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Easy Tours launches new Spring Sale Campaign

Posted on Fri, 03/14/2014 - 12:14 by easytours

Easy Tours, the premier luxury travel facilitator for India and South Asia recently launched its 2014 Spring Sale Campaign for India with a new advertising campaign based on the ancient Indian art form of miniature painting.

Spring is the traditional season for increased interest in tour bookings as travelers, particularly in the western hemisphere prepare their vacation plans for the upcoming summer and further towards the end of the year holidays. Easy Tours has always launched its annual Spring Sale Campaign at this time which offers significant values in pricing discounts as well as value added features on its popular tours.

As part of the Spring Sale Campaign for India this year, Easy Tours launched a new web banner campaign with a very creative execution. The campaign is based on miniature paintings stylized to a Mughal / Rajasthani theme. Miniature painting is an ancient art form in India which is still very prized and practiced in the traditional fashion. The art form was brought to India by Persian and Turkic Muslim conquerors and achieved its artistic zenith under the patronage of various local rulers.

With the considerable support of India’s many royal dynasties, miniature paintings spawned many indigenous versions and became the art form of choice not just for aesthetics but also for chronicling the history of the country through the ages.

The Spring Sale Campaign has been executed as a series of web banners in line with the business model of Easy Tours of India to target discerning travelers directly through the Internet. The campaign visuals are based on a series of Rajasthani miniature paintings which is a combination of Mughal and Hindu aesthetic influences. The paintings show scenes from the processions, royal courts and harems of the princely state of Rajputana.

The campaign theme is premised on the captions “Travel like Royalty” and “It’s good to be king”. The campaign therefore plays well into the brand positioning of Easy Tours as a premier luxury tour operator in India and is unique as no one has used authentic miniature paintings in a tactical sales campaign in the travel industry thus far. 

Commenting about this new and exciting advertising campaign from Easy Tours, Mr. Sunil Trehan, President, Easy Tours, commented, “The Spring Sale Campaign’s aesthetics are in line with our overall brand positioning as a premier Luxury Tour operator for India and the premier partner for India’s luxury hotels. Easy Tours has a long history of supporting indigenous Indian art forms and artisans and by using these amazing miniature paintings in our latest campaign we reaffirm that commitment. The campaign has already had a tremendous response from our audience of visitors interested in India tours, generating an average of 62 clicks a day to our website”.