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Guest Reviews

If the review says "Reference Available" (as almost all of them do), these guests are willing to share their experiences and opinions with you -

Mr. Raymond Clements / Ms. Pamela Clements.
October 2010
Thank you for making our vacation and tour so very memorable. Guide’s knowledge and mastery of the history is extraordinary and appreciated. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Judith Randolph.
July 2010
I want to thank you and all your staff for one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken in my 62 years!!!! I have been on quite a few tours to France, Ireland, and throughout Europe. The high standards of Easy Tours outweighed all the other tours I have been on. Easy Tours is exactly what you say: Easy, Organized, High Standards, Intelligent, Kind, Thoughtful, Patient, etc. Tour guides.  Competent expert drivers!!!! Hotels were the best I have ever stayed in my life!

Ms. Elizabeth Hann / Ms. Karen Townley.
July 2010
Karen and I had such a delightful time in India and thank you so much for making it all work so well.  You guys are great!! REFERENCE AVAILABLE. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Adam Benjamin Hirsch / Ms. Dana Ashley Pomerantz Hirsch.
June 2010
I'm writing on behalf of myself and my wife who recently took a personalized trip with Easy Tours of India. I would just like to give a few comments about how amazing the trip was. From the moment we landed in Delhi until the moment we left, we felt like we were VIP guests that were taken care of in every way possible. All of the activities were a lot of fun, and every tour guide we had knew so much about India and gave us a different perspective that we felt that we came away with a much greater understanding of the country than we originally had.

I also want to point out one tour guide that really stood out, our Agra guide. From the minute we met him we hit it off with him and his warm personality. He immediately became our personal photographer and posed us in all different places around the Taj Mahal, the Black Taj, and the other sites in Agra. We were able to get so many great photos of myself and my wife thanks to him. As he gave us the tour, he would give us a little time to sit and think about all of the information he was providing, and was always quick to answer questions. He knew the answer for every single question we could throw at him, and never made us feel stupid for asking anything. His personality was also greatBy the end of our two days in Agra, we had become close friends. He also told us so much about Indian culture and Muslim culture that we were curious about. He made sure that Agra was the highlight of our time in India. While the city of Agra and the sights of the Taj Mahal were beautiful, he made Agra so amazing for us. As we recommend Easy Tours to every single person we know of that would like to go to India, we will also recommend him for anyone's stay in Agra.  He is a great asset to have with Easy Tours, and you are very lucky to have him.

Again, the trip was unbelievable, and Easy Tours really was everything we had hoped it would be. Thank you so much for everything, and we will happily recommend Easy Tours to anyone we know of who would like to travel India with a great tour company.

Ms. Mary Kennedy / Ms. Anne McDonald.
April 2010
Traveling to India requires ‘experts on the ground’ and we were happily surprised to find Easy Tour ‘experts’ all over India. The tour was paced beautifully and we were delighted with the entire trip – We will be happy to recommend Easy Tours to all our friends!

STAFF - All Easy Tours facilitators throughout India were personable, efficient, and professional. The first face we saw as we left the airport was that of your company representative a young, smiling gentleman full of energy and enthusiasm. He was the perfect “Welcome to India” representative you could possibly have sent. (I would keep my eye on him and train him up. Good things are ahead for him!).

All guides were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their country’s and community’s history. We would like to highlight our Delhi – Jaipur guide,for his exceptional abilities as historian as well as guidely duties, attention to detail, and his authentic personality.

Having been in the travel industry for many years and hiring/training naturalists and guides myself, I can personally attest to his professionalism and tremendous potential for grooming in management, teaching, training, or any position that would further enhance his extensive skills.

Kudos to 2 drivers in particular:
First Driverwho drove us from Agra to Udaipur. What a guy. We learned so much traveling through the primitive villages. It was through his excellent driving skills that we actually arrived at our destination in one piece!  Oh, that Indian style of driving!  And
Second Driver was in Kochi whose local knowledge and indomitable personality were the delight of Kerala.

All hotels – the Maidens, Tridents, Taj properties – were excellent from the staff, to the rooms, and of course, the swimming pools.
On occasion, we received upgrades which were very much appreciated.  Traveling off season does have its rewards.
What can we say about the Backwater cruise that you haven’t already heard a dozen times??  First, our boat was absolutely perfect.  It was just the right size for plying the waters of this tropical waterway.  The staff was excellent, waiting on us hand and foot.  We were so spoiled. After the rigorous pace of the north and central regions, what a delight to relax and enjoy the solitude of this magical beauty. An absolute soulful experience. Words can’t describe the sheer joy and excitement of arriving (and staying) at the resort in Mahabalipuram. Our upper level villa?/chalet? with veranda and a drying rack and the view-to-die-for was breathtaking, relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time.
We were then ready to carry on to the final leg of our eventful journey.

When we first reviewed the itinerary, we had questions regarding choices by Easy Tours. Ex. 1 day in Mumbai?  However, as each day passed, it became obvious why time was needed in one particular area and not in others.  The entire grouping of northern cities flowed seamlessly, followed by the central region and on to our favorite, the South. And to end the spiritual experience in Varanasi, was spot on.

