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Guest Reviews

If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Peter and Barbara Sapienza
January 2012
We had a five week tour beginning in Jan 2012. Literally everything was wonderful. The staff in the Austin office were great - Very professional, patient, attentive, accommodating. In India, without exception, all our managers, guides, drivers were dedicated and helpful exceeding expectations. This is quite an amazing situation for a long trip! A few stood out, like our lady guide in Mumbai. In Cochin our Facilitator was very nice. In Aurangabad, the guide was very knowledgeable and a fine companion. In Rajasthan, our driver was great. Attentive, caring, and a skilled driver! In Udaipur, guide was fun, and he spoke Italian! I speak some. In Kumbalgarh, our guide for the Ranakpur hike was great. In Jodhpur the guide was one of my favorites of the trip. Smart, engaging, dedicated. The Jaipurguide was a gem. In Agra, the guide brought the Mughals alive for us (again!) In Delhi, our Facilitator was absolutely amazing, for doing everything and being everywhere all at once. In Varanasi, we were fortunate to have the guide we had professor, priest, guide. A fountain of knowledge. On this trip I learned a tremendous amount about India: geography, current affairs, politics, history, religions, society, culture, cuisine, wonderful people, Accommodations, transportation, staff, logistics, connections. Everything happened as planned and like magic. I am happy to recommend ETI to my friends, without hesitation, and I do so frequently. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Monica and Paul Marwah
January 2012
I had the most amazing time in India. Easy tours provided a safe and fun way to see India. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and wouldn't change a thing. Everything went perfectly and according to plan. Staff was amazing and friendly. The tour was directly specifically for my needs. If I wanted to go shopping, I was taken to awesome shops. If I wanted to see an astrologer, an astrologer was on hand. I loved every minute of my experience in India and I recommend no one else but Easy Tours of India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

James Westfall Family (Six Family Members)
January 2012
The guides were great. We were particularly impressed by the Agra guide and the Safari guide. The driver was the best we could have had. All of our party had fun and learned many things. We really enjoyed the traffic scenes and actions. We would not have been able to enjoy India to the same extent without the efforts of the entire Easy Tour staff. Easy Tours was easy to work with. Our India Specialist in the US office kept our interests at the forefront of planning. I think that he went beyond our expectations to provide great service. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Andrea Pinto Family (Four Family Members)
January 2012
Thank you so much for a fabulous, easy, well-organized trip! We were nervous about taking 2 young children to India, but you made it perfect! Thank you so much for all of your planning, helpfulness, and attentiveness! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Morris Petty
December 2011
3rd Visit to India with Easy Tours
This was my third tour with ETI, and once again it was astounding. Planning was excellent with the expert office staff. On the trip, I had fantastic experiences every day! It is truly incredible that India has such a vast wealth of historic, religious and cultural treasures. I was able to see the fortress cities of Rajasthan (including the awesome Karnimata Temple (rat temple) the sites of Mother Theresa (Kolkata) the great Hindu temples of Orissa and Tirupati, and these were just the highlights! One of the most outstanding drivers I have ever experienced escorted me through more than half of the tour. He was truly an outstanding guide. I was able to enjoy all kinds of foods, fresh fruits and lassi (mmm) because of his careful attention. Everything went smoothly and was flawless during my travels the guides, transfers, and transportation were absolutely coordinated and made travel in this ancient land easy! I certainly intend on traveling with Easy Tours again. You are THE BEST! Thank you so much. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Dr. Devang Desai and Family (Five Family Members)
December 2011
Our trip was spectacular and thank you so much. You guided us well on the properties. The Trident Nariman Point with the deluxe window views was worth it, as by then everyone was tired and we truly enjoyed the view from the hotel. The Taj Gateway in Agra was spectacular on the fifth floor, Guest Relations, Thank you much! The Suryagarh splurge was well worth it- what a spectacular property and hospitality!

Thank you for arranging the semi private rooftop dinner at Hanwant Mahal in Jodhpur. It was incredible! Also, as you would expect of your clients we tried to thank everyone and provide gratuities as best as we could, especially here. Also, thank you for taking care of our fantastic dinner at Legends of Marwar in Suryagargh- our server still makes us smile when we think of him. Finally, please thank the Udaipur office again for arranging our dinner in Udaipur at the restaurant - what a view at night!

Our guides were all quite good- from the one in Delhi to the one in Jodhpur. We loved our guide in Jaipur- he was great with the kids. We really also enjoyed our time with our guide in Jaisalmer, and even got to spend time at his home in the Fort! I really appreciated how you arranged for him to meet us in Ranakpur and stay with us to Udaipur- he even spent an additional half a day with us in Udaipur.

Shopping, as I am sure you have heard- was good and we did plenty. Perhaps, more than we should have! The guides with your contacts took us to very good places with excellent merchants.

I had explored 3 other tour companies before I contacted you. Our India Specialist was very professional and attentive. Finally, when I had difficulty with the itinerary, what convinced me is the suggestions of the hotels that you did instead of the heritage properties due to your experience and tweaking the itinerary to include Kumbhalgarh - this was phenomenal at night! As you can see, I sent you family and friends this year. For us, our family, and friends- only your company exists. We will keep you in mind for our friends and for us in future. Thanks.

