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Guest Reviews

If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Judith Genovese
November 2012
My daughter and I took an Easy Tour of India Nov 18th thru Nov 25th. We were very pleased with the professionalism, attention to detail and politeness of every Easy Tours employee we came in contact with. We found nearly all the people we met warm and welcoming, the weather was perfect, the food good, the history of the places awe inspiring, and the Hindu culture exemplary in so many ways. Our Tour Director was excellent. He was intelligent (and great fun!) and more than met our expectations. We were more than pleased with the entire experience and will heartily recommend Easy Tours to anyone. Thank you again. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Phyllis Walls
November 2012
Hello to everyone at Easy Tours,
We have been home more than a week now, but are still processing the sights, sounds and smells and pictures of India that will be remembered for a long time, as will be the incredible friendliness of the people.
Our hotels were all very comfortable, and all were staffed with very helpful, friendly people. The food was all very good to excellent, and, with only one exception, the serving staff were very good.
The Easy Tours employees were all very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. And the drivers are amazing! Both Russ and I agree that our Tour Director was the best of them all, he made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable. It is no easy job to herd 11 tourists with assorted abilities through the streets of India, but he did it!
Everyone asks: "how was your trip?" We can only say that it was INCREDIBLE! And we are always glad to recommend Easy Tours, just ask us. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TOURS

Fran Gallogly
November 2012
We recently returned from India, and I want to thank everyone at Easy Tours for an absolutely fantastic vacation! There wasn't a single glitch or foul-up despite the fact that we had a pretty complex itinerary with many flights and connections. No matter what hour we arrived at an airport, even in the dead of night, there was a representative and driver waiting to greet us. And they would not leave until we assured them that our hotel room was to our liking.

All of the guides were outstanding and the drivers were also good. We especially enjoyed our driver from Agra to Udaipur. While all of the guides were excellent, we particularly enjoyed our guide in Agra who proved to be a great font of knowledge about the Mughal emperors, the guide in Khajuraho for his in depth insight into the art history and significance of the temple sculptures, our facilitator in Kanha who provided us with a heart warming experience in the small village of Nagoe when he introduced us to an extended family he was related to and where we were welcomed with tea and refreshments into their home, and the guide in Jaisalmer who lives in the fort and conveyed his great love for his home and city. Our guide in Jaipur went out of his way to arrange for us to be admitted to the fort in the evening in order to photograph the sunset from one of the upper story windows.

The hotels were truly opulent, much more beautiful than anything we had expected. There wasn't a bad one in the lot. We loved the Taj in Aurangabad where there was a young manager in the restaurant who perceived that we enjoyed Indian food and made an effort every evening to recommend regional specialties for us to sample. The Trident in Jaipur with a view of the lake palace was also outstanding and had especially wonderful service. We loved the decor and ambiance at the Fort Rajwada in Jaisalmer. In Jodhpur we stayed at the Taj Gateway. We made a very minor complaint about the restaurant to the Easy Tour rep which he apparently passed on to the hotel. On our second visit to this hotel we were met by the general manager who upgraded our room to the Jaipur Suite and provided us with a free dinner. It was much more than our small complaint merited and we were most grateful and actually stunned by his kindness.

Finally, I must mention our wonderful stay at Chitwan Jungle Lodge in Kahna. The room was not fancy but it was large and comfortable. What made this lodge so outstanding was the general manager. He simply cannot do enough to ensure that his guests are enjoying themselves and are well provided for. This attitude permeates all of the staff at Chitwan. The chef would emerge from the kitchen to check if you needed any special preparations and if the spice level was to your liking. One day I asked one of the kitchen people about the gardens behind the lodge where they were growing some vegetables. Instead of a brief reply, he gave me a tour of the garden and explained everything they were growing there, not only for the kitchen but also the section devoted to medicinal herbs. And he introduced me to their gardener. On our last day in Kahna we decided not to rush to Bandhavgarh to try to make the afternoon safari. I preferred to visit some of the small villages near Kahna to photograph the people and their daily routines. The General Manager told me that nearly all of the staff at Chitwan was drawn from these villages and that he sometimes provides books and funds to help send the children to school. Then he and his assistant manager got on a motor scooter and joined us in the villages where he provided introductions for me and facilitated my photographing the people there. This is a man who truly walks in the footsteps of Gandhi!

