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Guest Reviews

If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Mrs. Barbara Ellen Crane / Mr. William Jeffery Davis
October 2011
My husband and I have been home a week--recuperating from jet lag and colds - so forgive me for not writing sooner about our glorious trip through Rajasthan with Easy Tours. Our Easy Tours India specialist planned the perfect trip for us, and our guest relations manager, you made it happen. Thank you so very much.
You were completely spot on with your itinerary.  Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur were wonders, and the drive from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh was magical. I'm so glad you routed us through Kumbhalgarh, because the fort, temples and wall were extraordinary. (We also loved the hotel!) Our guide was an excellent host for our fort tour.
Our driver, is the person to whom we owe our deepest gratitude overall. Unfailingly polite, professional and overwhelmingly thoughtful, he was ready with silence or stories, whatever we indicated. Our drives with him were the best part of our incredible journey. Having traveled in India before with various drivers, I know how important a driver is to the experience, and he is the best. He always knew what to do to make our travels even more interesting, including pointing out antelope and, later, a python, in the dim light of evening as we headed toward Jodhpur. We had lots of laughs with him, too. What a wonderful man.
I also cannot say enough good things about your travel facilitator in Delhi (poor man, he had to wait extra hours, because our Bangkok-arriving plane from LAX arrived late, and Thai Airlines had to put us on a flight a little later). He oriented us quickly (we were tired!) and efficiently to our trip and time in Delhi and got us out and in of the Delhi Airport. By the way, I love the journal he gave us. Our travel facilitator in Udaipur and Jaipur were equally kind, welcoming and efficient. You really have a wonderful staff.
Your tour guides, too, were great and told us all we wanted to know about the sights we were seeing and the city they lived in. We really, really miss authentic Indian food--I think I would take the 20 to 24 hour trip again just to taste the spinach saag at the Maidens Hotel (it nearly made me weep in happiness) or the chickpea dish at the restaurant our Jodhpur guide suggested.
Our guest relations manager, I don't mean to leave for last. Thank you so much for all your work on our behalf. All our documents came, all our payments recorded accurately--and I loved talking to you when you called. Thank you for arranging everything for us.
We have already told our friends about Easy Tours of India and will continue to spread your praises. I'll see if you are listed on Trip Advisor and will comment on our great experience if you are.

Finally, thank you for an incredible trip. We thought we had seen the best of India and couldn't love it more than we already did, but you made a whole new experience for us. We're very grateful. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Barbara Wallace / Ms. Garlyn Peterson
October 2011
We returned home Sunday night. Our stay in Nepal and India was excellent. All the facilitators, tour guides and drivers were first rate. Our guest relations manager was very helpful to me personally, in arranging to get some medicine that I stupidly left home by mistake.
The hotels were wonderful and all the arrangements your company made for us went very smoothly. We were very pleased with everything Easy Tours did.
We felt your company delivered all the arrangements promised. The accommodations were first-class and everyone treated us with the utmost kindness and respect. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family who are planning a trip to India and/or South Asia.

Mr. William Chute / Mr. Mohamed Bidair
October 2011
I just wanted to thank you so much for the India tour.  You all are wonderful. Everything went very well and we are exceptionally pleased with your services.  It’s a real pleasure to work with an organization that is well organized and provides the level of services and attention to detail that you all have.  We had an amazing time.  India is a fascinating country.  I’m sure we’ll be back plus our friends and family are very interested for which we will happily pass along an exceptionally positive recommendation for you all at Easy Tours of India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Thomas Staley and Family
October 2011
The trip was really magnificent and we are glad we chose Easy Tours to lead our adventure. The staff was very responsive and attentive and handled all of the necessary details to make the trip enjoyable. For accommodations, the Trident hotel in Jaipur and the Taj in Khajuraho were especially good. Our guides in Agra and Delhi stood out above all the others. Finally, thank you for the help when my mother got sick. You helped us recover and prevented us from missing some of the highlights of our trip. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Russell Kent Clark, Mr. Glenn Charles Edwards
October 2011
Just got back from India this past Saturday morning.  I wanted to say what a great time we had.  Easy Tours does a fantastic job, and I would recommend you guys to anyone going to India. 
Thanks for such a wonderful trip! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Dev Family - Seattle, USA and Fiji
September 2011
What drew me to Easy Tours was the quality experience they promised. Our Easy Tours India specialist helped and followed up quite nicely on my requirements and was a pleasant person to deal with.  