I wanted to also thank you greatly for how smooth all our transfers were and how well we have felt welcomed everywhere. Hotels- all hotels have been excellent. Service at Taj Gateway in Agra and Trident at Jaipur have been spectacular.

Overall an excellent experience. I would tour with you all again anytime and highly recommend you. As you know, because of me, I brought you directly and indirectly 3 client families during this same time. Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Sanjay Patel and Stacey Diane Skelnik
December 2011
The overall organization and execution of our trip was almost flawless. We had an experience that we'll remember for the rest of our lives!! The hotels were terrific as were the tour guides and the drivers. Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Fred Verde Family (Four Family Members)
December 2011
Exceeded all of our expectations!! Especially when you consider we booked everything only days before leaving and during the Xmas and New Year holidays!! Hotels, drivers, and guides were perfect. Everyone was friendly, flexible, and ready to meet all our wants and needs. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!! The Verde family. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Ms. Helen M. Vasquez and Ms. Amparo Garza Lang
December 2011
It is almost 2 1/2 weeks since my return from the unforgettable country of India and I still can't believe I was there and did all of the things that I did. I want to take a few moments to express my sincere appreciation for the top notch quality of all of your staff, from the Travel Facilitators and Tour Guides to your magical drivers.  You are to be commended for ability to select such professional persons to be part of your team. 
All of your Travel Facilitators are professional, kind and very knowledgeable about not only the area, but the world in general.  I found all of your staff very well prepared professionally.  We "nicknamed" some of your staff members.  Delhi's first Travel Facilitator we nicknamed "The walking encyclopedia". I was fascinated by his broad based knowledge about places and people.  I was totally taken by his ability to answer all of my questions in a simple but through manner. All of the drivers we nicknamed "Magical drivers".
Your tour guides are a special breed all by themselves.  Some of your guides are "elegant and classy" They dressed very professionally and with style.  We named our Kathmandu guide "Mr. Elegant man" He conducted himself with class and dignity.  Always knew what to say and how to say it. His reverence about the Crematory helped us appreciate and respect the most sacred ritual.
Our Agra guide had a special charm and exquisite timing. He was our "philosopher and contemplative" guide. He was the perfect guide to introduce the Taj Mahal to us.  He was most respectful of the place and was able to convey to us with reverence how special this place was.  

I could easily go on, but I know this may be old news for you and that you are aware of the quality of your staff.
I did, however want to say one more time that you have the most professional and hard working folks I have ever met and I have been on a number of tours in my life.  So, please convey to your staff how grateful I am for their time and dedication to make my trip to India, Nepal and Tibet so unforgettable. I will definitely use your company again in the future if and when I go away again. 

Ellen Cohen and Bob Schwartz
November 2011
Our trip was great... Our guide is the best guide ever.  Full of enthusiasm, fun and very caring.  He made our experience very special.  Wish India wasn't so far because we would like to return.  Thanks for all your help.  Ellen and Bob. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

Ms. Dianne Johnson and Ms Juliana Johnson
November 2011
Thank you so much for all your help planning our tour of India! I wanted to email and thank you personally for an amazing trip. All of the tour guides, drivers, and facilitators were incredible but I wanted to note that in particular our tour director was amazing. The company is truly so lucky to have him on board. He was not just a tour guide, but a friend to all of us and that is so rare to find. If it wasn't for him, our trip to India would not have been nearly as much fun or comfortable. He helped all of us feel so comfortable and his knowledge of the country was astounding! I ended up getting very sick and even as ill as I was, I still felt at ease because he were around. He really became a great friend and was more than hospitable. I do hope that the company realizes how valuable of an asset he is.
In addition, our driver in Kerala was amazing! He was so nice and knowledgeable of the area. I truly enjoyed the brief time spent with him.