There were many more experiences that I could outline here but I think you get the gist of it. The trip was a great experience and all the connections and arrangements went like clockwork thanks to the fine coordinators from Easy Tours. We are most grateful. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ron and Isabel Ross Ogden
November 2012
Our India tour was outstanding on every level, from pre-planning to execution. Your itinerary was packed with wonderful events and sights that we never even dreamed of. We considered ourselves most fortunate having such a superb Tour Director, for he was helpful, informed, dependable, efficient, conscientious, professional, sensitive to our needs and wants (my husband and I are young at heart but not in years, being over 70), and he was a perfectly delightful companion on our journeys from town to town. He really was the best guide in every way, mature beyond his years taking care of our unique needs often on his own initiative. We parted as family. We had a wonderful driver for the last eleven days who drove with skill and minimal stress. The Tour Director and the driver meshed wonderfully as a team and maximized every day for us. They were truly exceptional.

We were overwhelmed with the excellence of the Taj and Oberoi hotels (palaces really), their staff, the hospitality, the gorgeous landscaping not to mention the luxurious rooms. Even the camel fair accommodations were acceptable, albeit an understandable change in sumptuousness. All our meals included on the road were a pleasure as well. The itinerary was well planned and we even squeezed in some personal shopping time for tiles and fabrics with our Tour Director’s help. My husband and I often commented that we were seeing and doing things in India that we never could have seen or done on our own. With our own guide and driver and the royal level of accommodations, "opulent" has taken on a new standard for us. We were spoiled shamelessly. India itself was a delight and we enjoyed all the sights and events, the culture and the food, the gorgeous saris and the gentle "namaste" greetings we encountered everywhere. The camel rides and fair, the elephant rides, the tiger sighting (we were lucky!), the surprise of landing during Diwali festivities, the history preserved in the forts and palaces, market place comings and goings, and so much more....India did not disappoint nor did Easy Tours of India company and their support staff in India. We would highly recommend Easy Tours to India and our guide to any one (and already have done so to folks we know). A++, every one and every thing. Well done. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Kilwehi Kono and Lawrence Miike
November 2012
Our trip to Varanasi was excellent! We continue to be amazed by all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of India. We thought that our guide in Nepal was the best that we have had. He had an easy way with him that belied a highly organized and knowledgeable person. In retrospect I would have preferred to have spent more time in India and less time in Bhutan. If we go back that way, I would definitely go back to India and definitely not go back to Nepal and Bhutan. India was just so much more colorful in every way!!! I also thought it was a very nice touch for Guest Relations to call us during our trip. I did email and tell them that. Other than that, I want to thank you both for a wonderful trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Judy Watkins
November 2012
I was so impressed with the way the guides handled everything without a glitch. I was thankful that the guide in Mumbai who picked us up from the airport came even though the political leader Thackeray died and there were concerns there could be processions and so no taxis were running. I appreciated the driver and guide made sure we were not stranded at such a time. Our guide in Darjeeling was also exceptional. I would like to thank our India Specialist for setting up our travels. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Roland and Marianne Kuchel
November 2012
Now that we are back in cold New England, flooded with so many memories of our wonderful experience in India, we wanted to thank you and all of you at Easy Tours for the superb trip you organized and facilitated for us. Thank you for working with us, with excellent advice, on shaping a trip that met our interests and desires. Thank you and all your associates in India who worked with us on the ground to make it such a positive and incredible experience. Your organization could not have been better.

We also wish to commend the excellent guides you provided us at every stop. We learned so much from them, not only about the places we visited, but also the insights they provided on Indian history, culture, religious life, the political scene and the economy. They were well educated, articulate and flexible in organizing the daily itineraries - sensitive to our needs as well as knowing when a sight might be less crowded, switching the order of our sightseeing to avoid traffic. They were all marvelous in their own ways. Although it would be unfair to single anyone out, your guide at Khajuraho had such a refined knowledge of art that he transformed a temple that might well be admired for its eroticism into something spiritual. And as a personality, we will long remember the incredible energy, self-confidence, and native intelligence of your guide at Agra - what a personality.