India/Nepal was a lot take in for a first visit and our hotels, ground transport, transfers, guides and escorts all made a great impact on us having a wonderful time.  All the monuments were mostly clean and we didn’t have to wait long amidst crowds. Actually we really didn’t have to do anything except go in, sightsee and enjoy. Our guides and drivers looked after us in a way that we felt safe, cared for and we did not have to worry about being harassed. 
The selection of hotels was nice and our stay was comfortable. I thought it was very progressive of some of the hotels to adopt a no individual tip policy. Most people displayed true hospitality without intimidation or obligation. The food was quite nice.

Although all the Easy Tour group of people we met was extremely nice and helpful, I want to specifically mention some of them who left an impression on me:  
Our Delhi travel facilitator – such a calm demeanor and the way he behaved was so assuring and caring. I especially like the way he spoke Hindi. I believe he was greatly responsible for ensuring our trip went well.
The driver in Khajuraho – such a pleasant polite guy; I was just amazed that he picked up English so fluently from touring.
Our guide in Varanasi. I loved Varanasi and it was solely because of him, he is excellent. The tour facilitator was very nice.
Our guide in Agra. He is excellent. Both guide at Varanasi and Agra were philosophical; knowledgeable, amusing and truly great people.
The driver from Agra to Udaipur – We liked this guy very much! For starters he could understand our Hindi, very friendly, helpful and a great guy all around
Travel Facilitator at Agra & Jaipur – very helpful, nice guys. Travel Facilitator at Jaipur amused me. 
Team in Mumbai (I like the driver from Orissa he was funny and the way he spoke his Hindi was nice; the guide – very impressed with her and the tour facilitator was very nice and friendly. 
Team in Nepal – I have so much praise for our guide in Nepal, another excellent guide. The driver was so skillful and very nice guy. Our tour facilitator was very polite and caring
Team in Aurangabad – one of my favorite places and the team (guide, tour facilitator and drivers) were all excellent.  
Guides and tour facilitators in Udaipur (amazingly very clean) and Jaipur were all very nice. The location of the Delhi hotel was great and a good place to start in India; with the mall next to it I felt like I was in an American mall. 
In Aurangabad was the only place I asked for a side trip and those guys were so accommodating.
I also learned a lot and think that India is a truly beautiful country with amazing sites and monuments. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Diane Woods / Mr. Donald Woods
September 2011
I am sorry this took so long for me to get to you. We actually just got back to the United States this weekend. We had a wonderful time. Our coordinator in Delhi was top notch! We had the most experience with him, because we were in Delhi multiple times. All of the other coordinators were very pleasant and helpful also. Our guides were amazing! Kudos to all of them, especially in Nepal and in Agra (he doubled as an amazing photographer)! We would not hesitate to recommend Easy Tours - in fact I would jump at the chance to suggest it to anyone considering a trip to India. From the first phone call to our India specialist to being escorted to our international flight home by our travel facilitator in Delhi, our experience was what we expected and hoped for. Thank you, Easy Tours, for making our trip to India just that! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Lilia Bucio Rahaian and Ms. Dolores Bucio Correa
September 2011
After a long recovery from the trip, we finally get our system back to Texas.
I want to thank you for making all the arrangements that made our pleasant India trip possible. Special thanks to folks whom greeted us at the airports and provided the transportation. We, my sister and I enjoyed all the programs on the itinerary. We were especially impressed by the excellent services and the extraordinary facilities that the hotels have provided. Your local guides in India are very professional and friendly. I have no hesitation to offer them my highest recommendation.

We look forward to contacting you for our future tour needs. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   SMALL GROUP TRAVEL