Overall, the entire trip was just perfect! Everything was planned wonderfully which led to little stress on our side. Thanks so much again and I hope to use your company again in the future!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Ms. Mary Dansinghani
November 2011
Wanted to get an email off to you but with the return to work on Thursday my office has been a revolving door.  The trip was wonderful - more than I ever could imagine.
The hotels were superb - each one beautiful with the most amazing staff.  In Agra one of the room staff actually made a Taj Mahal out of towels decorated with red and yellow rose petals.
All the guides were excellent. Our tour director was with us most of the journey.  He was especially good with me as he took my hand on each set of steps.  I found the steps much deeper than ours.  With no railings I was fearful of falling with my bad back.  Needless to say, he and I made all the steps.  With him being my son's name, I said he was my second son.Diane and Julie Johnson were a good match.  That probably is due to the universe.  We seemed to bond well and were at the same energy pace.  Julie was ill and the Easy Tours Staff were good at taking her to the doctor.  Very caring and compassionate.
Varanasi was beyond belief.  The evening arati performed by the seven priests made the air vibrate.  We launched our candles off into the Ganga.  Diane and I the following morning were blessed by a priest who just happened to be near the steps to the river. The sunrise was breath-taking.
Thank you and all the staff for making the trip enjoyable. If I live long enough I will definitely take a second Easy Tours expedition.
Again, please report my great pleasure working with all of you. You are beyond the 5 star rating! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Mr. Robert Salisbury and Ms. Susan Salisbury
November 2011
Loved India with Easy Tours. There was never a time when we felt insecure and the hotels were magnificent. All the guides were extremely knowledgeable and this teacher felt like an eager student at all times. The very best was “our tour director” who was with us the longest. There was no question he couldn't answer and he was literally a font of knowledge. We felt "at home" with this warm, intelligent and enthusiastic young man. ALL the guides and drivers were great! We had the experience of a lifetime! We're so glad we saw India with your company and we never had a moment of unease. Thank you so much for all your carefully planned arrangements. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Scott Ira Gertner, Mrs. Deborah Todd Hitchcock
November 2011
"We have been fortunate to have travelled all over the world and we have always dreamed of going to India. Easy Tours far exceeded our expectations. The guides were excellent, the scenery and culture fascinating, and we learned and enjoyed so much about India. Easy Tours India specialist did an outstanding job of listening to our wishes in planning this excellent trip. In addition to all that, our driver for nine days, contributed so much to our enjoyment and understanding of India during our long drives from one city to the next. He not only was so knowledgeable and anxious to answer all our questions and point out the numerous aspects of Indian culture, but he made us feel like family. We hope Easy Tours will give him the recognition he deserves. We would definitely use Easy Tours again and would recommend this company to anyone considering a trip to India. Our India specialist and our driver for nine days made our dream come true! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Raymond Douglas Parkinson and Karen Susan Parkinson
October 2011
Every part of our trip was excellent, including help putting together our customized itinerary. At each airport/ train station, the guide was there to greet us and we were whisked away to our next sightseeing adventure. Each day had a very different emphasis - people, culture, architecture, and animals. We loved it all! The highlight was seeing a male tiger from 20 ft. away! Nepal was also a worthwhile addition. Thanks so much to all the caring staff, and especially to our guide in Agra, whose wife had her first baby the day he left us! Torn allegiance! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.

The Bennett and Daigneau Families
October 2011
We would like to thank you and Easy Tours for a wonderful trip to India and Nepal.
We all enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you also for all your drivers, escorts and guides. They made our trip memorable.
Thank you so much and we will recommend Easy Tours to our friends. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Aleksandra Victoria Gioe
October 2011
India with easy tours was just that a smooth and well cared for tour group adventure unlike any I’ve experienced before. This was a memorable once in a lifetime experience and amazing, unforgettable insight into a stunning culture rich in tradition and beauty. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Ms. Elizabeth Anness and Family
October 2011
I just returned to work and of course been telling my co-workers about your amazing country and what great service your company has provided.
I really want to Thank You for everything!! We've travelled a lot and have never needed so much assistance with all our changes in our tour and I must say that you and your tour guides were very accommodating and patient with us. We really appreciated your wonderful service and we can't express it enough! You and your company are the best ever in making this as wonderful trip as it could have been.
We did get Mama home safe and sound :-) That was so comforting.
Thank you again for all of your Excellent Customer Service!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Stephanie Ayars
October 2011
I recently returned from a solo tour of North India through Easy Tours of India and it was AMAZING!!
There are numerous aspects of the trip that I could review, but I will try and capture the highlights. I visited Delhi, Varanasi, Agra and Jaipur.
PLANNING / BOOKING: Everything in this process was flawless – India specialist in the Austin, TX office answered all of my questions in a very timely manner and helped make hotel recommendations based on my travel preferences. He was a pleasure to work with... and he was kind enough to do a follow-up inquiry upon my return to make sure I had a wonderful time!
LOGISTICS: Easy Tours of India made everything easy! I didn't have to worry about local transportation, booking tickets, waiting in line or reading maps! I understand that sometimes those things are part of the adventure, but this trip was about NOT making decisions considering I do that all day long in my career!
LODGING: Each of the hotels in the respective cities had a special charm. I've been a professional marketer and worked in hospitality so it's the "details" of a stay that make it special for me. I couldn't have been happier with the hotels selected -- the properties were all very clean, well-kept and full of amenities. But, it was really the staff at each hotel that made the difference for me -- 5 stars!
ITINERARY / SIGHTSEEING / EXPERIENCES: My trip was a comfortable balance of local sightseeing or special experiences (e.g., elephant ride in Jaipur) and down time. The days were full, but not too busy to where you can't enjoy each moment. The guides were very good about checking in on me and my energy level and were happy to accommodate adding in things or dropping me off to rest at the hotel. Very well organized and paced. I had asked for some walking to be incorporated and they made sure I got enough movement -- and water!
HEALTH & SAFETY: This was an important topic for me given I was traveling alone as a female. I couldn't have been happier -- I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! I always felt safe, they respected me as a solo traveler and as a woman!
This was truly an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend Easy Tours of India to ANYONE! I can't wait until I can book a South India trip through them and explore more! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Frederic W Glazer, Mrs. Marilyn B Glazer
October 2011
I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful tour of India.  Your planning was perfect and everything went as planned. I will recommend your company to anyone I know planning to go to India.  Thank you. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL


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