Your station personnel were invariably helpful and courteous. Again, I hesitate to mention any, but the gentleman at Khajuraho was exceptionally enterprising, providing us a marvelous visit to his home village near the city before we departed for Agra. We also admired the dexterity of your facilitator at Jhansi in getting us into the train!

Finally, please commend our driver from Agra who took us through Rajasthan to Udaipur with expert driving skill and quiet, pleasing personality.

In terms of the hotels selected, you will recall that we mixed and matched several categories and price-levels. We are so happy that we upgraded our bookings to stay in two marvelous hotels with heritage appeal - the Taj Rambagh and unforgettable Lake Palace. My wife and I loved, however, the Trident at Agra where we spent the first night - one of the nicest, non-super luxury choices a really finely run place. For similar reasons, we also liked the Oberoi Maidens in Delhi - its history and nice location between the sights in Old Delhi and the newer city. You obviously have good relations with the management of all your hotels -- in many places we were upgraded and this was appreciated.

Again, many thanks for arranging a most memorable trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Joan Cook
March 2012
This is very late but I want you to know how much I enjoyed my tour of India from February 26th - March 11th 2012.

This was my dream trip and I can honestly say it was one I will never forget.  I was very impressed with the way Easy Tours of India did business.  Every member of staff I met in India did an excellent job of representing the company and made sure I was happy with everything in every city I visited.  Guest Relations also checked in on a regular basis to let me know she was always available should any problem arise.  The hotels were excellent and travelling was very comfortable.

I also want to highly commend our very wonderful Tour Director in Northern India.  I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job.  Not only was he a source of knowledge about the sites we visited, but was a very pleasant travel companion for my group. 

I can highly recommend Easy Tours of India and hope to use your company again as I intend to return to India.

John Snider and Family (Four Family Members)
March 2012
Without a doubt, the best tour we've ever taken! The ability to customize the tour in the planning stage gave us a tremendous advantage over packaged tours. Easy Tours' flexibility on a daily basis allowed us to get the most out of every destination while reacting to the inevitable bumps along the way (illness, etc.) The local coordinators were all extremely helpful and courteous. Half the guides were simply outstanding. The rest were "just" excellent! They added tremendously to our understanding, comfort and enjoyment. They were able to tailor our visits to our interests and desires rather than delivering canned tours. Their assistance in shopping was also noteworthy. The drivers were unbelievably professional. Having the dedicated, comfortable transportation immediately available saved untold time and energy. Our hotels (traditional, first-class) were uniformly clean, comfortable and nicer than any we would stay in in the US. All had all the amenities and services one would expect in a luxury hotel. All in all, Easy Tours provided us with a true "Once in a lifetime" experience with extraordinary service at a very reasonable price. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