Mr. Mark Culmer / Ms. Nanette Garelis
September 2011
My name is Nanette Garelis and I recently accompanied Mark Culmer (from Emirates Airlines) on the wonderful trip to India you and your staff arranged for us.  Thank you so much - it was a fascinating and fabulous trip!  Every detail of the trip was taken care of and all of your staff of Easy Tours of India were fantastic.  The facilitators, the guides, the drivers and the administrative personnel were all very professional, courteous, helpful and so knowledgeable.  They all helped to make our trip one of the best I have ever been on.  (The Oberoi hotels were amazing as well!) 
I had never been to India before and I found it to be a fascinating, interesting and colorful culture and society.  The cities were bustling with people (and motorcycles!!) and the driving through the countryside was beautiful.  We took so many great pictures and have great memories too!  I look forward to returning some day to explore other areas of India!      
I have already told friends that are interested in going to India to definitely check into Easy Tours of India as their tour company to use.
Thank you again and many thanks to all of your delightful staffREFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Ronal Marvin Gittess / Ms. Iris Carol Novit
September 2011
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on our India trip. The hotels were over the top with a truly accommodating staff. Your staff was also extremely accommodating, always on time, very personable, and very knowledgeable.
I would like to give a special commendation to our driver from Agra who stayed with us till Udaipur. He went above board to keep us comfortable and was always pleasant.
People always complain when things go wrong, so I want you to know how nice this man was.
I would certainly recommend your company to my friends who are interested in travel to India. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Vijay Persaud / Mrs. Anita Persaud / Mr. Donald B Kanhai / Mrs. Surujdai Kanhai
September 2011
We are back safely from our visit to India, and wanted to capture some of our experience and suggestions.
Firstly, many thanks to our guest relations manager, who has stayed in contact with us during our entire trip, this made us feel that you care.
Here is a summary:
1. The train and visit to Agra was great, no issues.
2. Jaipur was excellent, the tour guide, was great.
3. Our travel and stay in Vizag was superb, as our host did a great job during our stay.
4. Cochin and the back-waters was the high-point of our trip. The coordinator and his boss were excellent, they went out of their way to ensure our well being and comfort. We enjoyed the house boast and the backwaters.
5. Our stay at the Taj was excellent; we enjoyed our time in a beautiful facility. The coordinator and his boss did an excellent job getting us back to the Airport, as there was striking on the streets. Many credits to the Cochin East Tours team, they did an excellent job all around. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Nicole Loo
August 2011
I had the most wonderful, unforgettable time with Easy Tours of India for my Delhi-Agra-Jaipur trip in August 2011.  Though I was traveling alone, I did not feel alone with my protective coordinators, guides, and drivers.  I actually felt as if I were with close friends.  Thank you thank you for such a great time.  There are multiple things that I would like to highlight and commend regarding your company.

1. Our India specialist - I am so glad that you took a chance on me and were persistent that your company was the safest option for me as a young lady traveling alone.  I appreciate how you were very detail-oriented (like most of your colleagues), professional, and patient.  I was impressed when I received a phone call prior to my departure making sure that all was in order and to wish me safe travels AND during my first night in India to make sure I was okay.  After seeing how much difficulty and drama my friends went through who booked with other Indian agencies, I feel especially grateful to you.
2. Our Delhi travel facilitator -  First, happy belated birthday to you back on August 3!  You were so wonderful to meet on my very first day in India.  You kind of remind me of myself.  Thank you for making sure all details were in order and ensuring I got all meals without being overcharged.  Thank you for being "motherly" in the way you arranged my trip so that I was cared for and happy. It is very clear that you love your company and want to see it succeed.
3. Our Delhi tour guide - You are probably the best tour guide I have ever had!  I was amazed by your knowledge and passion for your country and learning about global affairs.  Thank you for being very conscientious about making sure that I was comfortable, safe, happy, and all my questions were answered.  I did like how you would check in on me several times during the car ride to see what I was thinking or what questions I had.  You were very perceptive from the front seat reading my facial expressions to see when questions were brewing.  I love that you were a former history/politics instructor in a university before you changed over to Easy Tours.  This explains the depth and breadth to which you understand your country.  Lastly, never have I had it where a tour guide would try to buy me lunch and treat me to special appetizers before, especially at "tourist prices." I was moved by your gesture and will never forget it.  I wish you, your wife, and two daughters well!
4.  Our Delhi chauffer - Thank you for being a great, safe, dependable, and happy driver!  I would be in your car any day in any country.  Thank you for working so hard for me driving me all over Delhi.  You and our tour guide make a great combination. I never felt isolated as you two rarely talked only in Hindi and always included me in your conversations.
5. Our Agra travel facilitator - Thank you for your charming welcome gift on arrival to Agra and for making me feel extraordinarily special.  I do not know how you make people feel that way.   Our time together was quite short, but you made me happy.
6. Our Agra tour guide - There are many things I would like to thank you for, but what I forgot to tell you was thank you for protecting me. I appreciate how hard you had to battle each guard/security when I had to use my iPad as a camera since my camera died. Thank you for saving my iPad from getting confiscated.  I have pictures because of your efforts and you helping me buy a disposable camera.  You were a great tour guide and like Delhi tour guide have an intense passion and understanding of your country.  Thank you for teaching me Muslims, philosophy, and about Indian society and history. I wish you family with the upcoming baby well!
7. Our Chauffer from Agra to Jaipur - Thank you like our Delhi chauffer for being a great chauffer and then taking me 4 hours to my destination in Jaipur with a smile on your face the whole way no matter how tired or hungry you were.  Thank you for turning on Indian music at my request and sharing with me some songs. 
8.  Easy Tours - You are an amazing company not only to you clients, but also to your employees.  It is clear that your employees are proud and feel honored to be part of the company.  I see that they are being treated humanely and well. I also like how it is your policy to check in with the client daily to see if things are in order and to have the facilitator in each city that I can go to for help.

