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Amazing aerial tour of the Taj Mahal compiled

Posted on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 09:44 by easytours
Tajmahal Agra
The Taj Mahal – one of the most photographed monuments of the world

As one of the world`s most photographed monuments, the 17th century Taj Mahal continues to delight and fascinate Camera persons from all over the world.

Every day, hordes of photographers, both amateurs and professionals, shoot pictures of the white marble mausoleum, bringing joy and excitement to those who pose against its magnificent backdrop.

While we all know about the Taj Mahal being the eternal symbol of enduring love that has been celebrated in story and song the world over, what is not commonly known is the scale of the conservation effort made by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to preserve the beauty of the monument.

As part of this conservation effort, the Government of India maintains a strict no-fly zone over the Taj Mahal. The no fly zone is maintained around a 1.8 mile diameter of the Taj Mahal and no building higher than 561 feet (which is the highest elevation in the Taj Necropolis) can be erected in the no-fly zone.

AirPano, a Moscow based photography specialty company that has taken famous aerial shots of landmarks around the world including the cityscapes of metropolises like Rome, Dubai and Singapore, approached the Indian government for permission to photograph the Taj Mahal from the air.

The permission was granted after considerable effort and what emerged is a phenomenal collection of photographs and a virtual aerial tour that shows the Taj Mahal in a scale of grandeur never before seen by locals or tourists in history.

More of these phenomenal shots along with accompanying 360 degree vantages in high resolution can be seen at AirPano’s website at the following link: AirPano claims that its team of photographers was extremely excited shooting this aspect of the Taj Mahal as it is a wonder of the world and the perfect representation of eternal love preserved in stone.