into the rhythm of what it's like to live in such a beautiful city. If there is any way that you give commendations, please do so with him.

Guest Relations has been wonderful to us too and it was nice to know that we could count on her for anything we might need. Your staff is certainly to be commended. Our driver has been great too and sometimes can double as a guide telling us what we are seeing as we drive by.

The guides and driver for South India were helpful also and our facilitator seemed to magically appear wherever we were. Thank you, again, for suggesting that we head south before the weddings. It worked out so great and so many images are burned into my brain that I hope they stay forever. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Sue and Stan Loar
November 2012
Everything was excellent. The hotels were wonderful. The Delhi Hotel Grand was beautiful, but a little far out of the center. We loved our guides especially in Agra, Varanasi, Orcha, Jaipur and Udaipur. Thank you for putting together an experience we will never forget. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Rita Bernabei
November 2012
I want to thank you for planning such a varied, comprehensive, enlightening two week trip to India for my husband, friend, and I. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and accommodating. India is an overwhelming country (we didn't realize how overwhelming) and Easy Tours made the trip "easy." From the moment we were met at the airport (seeing that sign with my name was a relief) we were in good hands. Our Delhi Facilitator and "go to" person who met us at the airport and escorted us to the hotel put us at ease. He explained our itinerary, and presented our necessary tickets and paperwork to us in a beautiful folder. It is touches like that which made this tour special. We were so happy to see him again at the end of our trip to bring us to the airport. (We also appreciated Guest Relations phone calls to check on us.)
Our accompanying Tour Director in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, was knowledgeable and gave us the necessary "heads up" about the hawkers and customs of India. He explained the history of each amazing site clearly with just the right amount of information. We felt like we really "saw" India on this trip from all modes of transportation, rickshaw, train, plane, van, car, walking, elephant.
A word about the hotels-the Oberoi, the Raj Palace and the Windermere were unique - each one made us feel at home-the Oberoi knew our names the first day. You were right - these were luxury hotels.
This was a trip of a lifetime. India is a place you would never imagine exists in this world. Easy Tours gave a seamless trip to an enthralling location. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Debbi Kavanaugh
November 2012
We had a fabulous trip. Everyone that we worked with on our tour was very courteous, helpful and enjoyable to be with. Our driver through most of India was excellent. The guides were all very knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend time with. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TOURS


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