Thank you all for an unforgettable adventure.  I would definitely recommend you highly for all my friends and family traveling to India.  I don't know how they could go without... REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. SriKumar Bala and Family
July 2011
I’d like to thank all the Easy Tour Staff (specifically our India specialist) who made our family trip to India a great success. It was the first trip for my second daughter to India. The kids had a great time in the Oberoi hotels. The tour coordinators & guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The transportation and the drivers who accompanied us throughout the tour were very friendly and safe. I am looking forward to using Easy tours in all my future trips to India and will be recommending them to all my friends and family. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Rosalind Rock
July 2011
Our India specialist was an excellent agent who was very helpful and encouraging about my trip, even though it was planned late because of special circumstances. I would recommend him highly. The drivers were excellent; pick up and delivery was precise. The drivers, especially, put you at ease given some difficult driving conditions. The driver I had for five days in Agra and Jaipur was particularly caring and professional. I had an excellent guide in Khajuraho. I travelled alone on this trip and felt very comfortable. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Dennis Hedberg / Ms. Judy Hedberg
July 2011
Dennis and I want to thank Easy Tours of India for making our trip a wonderful experience.  Our guides were exceptional and your staff meeting us at airports and train stations were excellent.  Our driver from Agra to Udaipur did a fantastic job getting us around and was an excellent guide too showing us some picture points of interest. Our guide in Agra was wonderful and helped us get some really great pictures of the Taj and other monuments.  Being a photographer himself he gave us some really excellent shots and took several pictures of Dennis and myself.

Thank again for a wonderful and meaningful journey to your country. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Sonia Pinto / Mr. Frank Rodriguez
July 2011
I have left a glowing review on trip advisor, but would like to also let you know directly that Sonia and I had an amazing time in India and are very grateful for the wonderful service you provided us. You did a fantastic job from creating and arranging the itinerary through to then delivering on it. I could write pages about all the good things but will summarize by saying; we really were made to feel special throughout the trip at every stage thanks to your planning and organization, well done! You have certainly guaranteed we will use your company again for India and Indo-china when visiting, we will also recommend you to all our friends. 

