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Kochi holds 7th Annual Dosa Festival

Posted on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 10:01 by easytours

As tourists from around the world, express a greater interest in South India, Kerala Tourism has gone to considerable lengths by way of events and promotions to attract a greater share of the global tourist traffic.

Kochi, Kerala’s primary business hub and major international gateway recently hosted its 7th Annual Dosa Festival, which has become a major event on the culinary tourism calendar of the state.

Dosa South Indian Culinary
The Dosa - A proud icon of rich Indian culinary traditions

As any visitor to South India would know, the Dosa forms the sheet anchor of most major meals in South Indian states such as Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. They have also become extremely popular across all of India and globally due to the proliferation of the Indian diaspora around the world.

The Dosa is essentially a fermented crepe made out of black lentils, pulses or rice batter. The dish is served with more sidelines and ingredients than there are stars in the sky. It is a healthy snack as it contains no sugar or saturated fats and can be prepared to be a rich source of protein as well depending on the contents of its filling. Dosas are available across India ranging from street food all the way to upscale eateries thanks to its many manifestations.

The 7th Annual Dosa Festival is being held from June 22 to July 7 at its established venue at the Canopy in Abad Plaza in the heart of Kochi. The festival celebrates the many flavors of and manifestations of the Dosa that have developed across India to cater to the diverse culinary tastes of the country’s population.

Offerings at the festival include not just the regular south Indian Dosa varieties such as the Ragi, Rava, Set, Masala and Thattu but also the more dynamic and contemporary variations such as Vella, Moong Daal as well as the ever popular Uththapam and Davangere Benne Dosa.

To cater to the culinary tastes of the large tourist population at the festival there were many fusion varieties of Dosas available that cement the Dosa’s reputation as true global foodie unifier. These included some imaginative renditions such as Cheese and Pepper Dosa, Paneer Capsicum, Chinese Spring Roll and Schezuan Dosas.

However the most popular Dosas in demand with foreign visitors at the festival are reportedly traditional Keralan recipes such as Kuttanadan Chemeen (Prawn Masala filled), Vindaloo and Peralan Dosas (Beef filled) and the Kadamutta Oothapam (Quail Egg filled). All of these Dosas are developed from the ancient cooking techniques indigenous to Kerala from the time of the Chettinad period.