John, Williams and Sylvia Fragner
March 2012
We would highly recommend Easy Tours of India. What a fantastic trip, Captain Sid was just outstanding!! The itinerary was excellent, covered many places we wanted to visit. Our India Specialist in the US office was so excellent and accommodating. He called us right away if we had a question, gave us very detailed and helpful information. We had calls from several staff during the tour to ask how all was going, if the hotels were acceptable. Amazing assistance and support. We really appreciated that the tours were small. I've been on other tours with up to 24 people far too many. Thank you to all those who planned our wonderful trip. I appreciated getting the notebooks to keep a journal of our trip. We never worried about the water because we got plenty on the tour bus as well as two bottles in every hotel. This eased our concern completely. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Phyllis Lutjeans (Brian Beck Group)
March 2012
I wanted to thank you for cooperating with Brian Beck in planning our Pilgrimage to Northern India.  I have traveled the world and this trip was one of the most spiritual, inventive, special, surreal, humorous, and exciting trips I have experienced.  The flexibility, the humor and patience of all were the best.  But what was even more special was your Tour Director. You have a gem in him; I hope Easy Tours realizes that.  He not only was knowledgeable about almost anything we wanted to talk about but because all of us have a great sense of humor he was perfect for our group.  He seemed to be able to discuss anything from early myths, to flowers, plants, animals; whatever came up in conversation.  He was able to flow easily with this rather unruly group and we appreciated his concern and kindness to all of us.  As you know, in many cases a tour guide can make or break a trip, well he made our trip the best.  We all wanted to have him visit America so that we could show him as wonderful a time as he showed us.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Dennis and Donna Sprague
March 2012
Our India Specialist in the Austin office helped us greatly in selecting not only a tour but also the 11 days on our own with driver and guide. Our tour director for the 16 day small group tour was the best we have ever had on a tour. He was clear and easy to understand, knowledgeable at all destinations, efficient in all our modes of transportation, and he was also very personable. We would be pleased to have him as our tour guide again. Also our guide in Mysore went out of his way to cover all aspects of that city. Our driver from February 25th to March 1st (Bangalore to Mysore to Nagarhole to Bangalore) was also extremely helpful and took on the duties of tour guide plus driver. We will definitely be touring India again, and we will definitely give Easy Tours of India our first consideration. as you know.   REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

James Peter and Gayle Kollitz
March 2012
My wife and I had a wonderful time on our recent tour of India. We wish to thank you for the last minute changes you made for us. The guide you found for us in Kanchipuram and Chennai was wonderful. She was a great help to my wife. With her help, she was able to find the things she wanted for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. Our driver was also most patient and very helpful with this shopping. You made it seem like these last minute changes were not difficult but we want you to know that we appreciated your work and that it made a big difference for us.

I was impressed with how well you kept track of us and how careful your organization was to make certain we always made our flights and reached our destinations. Your company is one of the better travel companies that I have worked with. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Barbara and Robert Stepleman
February 2012
Now that we have time to catch up, I want to thank you and Easy Tours of India for an unforgettable trip.  We could not have asked for a better tour company.  You exceeded our expectations. We certainly feel that we got what we paid for and more.  The tour guides were wonderful as were the drivers.  In every city we were greeted by a representative from that city to make sure everything was as we expected.  Guest Relations calls were an added bonus. Thanks again. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Janet Ristow (Brian Beck Group)
February 2012
I would like first to give an especially excellent review for our Tour Director throughout the trip, He became a friend, fun traveling companion, and source of much information about the sites we visited. When some of our group had problems or concerns he was right there to make our situation better. I would highly recommend him for any tour in India. Also, our Kolkata guide was also full of wonderful stories about Sri Ramakrishna whose teachings our Yoga Center in California is based upon. These two gentlemen are highly recommended as guides. Our agenda was a bit too full for our group, but our Tour Director adjusted the pace to suit our folks. The hotels I especially loved The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and the Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Kevin Beicke
February 2012
Excellent trip. The guides were terrific in the three cities we visited (Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi). Our guide in Agra went above and beyond the call of duty for us and is the role model for how other guides should strive to be. The guides we had were all excellent and made the tour a great success. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

William and Karen Carey
February 2012
We had an absolutely wonderful experience in India. Your folks were all very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous with us at all times. We will recommend you and Easy Tours every chance we get.  REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Lauren and David Weinstein
January 2012
We are home from our trip and just wanted to let you know that everything was wonderful.  All your representatives, tour guides, drivers were incredible.
We are so appreciative that our India Specialist in the US office recommended our staying at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur.  What an experience - being treated like a Maharaja and Maharani!
Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip so memorable. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Susan and Charles Shubin
January 2012
I just had to tell you how wonderful our trip was and how special you made it for us from the wonderful planning you did, to the great air arrangements and help when I needed it, to the friendly and reassuring calls Guest Relations made - making us feel very secure and looked after.
We've had the good fortune to travel with many companies but I tell you honestly yours was the best-flawless.

Philip and Ellen Pearsall
January 2012
The trip was very well planned and Easy Tours did a wonderful job including guides, drivers, meeting us a airports etc. Thanks. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL


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