It was due to family and work obligations that we couldn’t plan our trip during the high season. However, it was to our delight that we were so pleasantly surprised by some of the bonuses of tolerating the extreme temperatures we faced:

Easy Tours policy to go forward with 2 guests

Few tourists
No lines
No crowds

Traveling to India requires going to the experts who truly know the country inside and out, who understand and respect the culture, and have the most professional staff that create a seamlessly, perfect travel experience, for us a spiritual pilgrimage, a once-in-a-lifetime journey.
We will highly recommend Easy Tours, without hesitation, to any and all of our traveling friends.

Who could say it better?
Oh, one more thing, as we were departing India through the Delhi airport, who was the last face we saw smiling back at us??  Our Delhi facilitator! Thank you for all your efforts and kindness, we forgot to add that the support from Austin from the beginning to the end was terrific and the personal calls along the way were very reassuring – a nice professional touch we have never experienced on any of our international tours. Thank you for being so caring!

Ms. Marcella K. Leaton Schlegel / Ms. Krystalynn Michele Schlegel.
April 2010
Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time visiting India. As usual it is never enough time. We all really enjoyed the hotels. They were spectacular in every way. From the staff friendliness and attention to the dining and the rooms being beautiful and spacious.  Some of the highlights of our trip include hiking in the trails behind Wildflower Hall, our breathtaking view of the Taj Mahal from our suite, The Rudyard Kipling, at the Amar Villas, observing not one but two tigers during our game drive’s at Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary.  We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the palaces, forts and learning of the history, myths, and stories of India, past and present. 
I would recommend your company to anyone traveling to India. Thank you for your help. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Yuliya Gorukanti / Mr. Surender Gorukanti.
March 2010
We just came back from a custom trip to India provided by Easy Tours of India. We started in New Delhi and went to Agra, Rathambore, Jaipur and Udaipur. All arrangements were set up ahead of time. Local guides and drivers, provided by Easy Tours, took great care of us and kept us busy with as much sight-seeing as we wanted. Hotels and meals were amazing. We had a truly unforgettable experience. Easy Tours are an extremely professional and trustworthy company. They provide a world class service from A to Z.

Mr. Robert Scott DeLaney / Ms. Katherine Kemper.
March 2010
Everything was very good. No hiccups anywhere. Excellent guides. Our favorite was our guide in Udaipur. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Mr. Russell Ferdinand / Mrs. Jomel and Ferdinand.
March 2010
We were very happy with the tour, your staff and our total India experience. We would recommend Easy Tours to our friends.
All of our guides and drivers were excellent. I didn't realize a manager would be meeting us at the airports, a very nice touch.
The company has excellent staff both in the US and India.

Ms. Vivienne Harting / Mr. Gary Harting.
March 2010
Last year we booked our tour with Easy Tours not knowing anything about your company, but it sounded like it was exactly the type of tour we were looking for. This March, we arrived in Delhi on the 8th late in the evening, and we were met at the airport by our facilitator, who, with our driver took care of us, and drove us to the Delhi Oberoi Hotel. He took care of our check-in very efficiently and gave us all the information we needed to begin our tour on the 10th when we were picked up by our private driver and our personal guide. 

We want to inform you know how much we enjoyed our tour of northern India and how pleased we were with our guide. His English was excellent as was his knowledge of the sites we visited, and he was able to answer any question we asked him about the areas we were in.  We both enjoyed his company very much and found him to be very personable, as well as well-informed, and very aware of our comfort throughout the tour. He was extremely polite, but also had a sense of humor which we very much appreciated as we spent many days together. Although our trip was over 2 months ago, we think and talk about it often as it was one of the most interesting and best trips we have ever taken. Both did much to make this happen, and we want to inform your tour company how much we enjoyed being with them.  We also want to inform you that the Oberoi hotels we stayed in were absolutely the best hotels we have ever had accommodations in, and we would have liked to have remained an extra day both at Ranthambore and Jaipur just to enjoy the properties. They were fabulous, and their staffs were superb.

We would consider another trip back to India as it was a wonderful experience. If we do return, we would specifically ask for both to take charge of everything in Delhi for us.  They both explained the sites as well as the culture in the private lives of the Indian people. It truly was a very enlightening and pleasant experience for us. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVEL & INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Alvira Maureen Tahal / Mr. Joseph Norman Liverpool.
March 2010
We want to thank you for a wonderful trip. The contacts, guides and drivers were punctual, courteous and informative. The hotels exceeded our expectations. Everything went smoothly and made our trip more pleasant. We highly recommend Easy Tours to all our friends and family. Thank you for making our trip of a lifetime, our most memorable.