There are some specific thanks I would like to highlight

1. Having our Delhi travel facilitator meet us at the airport and drop us off at the station was very helpful and made us feel welcome and in good hands. On our last day, we hadn't taken out enough cash from an ATM and he lent me some rupees to buy a gift we wanted which I paid him back later that day. He was extremely helpful, friendly and professional.
2. Our main driver ‘from Agra to Udaipur’ was extremely professional and very friendly also, we were given a chocolate cake gift from a hotel in a box and we hadn't realized it has melted while we were in the car, we got chocolate on the floor and the back seat and felt really bad about this. He just said don’t' worry at all, and when he came to pick us up an hour later he had already cleaned everything and was smiling, in fact he was smiling the whole trip - he is a very good asset to your company.
3. Our guides were fantastic - especially 'The Jaipur guide’ with whom we spent half a day - he was brilliant, knowledgeable and so, so funny. We also loved our Jodhpur guide, he was professional, funny and we spent 6 hours on a drive talking about religion and life etc and didn't notice the time pass, He even went to the trouble of hiring a local guide in Jaisalmer to work with him just to make sure we weren't bothered by any local street hawkers while he focused on spending time explaining everything and talking through the main market - he was excellent. We also thought our guide in Agra and our guide in Delhi were all very professional and friendly.
4. The visit with the Rajasthani family was excellent. They were very friendly and we really enjoyed having dinner and talking with them, it was great and an excellent experience.
5. Guest Relations Manager - I really appreciated you calling through the driver's phone to double check on everything in case there were any concerns or issues, this made us feel like the tour was being managed professionally at all times. Thank you.
Overall this is one of the best holidays we have ever experienced and you really did a fantastic job for us. 
We hope to speak to you again soon to discuss another India to the south :) REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Roxana Amiri / Ms. Marjan Westmoreland
June 2011
I wanted to write to you when I had time to tell you that our trip was perfection.
I thought it is good for you and for your readers or future clients to know why we chose you and why we are highly recommending you to others:
I shopped around before I spoke to Easy Tours India specialist.  We chose you out of 15 other providers since I could feel that Easy Tours India specialist was interested in us having the best trip of our lives and not just sell us a packet.  All of his suggestions were fantastic and we would have missed an essential part of India if it was not for him and his patience.
In Delhi our travel facilitator was the nicest personHis love for his country and his job warmed our hearts.  We felt we were with a nephew rather than a facilitator.
Our driver in Delhi and guide on May 21 were beyond their duties to accommodate us with a smile. Their kindness was truly appreciated.
In Nepal, our experience with our guide and the best photographer in the world and our driver left us speechless.  Their kindness, hospitality and caring went beyond what was necessary.  We had a fantastic time in Nepal and a lot of it was due to them both. I felt we had our brothers with us.
Khajuraho was a fantastic experience (thanks to our India specialist for telling us about it).  Our guide, was so knowledgeable it was unbelievable.  If a person does not see the temples without him, he or she cannot say that they have seen the temples!  I learned so much from him and the knowledge will stay with me a lifetime.  Thank you and it was an honor to know him.
Our guide from Khajuraho to Orcha was adorable.  He was so attentive and his smile was contagious. He took us on the way to see things that a normal tourist would NEVER in a lifetime get to see.  Locals preparing fresh bread in their huts and sharing it with us etc.....  It was a great experience.
Our guide in Agra was very, very nice.  We had a great time visiting this beautiful city with him.  Thanks.
Now, to our driver, who drove us from Agra to Udaipur.  He was such a delight.  He was funny, kind, patient and looked over us like a hawk to make sure that we are comfortable, safe and happy.  He was truly a unique person whom we enjoyed to spend long periods of time with.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Once back in Delhi, our guide was wonderful. He was such a warm person.
LAST but not LEAST, to get a call from our guest relations manager everyday was very special.  To hear her kind voice over the phone gave us a sense of security and caring.  Thanks for all the time you put for us to make this trip wonderful.

We loved it and we would like to know which other countries you operate in?


Mrs. Cynthia Lauren Cook and Mr. Bradley Michael Carlson
April 2011
Our recent tour in Northern India was nothing less than fantastic. We were incredibly impressed by Easy Tours of India and will not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and family. All of our facilitators were fabulous – especially our travel facilitator in Delhi, with whom we spent a lot of time. He never left any detail unresolved. Most of our guides were also fantastic. Guide in Varanasi was the best guide we've ever had. He is like a college professor, tour guide, and philosopher all wrapped in one. We learned so much from him. Guide in Agra and our guide in Haridwar/Rishikesh were also superb. We would highly recommend this tour - or a version of it - to others.

We were extremely pleased with our experience and we thank you very much for making it happen! REFERENCE AVAILABLE.   INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Alejandro Oropeza Aerenlund / Mrs. Karen Aerenlund Veliz
April 2011
Just wanted to thank you, the trip was outstanding in every aspect, and the service of ALL the members of your staff was great. I had very high expectations of both the Agency & the Hotels, I can honestly say they were both surpassed. From the moment we stepped out of the Delhi terminal on the 1st day, to check-in on the returning flight. Everything was top notch.  

Overall, the service was outstanding & definitely a good value (both the hotels & the tours).  

I had a personal goal of going to India , & had traveled to 25 countries before doing so on every budget. I can honestly say this trip is the best one so far!  
I hope to return in the next couple of years (with ETI), but will stick to recommending your services to my friends & colleagues until then. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mrs. Penelope Shackelford / Mr. James Shackelford
March 2011
This note is far too late in getting to you, but after a thirty hour with only a catnap trip home from India, I have needed a bit of time to re-adjust and catch-up.  I want to send you special thanks for the great job you did on organizing our tour...however many times it took!

We truly enjoyed the trip. As much as we travel and although it was our fifth trip to India, it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!

There was our driver in Jaipur. What a wonderful being! He was our driver and how I would like to get a big thank you to him, but do not have his email. He is very special. Our driver in Udaipur was interesting as well.

As for the Oberoi, Wow! My favorite was the one in Udaipur where we had a poolside (that is our room had a patio with steps into the side lap pool) room. We could have spent a week there. Not to mention the wonderful staff! I am hoping to return to India within a year. Will contact you then. REFERENCE AVAILABLE.  INDEPENDENT TRAVEL


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