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More Cubs at Ranthambore

Posted on Tue, 04/15/2014 - 12:03 by easytours
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has a few new inhabitants. Tigress T-19 has given birth to three more cubs moving the number of cats there to 55.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve - new births raise the number of tigers to 55.

The cubs were recently spotted and photographed by trap cameras inside the reserve. "T-19 is a daughter of the famous tigress Machli, or T-16,” said a park official.“This litter is the second one by T-19, and in all probabilities, she will go the Machli way, populating the reserve."

Ranthambore’s luck has waxed and waned these last few years as births in the park have been countered by the deaths of several adults.There had also been someconfusion about the well-being of several tigers that had not been spotted for months until an intensive search traced the animals deeper into the park.

"Deaths are natural processes even for tigers, and therefore one must understand that a certain number of tigers will die,” a park staffer said.“Of course, the revenge killings in Ranthambore are situations where the forest department must work with proper plans. The growth in population is encouraging, although, newer areas must be developed to accommodate these many tigers."

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