Dr. Gerald Yosowitz / Ms. Nancy Levy.
March 2010
Our trip to India was fascinating. It was most interesting to observe a culture so different from ours. We were extremely satisfied with Easy Tours in every respect. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Marsha Silverman Wiseltier / Mr. David Saul Wiseltier.
February 2010
Our trip was wonderful.  Despite the fact that we had just returned a few hours earlier and I was jetlagged and a little punchy, I'm sure my enthusiasm came through; we had a great time and a wonderful opportunity to experience India's richness, diversity, color, cultures, artistry, craftsmanship, natural beauty, and history. Overall, we felt ETI did a great job and would endorse your services and travel with you again. 
Guest Relations people were terrific in straightening things out. They have always been responsive and right on top of things - kudos to them.
Guides/Drivers - The local guides were all adequate - in most cases much more than adequate. Tour Director, from Delhi to Udaipur, was fabulous - as were the driver and his assistant.  Excellent driver and the assistant were always there to lend a helping hand. Our Tour Director was extremely knowledgeable, competent, punctual, organized and did a great job of understanding the needs/desires of those in the group to make sure everyone was satisfied, never at the expense of anyone else. We highly recommend him and would enthusiastically tour with him again,
 We can't say enough about how wonderful our driver from Cochin to Chennai was - he is truly extraordinary. In addition to being an excellent, careful, driver, he is punctual, courteous, and gracious - from his handshake and smile at the beginning of each day, until we said goodnight, being in his company was truly a pleasure. He did everything he could to provide a wonderful experience - knew the countryside and pointed out every crop, plant, etc.  He is a hardworking person with great integrity.  The car was immaculately clean - washed and cleaned inside and out daily. He truly exceeded our expectations in every possible way - we were really sad to say goodbye to him. REFERENCE AVAILABLE. SMALL GROUP TRAVE & INDEPENDENT TRAVEL

Ms. Sigrid Wallach / Mr. Michael Wallach.
February 2010
We were very pleased with your service during our trip. I also want to make special note of the drivers we had during our tour. Our driver in Nepal was so polite, good natured & a pleasure to spend time with. His driving performance was excellent during challenging circumstances on the roads of Nepal.  We appreciate his driving skill during long hours of demanding driving. From Agra through Udaipur, our driver was very professional and accommodating every day we were with him. He was at all times well groomed with his uniform perfectly pressed. He was friendly while performing his job. He is an experienced, skillful professional who is an asset to your company. In Varanasi, our driver navigated the insane traffic of Varanasi with grace & calm. He has a very special quality about him. He combines great driving skills with an inner peace that helped us cope with the extreme conditions of traffic and dust in Varanasi. Varanasi & the oil lamp ceremony was a highlight of our tour for me. He made the experience even more special for us by going out of his way to help us.
I hope this will serve to inform Easy Tours of India that these three drivers were an integral part of the team that made our tour the success it was.

Mr. John Milholland / Ms. Olivia Milholland.
February 2010
Our driver in Nepal was wonderful, pleasant and nice to try and communicate with and did a fantastic job of getting us to Chitwan over very scary roads. The hotels in Nargarkot and Pokhara were excellent and the rooms equally good for the views. The Jungle Lodge was what it was and the people there were great. The guides in both Pokhara and Kathamndu were nice and showed us nice restaurants.

Mr. Keith Aanes / Ms. Helen Aanes
February 2010
Trip was great--guide people into staying 3 nights at the Vanyavilas in Ranthambore--close to heaven. Our Tour Director was the best--All drivers were also good but our driver from Agra who was with us the longest--very skillful. Thanks again for your help.

Ms. Sally Grosscup.
January 2010
Our tour director in the north was awesome. He was very knowledgeable in the history, culture and customs of the area. He told great stories and was always extremely attentive to our individual needs. He was very charismatic and easy and comfortable to communicate with. He patiently responded to our multiple questions. Our guide in Kochi was very good and as the one in Chennai. They were both very accommodating and flexible to our needs. Highlights were the dinner at the family home in Jaipur. The boat ride from Kochi. The dinner at the chef's home in Cochin. These experiences personalized the trip. I would recommend this trip to others. And I have. The trip was generally all that it was expected to be and more. The company was very organized and responsive which is a big plus. Thanks for everything.

Ms. Mary Dreckman.
January 2010
The trip was fabulous, and I would never have been able to see and do all I did if I had been on my own.  I enjoyed with everyone in the group. The northern India Tour Director was the BEST thing about the tour.  He was the best guide I have ever had, and you are lucky to have him. He is knowledgeable, interesting, funny, and very conscientious about meeting whatever need anyone in the group had (from batteries to medicine). 

Mr. Bram Dresden's Group.
January 2010
Well everyone is back from India and we had a great time. Thank you so much. Our Tour Director was wonderful, well informed, accommodating and very nice to deal with on all aspects. We truly enjoyed a totally different culture and way of life. Everyone should broaden their horizons and experience life in other parts of the world as we did. I really enjoyed the Indian cuisine and Bukhara in New Delhi was one of the best restaurants ever. Thank you so much for your assistance and if you need to refer someone for my support please don't hesitate to do so.

Ms. Marliss Waidhofer / Mr. Karl Waidhofer.
January 2010
We had a very enjoyable tour. We also wanted to let you know that we have arrived home safely, and we want to thank Easy Tours of India for making this a wonderful trip for us.


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